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Free Shipping
Free Shipping

The Green Nursery - Bloomington Retail

Our address is:

The Green Nursery
101 W Kirkwood Ave
Suite 107
Bloomington, IN 47404


Can I still shop online and pick up in your store?
Absolutely.  You can take advantage of our online store anytime.  We offer a free in store pickup option.  Just place your order normally and select the FREE local pickup option for your shipping choice.  Your order will then be ready to pick up at our store (99% of items will be immediately available, with the exception of some large items).  All you need is your name or your order number.
I keep hearing about your workshops.  How can I find out more?
At Barefoot Kids we offer a wide range of workshops to help empower parents and facilitate networking with like-minded parents.  We offer workshops on cloth diapering, baby carrying, baby food making, and much more.  Click the link below to see a list of our currently available workshops, and sign up online.
Barefoot Kids Workshops
What are your hours of operation?
  • Sundeay & Monday - CLOSED
  • Tuesday-Friday from 10am - 5:30pm EST
  • Saturday from 10am - 5pm EST


What is your store's phone number?
812 339 5090
Are your prices online the same as in the store?
No, not necessarily.  We run promotions online that are not available in the store at times, and vice versa.  If you see a sale online that you would like to take advantage of, you may certainly order online and use our in store pick up option.  However, we do not change prices at the point of purchase in our store to reflect prices that were observed online.

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