All In Two's for Newbies

All In Two

Are you looking for an easy to use cloth diapering system, but don’t like the idea of stuffing pockets? Do you worry about the longer drying time of All-In-Ones? All-In-Twos may be the diaper for you!

An All-In-Two or AI2 is a two piece cloth diapering system that consists a waterproof shell and a soaker that can be snapped or laid into the cover.
These diapers are easy to use, as they go on and off like a disposable. They are available in either hook and loop (Aplix or Velcro), or snaps.

All In Two

The shell of an AI2 may either have the waterproof material (PUL or TPU) exposed so it can be wiped clean, or it may be lined with a quick drying fabric, such as mesh or microfleece. There may or may not be snaps inside the cover to attach the soaker. With some AI2s, you simply lay the soaker in the cover.

All In Two

When it is time to change your baby, simply unsnapped or removed the soiled soaker and replace it with a new one. Unless stool gets on the cover, the shells can be reused several times before needing to be washed.

All In Two

AI2s can save you money! You may only need 4-6 shells in rotation and just enough inserts to wash every other day. This also makes AI2’s perfect for diaper bags or if you don’t have much space for diaper storage.

The soakers for AI2s can be found in different types of material. They are usually made of natural fibers, such as cotton or bamboo, or synthetic fabrics designed to give baby that stay dry feel.

This diapering system is typically available in the one-size option, meaning that it should fit your baby from infant to potty training.

You may also hear the term hybrid referring to some AI2s. An All-In-Two system is considered a hybrid when it also gives you the option of using disposable inserts. Some may prefer using reusable soakers while at home, but find it easier to use disposable inserts while traveling or out and about. This gives them the best of both worlds while using the same cloth diaper.

All In Two


  • Easy to use
  • Great for daycare or babysitters who may be unfamiliar with cloth diapering
  • Takes up less space than other options
  • Faster drying time than some options
  • Different materials available for inserts
  • Option of reusable or disposable inserts


  • Two piece system
  • Recurring cost of disposable option