bumGenius Diapers

BumGenius cloth diapers are among the best selling and top rated cloth diaper brands on the market. Bumgenius diapers, manufacturer by Cotton Babies, include many different cloth diaper styles to best suit your individual preferences.

If you are looking for a well-designed pocket style cloth diaper, the bumGenius 5.0 Original pocket diaper is for you!

Looking for an all in one (AIO) style cloth diaper? BumGenius has two great options for you! The bumGenius Freetime all in one diaper features sewn in microfiber inserts, topped with a stay dry material to alleviate discomfort from wetness. The bumGenius Elemental all in one diaper features certified organic cotton interior fabric, for incredible absorbency and an all natural interior.

Do you need a newborn sized all in one? The bumGenius Littles diaper is an easy to use all in one cloth diaper that fits the unique sizing needs of a newborn baby.

Cotton Babies also manufacturers the Flip diaper system, an all in two cloth diaper with one size cloth diaper covers and three different kinds of cloth inserts.

If you are ready to make bumGenius your stash, check out our TGN Baby cloth diaper bundle packages to save money and create an instant stash!