Cloth Diapers for Newbies!

Hey newbie! Congrats on your new bundle of joy and welcome to the wonderful world of cloth diapers! Cloth diapers not only can save parents lots of money and are good for our planet by keeping the thousands of disposables your baby would’ve used out of landfills, they also are healthier for baby and so darn cute! Unlike disposable diapers, which are pretty much all the same, with cloth diapers you have options…. A LOT of options! So many options that it can seem a bit overwhelming at first…which type of cloth diaper should I choose? How many do need? What do I do with the poop? Why are all these moms talking about stripping?!? Calm down. We’re going to break it all down for you with Cloth Diapering for Newbies.

Here are the different types of cloth diapers with a short description.

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Prefolds are squares of fabric with multiple layers sewn together. Typically more layers are in the middle, or wetzone, of the diaper. These diapers require a waterproof cover to contain wetness.

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Pocket diapers consist of a waterproof shell lined with a non-absorbing microfleece or similar fabric. There is an opening, usually in the back of the diaper where an absorbent insert is placed inside, to make this a complete diapering system.

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All in Ones

All in Ones are the most user friend cloth diapers. It is a complete cloth diaper consisting of a waterproof shell with the absorbent material already sewn in. No additional stuffing or inserts are required for this cloth diapering system. They look and work much like disposable diapers (only much cuter!) and are a great diaper for anyone who may be hesitant to try cloth diapers.

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All in Twos and Hybrids

An All in Two is a two-piece cloth diaper system. It gives parents the choice of using either synthetic inserts that give baby that “stay dry” feeling, or using organic natural fiber inserts against baby’s skin. Inserts can either be snapped or laid into the reusable waterproof cover.  Hybrids offer an option of using a disposable insert with a cloth shell.

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Fitted Diapers 

Fitted diapers are cut to the shape your baby and look like a complete diaper, but do not have a waterproof shell. There is elastic at the waist and legs to help hold in mess. The entire diaper is absorbent, and is great for nighttime or heavy-wetters. These diapers require a waterproof cover to contain wetness.  

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A diaper cover is a waterproof shell used to contain wetness and mess. They are non-absorbent, and are usually paired with prefolds, flats, or fitted diapers.

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Wool diaper covers are made from natural fibers and are very breathable. They are usually paired with flats, prefolds, and fitted diapers. When properly lanolized, wool is water resistant and is a great option for overnight and heavy-wetters.  

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