Flip Cloth Diapers

If you are searching for an affordable, one-size all in two cloth diaper system, you’ll flip for Flip! The Flip diaper system features a one-size adjustable diaper cover with an easy to wipe clean interior, and three choices for absorbent cloth inserts. The Flip stay dry insert features a microfiber core topped with soft microfleece, allowing for moisture to wick away from your baby’s skin (hence the “stay dry” moniker!). If you desire a natural fiber fabric, you have the choice between the organic cotton Day and Night inserts. The Day insert is a generous cut of fabric that can be folded numerous ways for a custom to-your-needs fit, while the Night insert boasts multi-layered fabric to be a champion absorber for your super soaker or overnight diaper needs. The Flip cloth diaper system allows for the Flip cover to be used multiple changes, replacing only the soiled insert, before needing to move on to a different cover. This all in two system allows for you to make a large stash of inserts and a modest stash of covers to make one incredible cloth diaper stash.