Gift Registry Search

  1. Bernstein Baby Shower Bernstein Baby Shower

    Registrant: Holly Bernstein

    Co-Registrant: Steven Bernstein

    Event Date: 4/14/18

    Location: Restoration Church

  2. Registrant: Jaclyn Whitaker

    Co-Registrant: Eric Whitaker

    Event Date: 5/28/11

    It's a boy! His name is Reid. Still undecided about the middle name but we will keep you posted when we decide. Thanks for checking out our registry!
  3. Megan Wendling-Kane Gift Registry Megan Wendling-Kane Gift Registry

    Registrant: Megan Wendling-Kane

    Event Date: 6/5/11

  4. Registrant: Amy Peterson

    Co-Registrant: Robert Peterson

  5. Angela Golden and Jason Zagorski Gift Registry Angela Golden and Jason Zagorski Gift Registry

    Registrant: Angela Golden

    Co-Registrant: Jason Zagorski

    Event Date: 11/30/00

  6. Registrant: Lisa Bateson

    Co-Registrant: Jonathan Bateson

  7. Registrant: Leslie Shafer

    Co-Registrant: Joe Shafer

  8. Registrant: Natalie Rodibaugh

    Co-Registrant: Paul Rodibaugh

    Event Date: 6/11/11

  9. Registrant: Marni Karaffa

    Co-Registrant: Paul Karaffa

  10. Registrant: Hilary Smith

    Co-Registrant: Jeff Jordan

    Event Date: 7/16/11

    Location: 25 Tall Oaks Trail, Austin, TX 78737

  11. Registrant: Amanda Wyatt

    Co-Registrant: Bill Wyatt

    Event Date: 6/26/11

    Location: Indianapolis, IN

    We will be the Grovia diaper system.
  12. Registrant: Lara Burns

    Co-Registrant: Devin Burns

    Event Date: 7/16/11

  13. Registrant: 111 111

  14. Registrant: Kate Brumbaugh

    Co-Registrant: Ryan Brumbaugh

    Event Date: 6/12/16

  15. Registrant: Venus Glasgow

    Co-Registrant: Michael Glasgow

  16. Registrant: Kristina Seawell

    Co-Registrant: Joe Seawell

  17. Registrant: Michelle DeMoro

    Event Date: 9/24/11

  18. Registrant: Samantha Smith

  19. Registrant: Kimberly Viscio

    Co-Registrant: Randy Viscio

  20. Registrant: Morgann Eickhoff

  21. Registrant: Hayley McDaniel

    Co-Registrant: Sean McDaniel

    Event Date: 10/23/11

    Location: United States

  22. Registrant: Kimberly Jewell

    Co-Registrant: Jay Jewell

    Event Date: 7/17/11

    Location: Bloomington

    We will be using only cloth diapers and need everything cloth diaper related. We would also like to refrain from electronic toys, so virtually any toy offered at this store would be great.
  23. Registrant: Elizabeth Bullock

    Co-Registrant: Brian Bullock

    Event Date: 8/13/11

    The gender of our baby is a surprise! Team Green for the Bullock family!
  24. Registrant: keeli pruitt

    Location: rockwall tx

  25. Registrant: Diana Kinser

    Co-Registrant: Kerry Kinser

    Event Date: 7/30/11

    Location: Karst Farm Park

  26. Registrant: jessica greene-hill

    Event Date: 8/7/11

    So excited!!!!
  27. Registrant: Erin McCormack

  28. Registrant: Jill Hammersley

    Co-Registrant: Nick Hammersley

  29. Registrant: Elizabeth Carpenter

    Co-Registrant: Michael Carpenter

  30. Registrant: Emily Avers

    Co-Registrant: Nathan Patton

    Event Date: 8/21/11

    Location: Connie Glenn

  31. Registrant: Amy Cody

    Co-Registrant: Travis Cody

  32. Registrant: Alison Mero

  33. Registrant: Sarah Powers

    Event Date: 8/13/11

  34. Registrant: Sarah Lewis

  35. Registrant: Christine & Leta Harrington-Evaskus

    Event Date: 11/20/11

  36. Registrant: Alexandria Hacker-Warner

    Co-Registrant: Danny Sumner

    Event Date: 8/20/11

  37. Registrant: Kara Hancuff

    Event Date: 7/30/11

  38. Registrant: Alex Vinar

  39. Registrant: Michelle Woodland

  40. Registrant: Molly McLaughlin

    Co-Registrant: Ryan Curtis

    Thank you for supporting us with your love and well-wishes, we appreciate every bit of it.
  41. Registrant: Danielle Smith

    Co-Registrant: Adam Smith

  42. Registrant: Erin Batchelor

    Co-Registrant: Cory Batchelor

    Event Date: 10/8/11

    Location: Washington, Indiana

  43. Registrant: Beth Droste-Glowinski

    Co-Registrant: Anna Droste-Glowinski

  44. Registrant: Damon Rohwer

  45. Registrant: Megan Bidwell

    Event Date: 9/4/11

    Location: our new home

    2nd birthday!
  46. Registrant: Stephanie Blank-Cheng

    Co-Registrant: Ethelind Blank-Cheng

    Event Date: 9/24/11

    Location: Altadena, California

  47. Registrant: Paulette Orona

    Event Date: 9/10/11

    Location: Paulette's place

    It's a little girl. Yay!! So happy you are celebrating with my family and i.
  48. Registrant: carolynn rynish

  49. Registrant: Mary Ann Reyes

    Co-Registrant: James Bayonne

  50. Registrant: Jenny Larkum

  51. Registrant: Joanie Costlow

    Co-Registrant: Jim Costlow

    We will be cloth diapering and breastfeeding so we would love any tools for those activities! We are also attempting to stay gender neutral so we can use everything again for future children. We are trying to avoid gratuitous amounts of products made with plastics, including toys, so anything made or wood, cloth, or recycled/organic materials would be appreciated!
  52. Registrant: Sarah Normandin

    Co-Registrant: Wayland Cole

    Location: United States

  53. Registrant: Meghan Wyant

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Wyant

  54. Registrant: Jia Liu

    Co-Registrant: Jason Liem

    Thank you so much for your support!!
  55. Registrant: Angela Gapinski

    Co-Registrant: Terry Gapinski

    Event Date: 10/26/16

  56. Registrant: Amber Connor

    Co-Registrant: James Connor

    Location: Bloomington

  57. Registrant: Jenny Grise

    Co-Registrant: Adrian Grise

  58. Registrant: Pamela Young

    Event Date: 9/11/16

    Location: Bloomfield

    I want lots of inserts and covers :)) I love flip and gro via covers I love fuzzibunz pockets and I love hemperoo fleece prefold I need all size prefolds I'm not to picky I prefer one size covers and would love some hemp and bamboo inserts :)) I am a first time cloth diaper mom so I need like everything including ointment Also please no Velcro unless it's a new born size
  59. Registrant: Danielle Miles

    Co-Registrant: Buddy Deering

  60. Registrant: Meghan Scudder

    Co-Registrant: Shawn Scudder

    Event Date: 10/8/11

  61. Registrant: Cailin Anderson

    Co-Registrant: Dean Stevens

  62. Registrant: Michele Torino Hower

    Co-Registrant: Layton Hower

    Event Date: 10/22/11

  63. Registrant: Brianna Eggert

    Co-Registrant: Elliot Eggert

  64. Registrant: Kathryn Cook

  65. Registrant: Katie Dearden

    It's a girl! :)
  66. Registrant: Mary Carraway

    Co-Registrant: Gary Carraway

  67. Registrant: Leia Uí Dhálaigh

    Co-Registrant: Seán Ó Dálaigh

  68. Registrant: Amy Buffington

    Co-Registrant: Ryan Longmire

  69. Registrant: Colleen Dowd

    Co-Registrant: Brandon Eckert

  70. Registrant: Sarah Reinhard

    Co-Registrant: Ted Reinhard

    Location: Ted & Sarah's House

  71. Registrant: Ryan Reedy

  72. Registrant: Rachel Sweet

    Event Date: 7/10/12

  73. Registrant: Heather Douglas

    Co-Registrant: Rob Douglas

    Event Date: 10/30/11

  74. Registrant: Ginger Lyle

    Event Date: 11/19/11

    Location: Eagle Pointe Upper Talons

  75. Registrant: Rachel Israel-Harris

    Co-Registrant: Gabriel HARRIS

    Location: Evansville, IN and Bloomington, IN

  76. Registrant: Nicole Erickson

    Co-Registrant: Jonathan Erickson

    Its a boy!
  77. Registrant: Janelle Wehner

    Event Date: 11/5/11

    Location: 693 Egg and Butter Rd, Thomasville, GA 31757

  78. Registrant: Laura Costa

    Co-Registrant: Brian Costa

    Event Date: 2/8/12

  79. Registrant: Ashley Galat

    Co-Registrant: Michael

  80. Registrant: stacey wisniewski

    Co-Registrant: scott wisniewski

  81. Registrant: Sadie Glass

  82. Registrant: Jillian Ludwig

  83. Registrant: Sandra Raymond

    Co-Registrant: JR Dyche

    Event Date: 1/29/12

  84. Registrant: Holly Woody

    Co-Registrant: Joel Woody

    Event Date: 12/10/11

  85. Registrant: Melissa Chattin

  86. Registrant: Laura Beth Wayne

    Co-Registrant: Josh Egenolf

    Event Date: 11/26/11

    We believe strongly in supporting local businesses and we feel blessed to have this store in our town. This is the only place we are registering for our cloth diapers. We know that they may seem pricey up front, but we believe they will last us through this child and maybe another later on. Thank you for looking and supporting a local business.
  87. Registrant: Megan Massaro

  88. Registrant: Rachel Szostek

    Co-Registrant: Jason Szostek

    Event Date: 2/4/12

  89. Registrant: Laura Garrett

    Co-Registrant: Clint Garrett

  90. Registrant: Karen Biehle

    Co-Registrant: Kevin Biehle

  91. Registrant: Kelly Goodrich

    Co-Registrant: Pete Goodrich

    Event Date: 12/10/11

    Location: 433 Bayberry Point Lane, Kilmarnock VA 22482

  92. Registrant: Andrea Ballard

  93. Registrant: Hilary Tribby

    Event Date: 3/4/12

  94. Registrant: A'ame Kone

    Co-Registrant: Seydou Kone

  95. Registrant: Abigail Al Omari

    Co-Registrant: Anas Al Omari

  96. Registrant: Erin Polley

    Co-Registrant: Slater Hogan

  97. Registrant: Anna Goins

    Co-Registrant: Stephen Goins

  98. Registrant: Laura Wade

    Co-Registrant: Warren Wade

  99. Registrant: Leslie King

    Co-Registrant: Kyle King

    Event Date: 1/8/12

    It's a surprise!
  100. Registrant: Missy Simmons

    Co-Registrant: Jason Simmons

  101. Registrant: Veronica Rog

  102. Carter Baby #3 Carter Baby #3

    Registrant: Michelle Carter

    Co-Registrant: David Carter

    I am cloth diapering and nursing exclusively.
  103. Registrant: Danielle Riley

  104. Registrant: Angela Laws

    Co-Registrant: Brandon Laws

  105. Registrant: Amy Cox

    Co-Registrant: Paul Cox

  106. Registrant: Sarah Scranton

    Co-Registrant: Mark Scranton

    Event Date: 2/25/12

    We have just about everything we need, other than cloth diapers!!
  107. Registrant: Nathaniel Dorff

    Co-Registrant: Lindsay Dorff

  108. Registrant: Kim Adamson

    Co-Registrant: Aaron Adamson

    We are extremely excited to welcome Baby Adamson into this world and are so thankful to be surrounded by friends and family who will love, guide, and support us along the way. It is a strong desire of ours to use cloth diapers and hope that you will find this registry easy to navigate for what we're looking for. Thank you for loving us and loving on our new little one on the way! K & A
  109. Registrant: Rhianna Jones

    Co-Registrant: Bronson Johnson

  110. Registrant: Charli Rae Gause

    Co-Registrant: Craig Gause

    Event Date: 6/16/12

    Location: Amarillo, Texas

    Boy or girl.... it's a surprise! Gift cards are welcome & much appreciated!
  111. Registrant: Nicole Slater

    Co-Registrant: Jordan Slater

    Event Date: 2/4/12

  112. Registrant: Carl Chandler

    Co-Registrant: Barbara Chandler

    Event Date: 4/7/12

    Location: Columbus, Indiana

  113. Registrant: Kristina Jurgensen

    Co-Registrant: Aaron Jurgensen

  114. Registrant: Leryn Williams

    Co-Registrant: Jeremy Williams

    Event Date: 2/18/12

  115. Registrant: Jordan Force

    Co-Registrant: Laden Force

  116. Registrant: Tracy Trude

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Trude

    You can order on-line and have it shipped to Tracy Trude 1219 South St Rt 17 Mountain View, MO 65548. Please keep all receipts in case a recall is made or an exchange is needed. Thank you for all your prayers! This has been a wonderfully blessed pregnancy!
  117. Registrant: Sara McElroy

    Co-Registrant: Clint McElroy

  118. Registrant: Lacey Hooie

    Co-Registrant: Nicholas Hooie

    Event Date: 2/18/12

    Location: Ellettsville First Baptist Church

  119. Registrant: Jenni Hanson

    Co-Registrant: Pete Hanson

  120. Registrant: Regina Schmitt

    Co-Registrant: Dave Schmitt

  121. Registrant: Katie Sewell

    Co-Registrant: Peter Sewell

  122. Registrant: Leigh Boerner

    Co-Registrant: Nels Boerner

    Event Date: 2/19/12

    Location: Bloomington, IN

  123. Registrant: Stephanie Knox

    Co-Registrant: LaKeisha Knox

    Event Date: 2/19/12

    Location: Edinburgh

    We are using Fuzzibunz Elite OS and the Flips system (covers and inserts). Both diapers are one size fits all.
  124. Registrant: chia ruble

    Event Date: 3/17/12

    Location: McCormick's creek church

    For every cloth diaper I will be giving out 3 raffle tickets for a chance to win a $50 Texas Roadhouse gift card.
  125. Registrant: Shonna McCracken

    Co-Registrant: Doug McCracken

    Event Date: 5/5/12

  126. Registrant: Melissa Williams

    Co-Registrant: James Williams

    Location: Mayville, MI

    To help you in understanding cloth diapers... The cotton prefolds are the "inside" part of the diaper," and the Thirsties Duo Wrap are the "outside" takes both parts to make a complete diaper. Please note that we have registered for different prefold sizes, as well as Duo Wrap sizes (size 1 & 2). Thank you!!! :)
  127. Registrant: Tracey Martin

    Co-Registrant: Chris Martin

  128. Registrant: Tracy Starr

    Co-Registrant: Benjamin Starr

  129. Registrant: Elizabeth Alecci

    Co-Registrant: Jeremy Foor

    Event Date: 3/28/12

    Location: United States

    Things will be hard to transport from PA to NM so either shipping it to our home or gift cards are always welcome! Thanks :-)
  130. Registrant: KARA MULLIS

    Co-Registrant: Trevor Mullis

  131. Registrant: Jessie Stephens

    Co-Registrant: Brent Stephens

    Location: United States

  132. Registrant: Danielle Cushman

    Co-Registrant: Jeff Cushman

  133. Registrant: Amber Wells

    Co-Registrant: Kurt Lilley

  134. Registrant: Emily Barrick

    Co-Registrant: Brian Barrick

    Event Date: 3/10/12

    These are the cloth diapers I am going to use. I put several different options on here, different size packages. Thanks for checking out my registry!
  135. Registrant: megan jones

    Co-Registrant: buddy jones

    Event Date: 3/16/12

    Location: reelsville fire house

  136. Registrant: Whitney Kruckenberg

    Co-Registrant: Caleb Kruckenberg

  137. Registrant: Amber Yount

    Co-Registrant: James Yount

    Event Date: 3/4/12

  138. Registrant: Marie Kelley

  139. Registrant: Ashley Suitt

    Co-Registrant: Jason Suitt

  140. Registrant: Heidi Schulz

    Co-Registrant: Matt Schulz

  141. Registrant: Jamie Carney

    Co-Registrant: Brian Carney

    Event Date: 5/20/12

  142. Registrant: Melody Preuninger

    Co-Registrant: Donald Preuninger

    Event Date: 3/3/12

    Would love to have any of the Rumparooz One Size cloth diapers.
  143. Registrant: Katie Vernon

    Co-Registrant: Frank Vernon

    Event Date: 3/25/12

    Hi friends! We would love if you shopped local, handmade, and/or re-used for us and our little acorn! Although we do not expect anything beyond your good vibes and support- some potential gifts that we would love (but aren't on this registry)- great kid's books, hippie (aka wooden and/or non toxic) toys, a promise of a meal brought to us, an awesome music mix, etc. We are just so lucky to have you all in our lives- and can't wait for little acorn to meet you all! love, Katie, Frank, Nootka, & Acorn
  144. Registrant: Shawna Meyer-Niederman

    Co-Registrant: Dan Niederman

    We don't know if baby is boy or girl! It's a surprise!
  145. Registrant: Kamille Hogan

    Co-Registrant: Daniel Hogan

    Event Date: 5/20/12

    Location: Calvary Assembly of God

  146. Registrant: Leilani Stanton

    Co-Registrant: Jose Marquez

    Event Date: 3/22/12

    Location: United States

    Buy what you can.We love you.
  147. Registrant: Sara Keough

    Co-Registrant: Scott Youngstedt

    Please no pink or blue--gender neutral colors only!
  148. Registrant: Dana Zincir

  149. Registrant: Justine Hinderliter

    Event Date: 5/6/12

  150. Registrant: Christine Harness Glover

    Co-Registrant: Hanh Glover

  151. Registrant: Samantha Mendoza-Gann

    Event Date: 4/28/12

    Location: Samantha's House

  152. Registrant: Angela Musall

    Co-Registrant: Zack Musall

    Event Date: 4/1/12

    Location: Jill and Rob Hart's house in Bell, FL

  153. Registrant: Presli Craney

    Event Date: 4/14/12

  154. Registrant: Erin Weier

    Co-Registrant: Greg Weier

    Event Date: 4/22/12

  155. Registrant: Julie Reed

    Co-Registrant: Jim Reed

  156. Registrant: KRISTINA SNIDER

    Co-Registrant: cameron snider

    Event Date: 5/5/12

  157. Registrant: Jennifer Bay

    Co-Registrant: Jeffrey Bay

  158. Registrant: DJ and Gretchen Bookout

    It's a girl! Dear friends and family, Thanks for visiting our registry! We have decided to cloth diaper our little one and we appreciate your support! Much love, DJ and Gretchen
  159. Registrant: Brooke Blendowski

    Co-Registrant: Eric Blendowski

    Event Date: 4/14/12

    Gift cards are welcome!
  160. Registrant: sonia benner

    Co-Registrant: jim benner

    Event Date: 4/14/12

  161. Registrant: Christin Hayday

  162. Registrant: Mandi Priest

  163. Registrant: Marci Hughes

    Co-Registrant: James Russell

  164. Registrant: Jill Marron

    Co-Registrant: Howard Marron

  165. Registrant: Jessanna Levitsky

    Co-Registrant: Nedjula Baguio

  166. Registrant: Rebekah Farr

    Co-Registrant: Harrison Farr

  167. Registrant: Brittany Cuellar

    Co-Registrant: Joshua Cuellar

  168. Registrant: Amanda Smith Sousa

    Co-Registrant: Josue Soares Sousa

    Event Date: 4/14/12

    We are excited to start this new chapter of our lives as parents. We are also very excited to be using cloth diapers and we appreciate your support in this.
  169. Registrant: Tara McDonough

    Co-Registrant: Jason McDonough

  170. Registrant: Beth McGowen

    Co-Registrant: Tyler McGowen

  171. Registrant: Alyssa King

    Co-Registrant: Brian King

  172. Registrant: Katie Alejandrino

    Co-Registrant: AJ Alejandrino

  173. Registrant: Carol Hedin

    Event Date: 3/31/16

    Location: Anne Hedin's Home 511 E. Grimes Ln.

  174. Registrant: Yvette Hale

    Co-Registrant: Jeffrey Panzer

  175. Registrant: Danielle Englert

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Englert

  176. Registrant: Beth Marks

    Co-Registrant: Donald Fierros

  177. Registrant: Kendra Rinehart

    Co-Registrant: Seth Dreitzler

    Event Date: 4/22/12

    Location: Chillicothe, Ohio

    We plan on using the following cloth diapers on Baby Braxton: "Bumgenius Freetime" for daytime and Bumgenius 4.0 for night time. All velcro (hook and loop). These diapers can be purchased in bundles or individually. Will probably mostly use the Freetime but Any would be greatly appreciated! :)
  178. Registrant: cinthya zavala

    Co-Registrant: David Chavezticas

  179. Registrant: Kaylee Shelley

  180. Registrant: Charrie Kafouros

    Co-Registrant: George Kafouros

    Location: Portland, OR, United States

  181. Registrant: Christina Isbell

    Co-Registrant: Jared Andersen

  182. Registrant: Nica Solomon

    Co-Registrant: Joseph Solomon Hamstra

    Event Date: 8/2/12

    Location: 912 E 2nd St 47401

  183. Registrant: Jennifer Wolfe

    Co-Registrant: Quade Wolfe

  184. Registrant: Raisa Grissom

    Co-Registrant: Aaron Grissom

    Event Date: 5/12/12

    Location: Wilson shelter house - Bedford

  185. Registrant: Gabrial Jerome

    Co-Registrant: Benjamin Jerome

    Event Date: 5/12/12

    Location: Mountlake Terrace, WA

    Excited to meet our baby BOY!
  186. Registrant: Becky Vaughn

    Co-Registrant: Ken Orris

    We know these items are not cheap. We feel strongly about cloth diapering, and so gift certificates are always welcome! We thank you in advanced!!! :)
  187. Registrant: Nicolette Springer

    Co-Registrant: Jonathan Springer

  188. Registrant: Janelle Dong

  189. Registrant: Jaime Minor

    Co-Registrant: Josh Minor

    Event Date: 5/15/12

    Location: Large Conference Room, 304 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington IN 47404

  190. Registrant: Angela Ginsburg

    Co-Registrant: John Ginsburg

    Event Date: 5/12/12

    Location: United States

  191. Registrant: Allison Hill

    Co-Registrant: Matthew McKelvey

    Event Date: 6/10/12

  192. Registrant: Lori Lammers

    Co-Registrant: Greg Lammers

  193. Registrant: Lauren Neuenschwander

    Event Date: 6/9/12

  194. Registrant: Amber Green

    Co-Registrant: Shawn Green

    Location: Owensboro, KY

  195. Registrant: Jenna Allen

  196. Registrant: Blythe Dube

    Co-Registrant: Aaron Dube

    IT'S A GIRL!
  197. Registrant: Emily Carey

    Co-Registrant: Marlon Carey

    Event Date: 6/23/12

  198. Registrant: Laura Zlka

    Co-Registrant: Derek Zylka

  199. Registrant: Jian Jones-Stewart

    Co-Registrant: Phillip Stewart

    Event Date: 5/12/12

    Location: Tallahassee

  200. Registrant: Dacia Cooley

    Co-Registrant: Philip Cooley

    Event Date: 4/29/12

  201. Registrant: Regan Golding

    Co-Registrant: Jason Golding

    We are trying to build a cloth diaper stash! We have a few brands in mind, but are willing to try anything.
  202. Registrant: Anisa James

    Co-Registrant: Mack Major

  203. Registrant: Autumn Beyer

    Co-Registrant: Andy Beyer

  204. Registrant: Lauren Shafer

    Co-Registrant: John Shafer

  205. Registrant: Alison Leslie

    Co-Registrant: Matt Leslie

    Event Date: 5/20/12

  206. Registrant: Debbie Bazett-Jones

    Co-Registrant: David Bazett-Jones

    Event Date: 6/23/12

    Location: Milwaukee, WI

    It's a' boy!
  207. Registrant: Danielle Bergman

    Co-Registrant: Nicholas Bergman

  208. Registrant: ayna ojeda

    Event Date: 7/21/12

    its a boy!
  209. Registrant: Adrian Theopulos

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Ferry

  210. Registrant: Colleen Rose

    Co-Registrant: Will Rose

    The Green Nursery is a local Bloomington boutique that we are excited to support. In lieu of disposables, we would love your help in building our cloth diaper stash to use at home, in child care, and when out and about from day 1! Thanks--Will, Colleen, and Baby Girl Rose.
  211. Registrant: Sibyl Mar

    Co-Registrant: Scott Mar

    Event Date: 5/12/12

    Location: Seattle, WA

  212. Registrant: Jill Schimmelpfennig

    Co-Registrant: Giacomo DelRio

    Event Date: 4/30/16

    Location: 1004 S Dunn St Bloomington IN

  213. Registrant: Cathleen Maurer

    Co-Registrant: David Hamilton

    Location: United States

  214. Registrant: Jenna Norden

    Co-Registrant: Josh Hinman

    Event Date: 5/26/12

  215. Registrant: Jamie Heide

    Co-Registrant: Christian Heide

  216. Registrant: Nicole Giunta

    Co-Registrant: Ben Giunta

  217. Registrant: Alicia Sanders

    Co-Registrant: Brian Sanders

  218. Registrant: Rachael Tharp

    We are so excited for baby to get here!
  219. Registrant: Whitney VanBuskirk

    Co-Registrant: Rex Harper

    Event Date: 7/7/12

    Location: Fairmont Park, North Pavilion

  220. Registrant: Heather Ream

    Co-Registrant: Matt Ream

  221. Registrant: Chrissie Blocher

    Co-Registrant: Jeremy Blocher

  222. Registrant: Amanda McKay

    Co-Registrant: Greg McKay

  223. Registrant: Stephanie Michael

    Co-Registrant: Wesley Michael

    Samuel Jeffery Michael will most likely be born on October 4th, 2012!!
  224. Registrant: Kylee Munson

    Co-Registrant: Michael Munson

    Event Date: 6/16/12

    Location: Norfolk, Virginia

  225. Registrant: Kayla Goebel

    Co-Registrant: David Goebel

    Location: North Dakota/Minnesota

    David and Kayla are expecting and excited for the arrival of Aurora Ruth Goebel around Sept. 9th, 2012!
  226. Registrant: Kara Harvey

    Co-Registrant: Ian Harvey

    Event Date: 11/10/12

  227. Registrant: Rachel Gilbert

    Co-Registrant: Eric Gilbert

  228. Registrant: Arielle Williams

    Co-Registrant: Joseph Williams

    Location: United States

    Hello! We are also registered at Target and Walmart. We need cloth diapers and this is the best place to buy them!
  229. Registrant: Alison Baum

    Co-Registrant: Chris Franke

    We are expecting twin boys.
  230. Registrant: Susan Herr

    Co-Registrant: Jonathan Herr

  231. Registrant: Molly Ellison

  232. Registrant: Kellory Blanchard

    Co-Registrant: Rusty Blanchard

    Event Date: 8/4/12

    We won't begin cloth diapering until his umbilical cord falls off, so we do ask for newborn sized disposable diapers only. A typical baby requires 18-24 cloth diapers to be used full time, so I've registered for 24. Cloth diapering accessories are on my Amazon registry. Thank you!
  233. Registrant: Erin Engler

    Co-Registrant: Joe Engler

    Event Date: 9/1/12

  234. Registrant: Carly Kyes

    Co-Registrant: Jake Kyes

  235. Registrant: Jill Floren

    Co-Registrant: Daniel Floren

    Event Date: 7/9/12

    Location: Vestal, NY

    Thank you for helping us celebrate our precious baby girl!
  236. Registrant: Sarah Small

  237. Registrant: Heather Austin

    Co-Registrant: Robert Austin

  238. Registrant: Wendi Gore

  239. Registrant: Julie Wang

    Co-Registrant: Paul Malokas

    Event Date: 8/19/12

    Thanks for helping us prepare of the arrival of our little one. We plan on using cloth diapers and will be purchasing a bundle from this site. If you would like to help us with this purchase, please send us a gift certificate. Thanks!
  240. Registrant: Jamie Guyden- Williams

    Co-Registrant: Alexander Williams

  241. Registrant: Ashley Travis

    Co-Registrant: Erik Travis

    Event Date: 7/7/12

  242. Registrant: Elizabeth Lawhead

  243. Registrant: Carolyn Hammond

    Co-Registrant: Scott Hammond

    Event Date: 8/5/12

    Location: Rachelle's House

  244. Registrant: Kirsten Yohe

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Yohe

    Event Date: 7/31/12

  245. Registrant: Cynthia Pfeffer

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Pfeffer

    Event Date: 7/22/12

    Location: Schererville, iN

  246. Registrant: Elizabeth Winarski

    Event Date: 8/4/12

  247. Registrant: Kim Haas

    Event Date: 12/9/12

    Location: Stevens Point

    Since this is our second child we only have a few must have items. More cloth diapers is always a bonus. A friend told us about 'Sophie the Giraffe' and apparently she too is a must have. This registry is mostly toys (yes, some for Nolan) and the reason we chose this site is because they are environmentally and kid friendly. We appreciate if you choose toys from here before our other registries. Thanks
  248. Registrant: Krystal Thomas

    Co-Registrant: Nick Thomas

    Event Date: 7/29/12

  249. Registrant: Heather Bustamante

  250. Registrant: Pam Bolger

    Co-Registrant: Steve Parrish

    Event Date: 8/25/12

  251. Registrant: Summer Kleweno

    Co-Registrant: Grant Kleweno

  252. Registrant: Lindsay Sattler

    Event Date: 8/4/12

    Location: The Sattler House

    We are so happy to have Aaron here. We are definitely in need of diapers for Aaron. If you would like to help us with this we would be so grateful. We know that they seem expensive per diaper, but we have learned with Jonathon that we have saved so much money just in the 2 years that we have had his cloth diapers. (Not to mention the fact that we have avoided many awful diaper rashes because we have used cloth diapers.) Thank you for helping us with this!
  253. Registrant: Nikki Hurtsellers

    Co-Registrant: Matt McComish

    Event Date: 8/26/12

    Location: Church of St. Andrew, Toledo, Ohio

    Thank you for visiting our online registry! We're so excited to meet our little peanut, and plan on reusing these cloth diapers for him or her until they're potty trained! You might be wondering why we chose this site to register for diapers. Pricing for new BumGenius diapers is pretty much the same across the board, but The Green Nursery is the easiest registry that offers FREE SHIPPING even if you only want to purchase ONE diaper! If you would rather buy them in person at a local store (such as Sweet Cheeks in Sylvania or Lullaby Lane in Fallen Timbers), or if you find the SAME product at a better price on another site (like Amazon, where shipping is free after you spend $25), please just let Nikki know so she can remove that one from the registry. When purchasing cloth diapers, remember that we have also registered for extra diaper liners (each diaper comes with one, but I get the the feeling that more is more when it comes to stinky butts), as well as a few other accessories to make sure we'll have everything we'll need. And don't forget, you'll get a raffle ticket with each cloth diaper for some fabulous door prizes at the shower!!! **Please Note: Although all the images look the same on our registry list, we *did* register for different colors. So if you want to pick a specific color that you like, you can see them all by clicking on the product image!**
  254. Registrant: Jessica Wigham

    Co-Registrant: Zach Wigham

    Event Date: 9/22/12

    It's a girl! Thanks!
  255. Registrant: Laura Latta

    Event Date: 9/23/12

  256. Registrant: Daphne Carlson Bremer

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Bremer

    Event Date: 9/8/12

    Location: Nederland, TX

  257. Registrant: Desiree Gapultos

  258. Registrant: Jennifer Vogel

    Event Date: 8/1/12

    Location: The Vogel Home

  259. Registrant: Amanda Schkeeper

    Co-Registrant: Brian Schkeeper

  260. Registrant: Molly McKee

    Co-Registrant: Russ Korinek

    Event Date: 8/19/12

  261. Registrant: Cassandra Hicks

    Event Date: 8/18/12

    Location: Calvary Chapel, Crawfordsville, IN

  262. Registrant: Nikki Hoffman

    Co-Registrant: Noel Hoffman

  263. Registrant: Meg Chamberlain

    Thank you
  264. Registrant: Sara Tekula

    Co-Registrant: Joseph Imhoff

    Event Date: 8/12/12

  265. Registrant: Lea Maxwell

    Co-Registrant: Sean Maxwell

  266. Registrant: Sara Brown

    Co-Registrant: Joshua Kirsh

  267. Registrant: Heidi Jo Maddix

    Event Date: 9/29/12

  268. Registrant: Arreba Stafford

  269. Registrant: Molly Hardesty

    Co-Registrant: Blake Hardesty

    Event Date: 9/2/12

    We have chosen to use cloth diapers not only because it's better for our babies future and the earth, but also because it will save us a ton of money in the long run. Thank you for your support and being apart of out lives and soon our child's. The Hardesty Family
  270. Registrant: Tiffany Coleman

    Co-Registrant: Chris Coleman

    Thank you!
  271. Registrant: Patricia Perez

    Event Date: 9/1/12

    Location: 4548 Tolt River Road, Carnation, WA 98014

    Also registered at - Am more than happy and happy to accept gently used second hand items! The More the merrier!
  272. Registrant: Jen Williams

    Co-Registrant: Jed Kriegel

  273. Registrant: Kimberly Brown

  274. Registrant: Susan Laughlin

    Co-Registrant: John Laughlin

    It's a boy!
  275. Registrant: Leigh Wierichs

    Co-Registrant: Mike Masica

    Event Date: 2/9/12

  276. Registrant: Annamaria Shockey

    Co-Registrant: Shawn Shockey

  277. Registrant: Kirstie Baker

    Co-Registrant: William Brilmayer

    Willa Frances Brilmayer is due in early or mid-December. We have a fuller registry for bedding and other baby products at
  278. Registrant: Michelle Ross

  279. Registrant: Anna Willman

    Co-Registrant: Sean Willman

    It's a GIRL! We are doing cloth diapering.
  280. Registrant: Stacy Barton

    Co-Registrant: Bob Pfile

    Stacy has decided that she wants to use cloth diapers part of the time to help off-set their diapering expense. When ordering cloth diapers it is less expensive to order large quantities. With that in mind there will be diaper money tree at the shower. Contributions will be combined and diapers ordered all at once. We have included them on the registry so that you made see what it is we are wanting to use.
  281. Registrant: Jasmine Huang

  282. Registrant: Marisol Tobey

    Co-Registrant: Paul Tobey

    Event Date: 9/22/12

    Location: Lake Mary, FL

  283. Registrant: Kimberly Brown

    Event Date: 10/7/12

  284. Registrant: Dorothy Singleton

    Co-Registrant: Daniel Singleton

  285. Registrant: Kristen Waylen Hackett

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Hackett

    Event Date: 11/4/12

    Diapers are not the cutest baby gift, but they might be the most essential! Thank you for helping us keep our baby comfy and clean in his new nappies.
  286. Registrant: Courtney Voss

    Co-Registrant: Josh Voss

    Event Date: 9/8/12

    Location: Allen, TX

  287. Registrant: Janet Annis

    Co-Registrant: Trevor Annis

    Event Date: 9/8/12

  288. Registrant: Stephanie Forsythe

    Co-Registrant: Keith Forsythe

  289. Registrant: Susanne DeMichiei

    Co-Registrant: Michael DeMichiei

  290. Registrant: Sue Peacock

    Co-Registrant: John Peacock

  291. Registrant: Jennifer Cortez

    Co-Registrant: Daniel Culotta

  292. Registrant: Sovady Huston

    Co-Registrant: Jeff Huston

  293. Registrant: Audrey Hall-Pine

    Co-Registrant: Gerald Pine

    Event Date: 9/29/12

    Location: 8603 Ashton Rd, Woodburn IN

  294. Registrant: Erin O'Brien

    Co-Registrant: Chris Miller

  295. Registrant: Laura Fischer

    Co-Registrant: Luke Fischer

  296. Registrant: Katie Pranger

    Co-Registrant: David Pranger

    Location: Fort Wayne, IN

  297. Registrant: Emily Long

    Event Date: 9/8/12

  298. Registrant: Jason Wayman

    Co-Registrant: Kimberly Bunker

    Location: United States

  299. Registrant: Maggie Guschwan

  300. Registrant: Amy Beck

  301. Registrant: Liz Salvatore

    Co-Registrant: James Salvatore

    It's a BOY!!!
  302. Registrant: MARYELLEN HOCKER

    Co-Registrant: GREGORY HOCKER

  303. Registrant: Channah Charlton

  304. Registrant: Katy Borchers

    Co-Registrant: Beth Borchers

    Event Date: 10/6/12

    Location: Cooper Landing, Alaska

    Katy, Brian, and Baby Borchers thank you! We will not be finding out the sex, so any color will work:-)
  305. Registrant: Eileen Fitzpatrick

    Co-Registrant: Greg Kashdan

  306. Registrant: Lacey Grant

  307. Registrant: Emily Dingman

    Co-Registrant: Quinten Anderson

    Event Date: 11/26/16

    Location: Leeds, Maine

    Thanks for looking!
  308. Registrant: Kate Dunning

    Co-Registrant: Nick Dunning

    Event Date: 10/27/12

  309. Registrant: Amy Spindler

    Event Date: 9/22/12

  310. Registrant: Megan Macaluso

    Event Date: 10/13/12

    Hello! Welcome to our diaper registry and for helping to diaper little Baby Mac! :-) Much Love and appreciation, Joey and Megan
  311. Registrant: Cecilia Yoksh

  312. Registrant: Julie Mirise

  313. Registrant: Carrie Hoover

    Co-Registrant: Billy Hoover

  314. Registrant: Maura Scherf

    Co-Registrant: David Scherf

    Thank you!
  315. Registrant: Linda Tanis

  316. Registrant: McKinley Prado

    Co-Registrant: Zac Prado

  317. Registrant: Harmony Hays

    Co-Registrant: Michael Lagemann

    Event Date: 11/3/12

    Thank you so much to all our friends and family for helping us celebrate our new little man in the family =) We are trying to cloth diaper his little booty as much as possible!
  318. Registrant: Erin Petre

  319. Registrant: Ashley Spell

  320. Registrant: Trinity Stark

    Co-Registrant: Cedar Stark

    Event Date: 12/1/12

    Location: United States

  321. Registrant: Jennifer Harper

    Co-Registrant: Ryan Chapman

    The colors or patterns are not that important to us. So, if you see a color or pattern that you like, feel free to choose it.
  322. Registrant: Leslie Younger

    Co-Registrant: Lucas Younger

    Event Date: 12/1/12

  323. Registrant: Elishia Hazelton

    Co-Registrant: Danny Nguyen

    Event Date: 1/19/13

  324. Registrant: Alicia Roberts

    Co-Registrant: Patrick Roberts

    We need LOTS of diapers :)
  325. Registrant: Devon Wible

    Co-Registrant: Judson Wible

    Event Date: 11/10/12

    Location: Ewing, NJ

    It's a BOY!
  326. Registrant: Amanda Yu

    Co-Registrant: Ben Dieterich

    Some additions to our cloth diaper stash.
  327. Registrant: Jennifer Fatchett

    Co-Registrant: John Fatchett

    Event Date: 11/30/12

    It's a boy :) Aiden Connor.
  328. Registrant: Syawn Hopkins

    Co-Registrant: Jared Hopkins

  329. Registrant: Dana Kang

    Co-Registrant: Yop Kang

    Event Date: 1/19/13

    Thank you for helping us to welcome our little boy!
  330. Registrant: Susan Sharp

    Co-Registrant: Kenneth Sharp

  331. Registrant: Alyssa Paxson

  332. Registrant: Martyna Shallenberg

    Co-Registrant: Mark Shallenberg

  333. Registrant: Callie Buse

    Co-Registrant: Carl Buse

    Thank you for helping us to cloth diaper! We are very excited to do this and appreciate your support. Thank You!
  334. Registrant: Victoria Neal

    Co-Registrant: Logan Lodge

  335. Registrant: Brittaney Davis

    Co-Registrant: Isaac Davis

    Event Date: 11/17/12

    Location: To Be Announced!

  336. Registrant: Meg Garner-Ballard

    Co-Registrant: Tim Ballard

    Event Date: 11/10/12

    Location: Onarga, Illinois

    After all the hand-me-downs and the last shower, we are more than prepared for baby GB. What we REALLY need are diapers! We have decided to use a cloth diapering system and we like supporting our local boutique, so we've registered here at The Green Nursery. We can also use gift certificates here to get high quality, beautiful toys as he grows older. Thank you so much for helping us get this eco baby started out right!
  337. Registrant: Jillann Madren

    Co-Registrant: Seth Madren

    Event Date: 11/11/12

    Location: First United Church Fellowship Hall

  338. Registrant: Denise Huebner-Ambrose

    Co-Registrant: Joel Ambrose

  339. Registrant: Kyra Lassiter

    Event Date: 12/8/12

  340. Registrant: Jen Brouillard

    Event Date: 11/10/12

  341. Registrant: Alanna Aiko Moore

    Co-Registrant: Jan Estrellado

  342. Registrant: Jennie Tweten

    Co-Registrant: Alex Tweten

  343. Registrant: Mandy Scherer

    Co-Registrant: Randy Scherer

    Thanks for thinking of baby Scherer, it's a boy!
  344. Registrant: Jessica Miller

    Co-Registrant: Will Miller

  345. Registrant: Shana O'Keefe

    Co-Registrant: Vau Tobin

    Event Date: 1/6/13

    Location: Ashland, OR & North San Juan, CA

  346. Registrant: Emily Williams

    Co-Registrant: Jay Williams

  347. Registrant: Olivia Little

  348. Registrant: Emily King

    Co-Registrant: Shari Johnson

  349. Registrant: Courtney Lai

  350. Registrant: Allison Balsley

    Co-Registrant: Nat Balsley

  351. Registrant: Jillian Owens

    Co-Registrant: Gaven Owens

    Event Date: 12/22/12

    Location: Indianapolis, IN

  352. Registrant: Michelle Dodson

    Co-Registrant: Nate Dodson

    Location: United States

  353. Registrant: Rebecca Guss

    Co-Registrant: Benjamin Guss

  354. Registrant: Tanja Champagne

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Champagne

  355. Registrant: Meredith Enos

  356. Registrant: Katrina Crow

    Co-Registrant: Jedbot Crow

  357. Registrant: Katie Rust

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Rust

    Event Date: 12/1/12

  358. Registrant: Rana Leonhardi

    Co-Registrant: Anthony Leonhardi

  359. Registrant: Bethany Kavich

    Co-Registrant: Ryan Kavich

  360. Registrant: Shay Dezern

  361. Registrant: Lark Scheierman

    Co-Registrant: Jeff Mangus

    Event Date: 11/17/12

  362. Registrant: Kendra Duncan

  363. Registrant: Naomi Dance

  364. Registrant: Kelly Acre-Piersma

  365. Registrant: Jonna Broadway

    Co-Registrant: Jacob Broadway

  366. Registrant: natalie smith

    Co-Registrant: frank blackburn

    Event Date: 2/23/13

    Location: 1588 NW Monopoly St silverdale wa 98383

  367. Registrant: Elizabeth Q Davis

    Co-Registrant: Nathan Davis

  368. Registrant: Kristi Picchioni

    Co-Registrant: Brandon Picchioni

  369. Registrant: Antonio Ng

    Co-Registrant: feina Wang

    Event Date: 12/2/12

  370. Registrant: Katy Bataller

  371. Registrant: JENNIFER HALE

    Co-Registrant: JASON SAAVEDRA

    Event Date: 2/23/13

    Location: TERRE HAUTE

  372. Registrant: Tawni Stokes

    Co-Registrant: Trevor Stokes

    Event Date: 2/16/13

    Location: United States

  373. Registrant: Jean Martin

    Co-Registrant: Ryan Martin

    Event Date: 1/6/13

  374. Registrant: Gabbie Barker

  375. Registrant: Meredith Willson

  376. Registrant: Ryan Hill

    Co-Registrant: Jenn Hill

    Event Date: 1/12/13

    Location: The Crocker's Home (Raleigh, NC)

    We are trying to start Aiden on cloth diapers - they work wonderfully at night and we would like to make the transition completely by January when he is a little bigger! These are great for the long term as they will fit him from now until he is 30lbs in most cases! The Bum Genious All in 1 and Stuffers are wonderful - as well as the Grovia diapers. Thanks for helping us with this investment!
  377. Registrant: Kristie Hinkson

    Co-Registrant: Richard Hinkson

    Event Date: 1/12/13

    Location: sarasota Fl.

  378. Registrant: Catherine Greenwood

  379. Registrant: Christine Derda

  380. Registrant: CRISTA FAVAZZA

    Co-Registrant: Tina McNamee

    Event Date: 1/12/13

    Location: SANDPOINT

    Thank you so much for celebrating our little one's arrival. We already have plenty of clothes and a nice set of cloth diapers.
  381. Registrant: Bethany Banning

    Co-Registrant: Doug Banning

  382. Registrant: Amie Maranto

    Co-Registrant: Ronald Maranto

  383. Registrant: Lauren George

    Co-Registrant: John George

  384. Registrant: Heather Bohac

    Co-Registrant: Josh Bohac

    Event Date: 3/30/13

  385. Registrant: Cyndee Adkins

    Co-Registrant: Michael Adkins

    Event Date: 2/16/13

    Location: Barboursville, WV (Place TBD)

    We need help collecting our cloth diapers. Below I have listed the ones that I have read reviews on that seem to work the best. Bum Genius 4.0 snaps Bum Genious all in 1 small Bum Genious Flip diaper Bumware Kissaluvss (for newborns) Blueberrys Most diapers need inserts. Only some need covers. The Kissaluvs need covers and the Bum Genius,blueberies and Bumwares need inserts.
  386. Registrant: Shawna Campbell

  387. Registrant: Sonya Baldauf

    Event Date: 12/29/13

  388. Registrant: Chelsie McKinney

    Co-Registrant: Ricky McKinney

  389. Registrant: Kirsten Drewry

    Co-Registrant: Marshall Drewry

  390. Registrant: Andria Zutich

    Co-Registrant: Stephen Zutich

    Event Date: 2/23/12

    Location: Robinson, Pa

    Thank you so much for thinking of Baby Zutich's bottom! Below is the information for the cloth diapers we'll be using. bumGenius Elemental AIO One Size bumGenius AIO Newborn Preferred Colors: White Butternut Grasshopper Twilight Sweet Noodle
  391. Registrant: Katie Jantaraweragul

    Co-Registrant: Gate Jantaraweragul

  392. Registrant: Erin Vogel

    Co-Registrant: David Vogel

  393. Registrant: Jenelle Burd

    Co-Registrant: zed kramer

    Event Date: 2/16/13

  394. Registrant: Tori Brugger

    Co-Registrant: David Brugger

  395. Registrant: Stephanie Sikora

    Co-Registrant: Mark Sikora

  396. Registrant: Katrina Jacobs

  397. Registrant: Pooja Aggarwal

    Co-Registrant: Vineet Aggarwal

    Event Date: 3/9/13

    Location: Herndon, VA

  398. Registrant: Cari Cunningham

    Co-Registrant: Trannon Mosher

  399. Registrant: Andrea Gardner

    Co-Registrant: Mark Gardner

    Location: United States

    We do not know the sex of the baby. I am gravitating toward stars and elephants for "theme." Many things are simply fun and nice, but I will be simply happy to have swaddling blankets and diapers! Thank you for looking and thank you for thinking of our precious baby.
  400. Registrant: Holly Bergstrom

  401. Registrant: Sara Tomasheski

    Co-Registrant: David Tomasheski

    Event Date: 3/23/13

    Location: United States

  402. Registrant: Rachel Lovestrand

  403. Registrant: Emily Kunkel

  404. Registrant: Priscilla Soria

    Co-Registrant: James Guess

    Event Date: 2/23/13

    Location: Tucson, AZ

  405. Registrant: Emily Elam

    Co-Registrant: Chris Elam

  406. Registrant: kristina hanson

    Co-Registrant: miles hanson

    Event Date: 2/23/13

  407. Registrant: Tanya Visser

    Co-Registrant: Fred Visser

    Event Date: 2/2/13

  408. Registrant: Jess Ankney

  409. Registrant: Lindsay Wilson

    Co-Registrant: Ben Wilson

    Event Date: 3/16/13

    It's a BOY :) Caleb Joseph
  410. Registrant: Megan Whitaker

  411. Registrant: brittney fusselman

    Co-Registrant: steven fusselman

  412. Registrant: Hannah Tryon

    Co-Registrant: Justin Tryon

    Event Date: 3/2/13

  413. Registrant: Sara Senft

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Senft

    Event Date: 4/6/13

  414. Registrant: Kristie Sadowski

    Co-Registrant: Dan Sadowski

  415. Registrant: Keasha Fromme

    Co-Registrant: Kenny Fromme

    Event Date: 3/30/13

    Location: Jasper Outdoor Recreation Center

  416. Registrant: Thomas Kyle Reese

    Co-Registrant: Lynda Reese

    As most of you know we are expecting a girl. So, feel free to buy girly colors or neutral.
  417. Registrant: Kelsee Drain

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Drain

  418. Registrant: Torre Derr

    I am planning on cloth diapering as it will save money and be more convenient overall.
  419. Registrant: Kerry Mason

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Mason

  420. Registrant: Jessica Skammels

  421. Registrant: Jeannette Putnam

    Event Date: 4/14/13

  422. Registrant: Aleshia Nelson

    Co-Registrant: Cody Nelson

  423. Registrant: wendy schafer

    Co-Registrant: justin schafer

  424. Registrant: Katy Peterson

    Co-Registrant: Jesse Peterson

    We are planning to use "bumGenius - Freetime - snap closure" All-in-One diapers and any help we can get in stocking about 36 of them is greatly appreciated!! Gift Certificates are welcome as we will try to get the best deal by bulk ordering!
  425. Registrant: Erin Gallagher

    Co-Registrant: Scott Causey

  426. Registrant: Tiffany Kinney

    Co-Registrant: Dave Brodin

    Baby is a girl!
  427. Registrant: Alicia Miller

    Co-Registrant: Tim Miller

  428. Registrant: Kristen Biehl

    Co-Registrant: Craig Biehl

    Thank you so much for your love, support, and generosity! Baby Boy Biehl is so lucky to have you in his life and so are we!
  429. Registrant: Tiffany Morrison

    Co-Registrant: Ryan Leland

    Event Date: 6/8/13

  430. Registrant: Amanda Arthurs

  431. Registrant: Jill Switzer

    Co-Registrant: Juan (Ed) Wolf

    Event Date: 2/16/13

  432. Registrant: Jaime Osborne

    Co-Registrant: Zach osborne

    Event Date: 2/9/13

    Location: Our House

  433. Registrant: Gabriela Valentine

    Event Date: 8/1/13

  434. Registrant: Sorrelle Dooley

    Co-Registrant: Scott Watts

  435. Registrant: Betsy Swope

    Co-Registrant: Chuck Swope

    Event Date: 3/15/13

    Location: Market Street Grill

    Thank you so much for looking at Charlie's registry. We are so excited to welcome her in the spring!
  436. Registrant: Ebick Pizzadili

    Co-Registrant: Christopher Dean

  437. Registrant: Trishtan Washington

    Co-Registrant: Peter Washington

  438. Registrant: Nikki Hughes

    Co-Registrant: Marcus Hughes

  439. Registrant: jessica faust

    Co-Registrant: Kendall Faust

    Event Date: 3/16/13

  440. Registrant: Carrie Olinger

    Co-Registrant: John Knudson

  441. Registrant: Brooke Wyatt

    Co-Registrant: Paul Kuhne

    Event Date: 4/20/13

    We plan to cloth diaper our little one, so we'd love to receive cloth diapers and wipes for all those changes. Also, baby's gender is a surprise, so we're sticking with gender neutral colors for now. Thanks for helping us feather our nest.
  442. Registrant: Jess Lambert

  443. Registrant: Baby Ruskeepaa

  444. Registrant: Whitney Weston

    Co-Registrant: Daniel Weston

    Event Date: 3/9/13

    Location: Branson, MO

  445. Registrant: Yu-Lai Tam

  446. Registrant: Christie Gill

    Co-Registrant: Nat Gill

  447. Registrant: Laura Ferguson

    Co-Registrant: Jason Ferguson

    Event Date: 3/9/13

  448. Registrant: Allison Milodragovich

  449. Registrant: lauren mcgill

    Co-Registrant: micheal mcgill

    We are not having a baby shower for our 2nd baby, but to anyone who would like to buy something... here are items we need. We are going to cloth diaper, so if you would like to help us get started these are the items we have researched and decided to use. Thank you to all!
  450. Registrant: marilyn moore

    Co-Registrant: Randy Brodie

    Thanks for the support! This site has cloth diapers at the lowest cost in bulk. I will be exclusively using cloth diapers so it will be helpful the get a start. We thank you kindly!
  451. Registrant: Rhea Borromeo

    Co-Registrant: Allen Valenzuela

    Event Date: 3/16/13

  452. Registrant: Ruby McManus

  453. Registrant: Jessica Isbell

  454. Registrant: Sara Myers

  455. Registrant: Shaunna Royal

    Co-Registrant: Albert Royal

  456. Registrant: Janelle Kukielka

    Co-Registrant: DJ Kukielka

    Event Date: 3/10/13

  457. Registrant: Natasha Fitzgerald

    Co-Registrant: John Fitzgerald

  458. Registrant: Lisa Abner

    Co-Registrant: Adam Abner

    Event Date: 5/4/13

    We are having a girl, but feel free to get gender-neutral colors!
  459. Registrant: Amanda Smith

    Co-Registrant: Tim Smith

  460. Registrant: Lily Green

    Co-Registrant: Adam Green

    Event Date: 3/16/13

    Location: Nashville, TN

  461. Registrant: Lauren Norsworthy

  462. Registrant: Megan Jamison

    Co-Registrant: Adam Jamison

    Thank you for sharing this special time with us! :)
  463. Registrant: Nicole Warnek

    Co-Registrant: John Warnek

  464. Registrant: melissa casey

  465. Registrant: Nichole Murray

    Co-Registrant: Brandon Murray

    Event Date: 4/20/13

  466. Registrant: Brittani Kirtman

    Co-Registrant: Trevor Kirtman

  467. Registrant: Shauna Monteforte

    Co-Registrant: Patrick Monteforte

    Event Date: 4/6/13

    Location: D.D's House

    We don't know if it is a boy or will be a surprise!
  468. Registrant: Monica Webb

    Co-Registrant: John Webb

  469. Registrant: Leah McCarthy

    Co-Registrant: Peter McCarthy

    Event Date: 4/28/13

  470. Registrant: Jennifer Conrad

    Co-Registrant: Sam Conrad

  471. Registrant: Kathleen Melius

  472. Registrant: Nicole Watts

    Co-Registrant: Sean Watts

    Location: United States

  473. Registrant: Sara Pendleton

    Co-Registrant: Gary Peterson

  474. Registrant: Sarah Basko

    Co-Registrant: Ry Basko

  475. Registrant: Chanci Herer-Tjernlund

    Co-Registrant: Tyler Tjernlund

    Event Date: 5/4/13

  476. Registrant: Jessika Hane

    Event Date: 4/20/13

  477. Registrant: Stephanie High

  478. Registrant: Valeri Cockerham

    Event Date: 4/20/13

  479. Registrant: AnnsLee Rasmussen

    Co-Registrant: Jordan Rasmussen

  480. Registrant: Danielle Lucas

  481. Registrant: Ashley Dodson

    Co-Registrant: Michael Dodson

    Location: Fort Knox, KY

    We are not sure if there will be a shower but, diapers always help! We will be registering for Newborn diapers and One Size diapers.
  482. Registrant: Allison Jarmon

  483. Registrant: Amanda Irwin

    Co-Registrant: Kevin Irwin

  484. Registrant: Rachel Tenorio

    Co-Registrant: Mateo Tenorio

  485. Registrant: Casey Zionts

    Co-Registrant: Adam Zionts

    Event Date: 6/8/13

    Location: Our house

  486. Registrant: Yuriria Rodriguez

    Event Date: 3/23/13

  487. Registrant: Emeral Diaz

    Co-Registrant: Miguel Arias

  488. Registrant: Clarissa Estrada

    Co-Registrant: Jesse Estrada

  489. Registrant: Mary Beth Loto

    Co-Registrant: James Loto

    Event Date: 5/25/13

    Location: Brunos

  490. Registrant: Natalie Lloret

    Co-Registrant: Hansel Duran

  491. Registrant: Beth Underdahl-Peirce

    Co-Registrant: Seth Grady

    Event Date: 6/23/13

  492. Registrant: Kelly Ray

  493. Registrant: Amanda Froese

    Co-Registrant: Daniel Froese

    This registry is mainly for our cloth diapers. Please feel free to buy diapers individually or how registered. My only request is that they are BumGenius One Size with Hook and Loop closures. Color doesn't matter. This gift is much appreciated and will be used the "crap" out of! :)
  494. Registrant: Kelly Garrett

    Co-Registrant: Jon Garrett

  495. Registrant: Julia Eppley

    Co-Registrant: Chris Eppley

    Event Date: 2/1/14

    We are adopting an can be anytime from 1 month to more than a year from now. Any baby showers will be more a "meet the baby" shower
  496. Registrant: Erica Bruhwiler

    Co-Registrant: Beau Bruhwiler

    Event Date: 5/18/13

    Location: Oklahoma City

    We're so excited to be expecting a sweet baby girl this summer!
  497. Registrant: Lindsey Schroeer

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Schroeer

  498. Registrant: ashley felkel

    Co-Registrant: Walter Baker

    Event Date: 6/9/13

  499. Registrant: Candice Reggio

    Co-Registrant: Dominick Reggio

    Event Date: 6/2/13

  500. Registrant: Jessica McIntosh

    Co-Registrant: Sean Price

    Event Date: 6/1/13

    Location: Fort Wayne

  501. Registrant: jessica nieto

    Event Date: 5/11/13

    Thank you in advance!
  502. Registrant: Kate Connor

    Co-Registrant: Will Connor

  503. Registrant: Ayla Mackinnon

    Event Date: 5/5/14

    Location: Dominics Italian Grille, Oldsmar, Fl

  504. Registrant: Nikki Wolf

    Co-Registrant: Matt Wolf

    Event Date: 7/20/13

    Location: Bloomington, IN

  505. Registrant: Julia Alvarez

    Co-Registrant: Bobby Martinez

  506. Registrant: Heather Fettig

    Co-Registrant: Sheldon Fettig

    Location: United States

  507. Registrant: Dana Menz

    Co-Registrant: Jordan Menz

    Event Date: 4/29/13

  508. Registrant: Sarah Newport

    Co-Registrant: Luke Newport

  509. Registrant: Amy Kimmel

    Co-Registrant: James Kimmel

    This baby will be a complete surprise with gender! That is just how we like it though, so stock up on all the essentials for baby and if color matters, we are very happy with yellow, green, and brown.
  510. Registrant: Sondra Singleton

    Co-Registrant: Kelly Singleton

    Event Date: 6/1/13

    Location: Murrieta, CA

  511. Registrant: Natasha Bliss

    Co-Registrant: Daniel Bliss

    Event Date: 5/25/13

    Location: Candor, NY

  512. Registrant: Elena Halterman

    Co-Registrant: Josh Halterman

  513. Registrant: Brooke Nuckles Gentekos

    Co-Registrant: Pete Gentekos

  514. Registrant: Dianna Johannson

  515. Registrant: Tiffany dela Cruz

    Co-Registrant: Tyler Tunney

    Event Date: 7/28/13

    Location: Our Lady of Angels Cathedral

    Ella Rae's Baptism Registry
  516. Registrant: Tara Colucci

    Co-Registrant: Jesse Colucci

  517. Registrant: Lauren Rudolf

    Co-Registrant: Michael Rudolf

  518. Registrant: Ali Blake

    Co-Registrant: Adam Blake

    Event Date: 6/22/13

    Location: My mom's house (same city as where my family lives)

    Hi there! Thanks for visiting our registry. If you do purchase from The Green Nursery and plan to attend our Baby Shower on June 22nd, please feel free to ship items directly to my mother's home: 7925 Fontana Street, Prairie Village, KS 66208. The shower will be located at her house, so shipping directly there will keep me (and Adam) from peeking at the wonderfulness you sent us! xo, Ali
  519. Registrant: Kristy Meyer

    Co-Registrant: Wade Meyer

    Event Date: 6/1/13

  520. Registrant: Becky Zingale

    Co-Registrant: Duane Zingale

    Event Date: 5/1/13

    Baby Chloe likes bright colors: turquoise, lime green, purple
  521. Registrant: Holly Muniz

    Event Date: 5/19/13

  522. Registrant: Shaina Stafford

    Co-Registrant: Jeremy Stafford

  523. Registrant: Kim Colgrove

    Co-Registrant: Matt Colgrove

  524. Registrant: Julie Ahdab

    Event Date: 10/25/13

  525. Registrant: Shaina Ault

    Event Date: 6/22/13

  526. Registrant: Allison Wakefield

    Event Date: 7/13/13

  527. Registrant: Jenna Charbeneau

  528. Registrant: Rachel Durnell

  529. Registrant: Samantha Reaume

    Co-Registrant: Bradley Reaume

    Event Date: 7/6/13

    We are doing a cloth diaper raffle!! Bring a cloth diaper gift to the baby shower and you will be entered to win a prize!!
  530. Registrant: Michelle Reilly

    Co-Registrant: robert strahan

  531. Registrant: Kellie Eldridge

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Eldridge

    Event Date: 5/18/13

  532. Registrant: Tameshia Severan

    Co-Registrant: Carl Severan

  533. Registrant: Georgia Gullick

    Co-Registrant: Jason Choate

    Location: Albuquerque and Seattle

    It's a girl!
  534. Registrant: Janelle Pourchot

    Co-Registrant: Chase Sanders

  535. Registrant: Sharon Hanson

    Co-Registrant: Eric Hanson

  536. Registrant: Rowen Gingerich

    Co-Registrant: Ramon Hart

    Event Date: 5/19/13

  537. Registrant: Brandi Blankenship

    Co-Registrant: Christopher Blankenship

  538. Registrant: Rebecca Habing

  539. Registrant: Stefani Chambers

    Co-Registrant: Chris Chambers

  540. Registrant: Jessica Van Dyke

    Co-Registrant: Matt Reba

  541. Registrant: Erika Hintz

    Co-Registrant: Paul Hintz

  542. Registrant: Naomi Goloff

    Event Date: 6/16/13

  543. Registrant: Tracy Bee

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Hicks

  544. Registrant: Heather Rogers

    Co-Registrant: Mark Reas

  545. Registrant: Marley Davis

    Co-Registrant: Cameron Davis

  546. Registrant: Gloria Thompson

    Co-Registrant: Kyle Thompson

  547. Registrant: amanda carter

    Co-Registrant: joshua bryant

  548. Registrant: Alycia Gross

  549. Registrant: Mary Rosario

    Co-Registrant: Sonny Rosario

  550. Registrant: Marlo Dowell

    Co-Registrant: Dylan Glosecki

  551. Registrant: Neeta Query

    Co-Registrant: Dustin Query

    Event Date: 6/23/13

  552. Registrant: Katie Bannon

    Co-Registrant: Justin Stuehrenberg

    The gender is a surprise! We welcome gifts from garage sales and resale shops. Feel free to pick out something not on our registry that you think we'll use. We are also registered on Amazon. Thanks for thinking of us! - Katie & Justin
  553. Registrant: Alicia Hargis

    Co-Registrant: Joshua Hargis

    Location: Greenwood, IN

  554. Registrant: Jocelyn Langford

    Co-Registrant: Christopher Langford

    Location: United States

  555. Registrant: Sarah Colodny

    Co-Registrant: Lester Colodny

  556. Registrant: Crystal Otto

    Co-Registrant: Mark Otto

    Event Date: 8/10/13

    We are excited to welcome Breccan Leland Otto to our family and can't wait to hear his little voice and feel each tiny toe. Thank you Lord for another miraculous blessing!
  557. Registrant: Koren Smith

    Co-Registrant: Justin Smith

    Event Date: 6/15/13

    We plan on purchasing cloth diapers from this website. They are very pricey. Gift certificates towards this would help tremendously! Thank you all!! Love, Koren & Justin
  558. Registrant: Emily Depcrynski

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Depcrynski

  559. Registrant: Vanessa Conner

    Co-Registrant: Adam Conner

  560. Registrant: Ashley Gustin

    Co-Registrant: Nick Gustin

  561. Registrant: Lauren White

    Co-Registrant: Benjamin White

  562. Registrant: Rebekah Hill

    Co-Registrant: Brandon Hill

  563. Registrant: Alice Dermody

    Co-Registrant: Michael Wasser

    Event Date: 6/2/13

  564. Registrant: Dody Terry

    Event Date: 5/25/13

    Location: Columbus, OH

    I am putting this registry together for my grandchild
  565. Registrant: Amber Covarrubias

    Co-Registrant: Alex Covarrubias

  566. Registrant: Trish Brownlee

    Co-Registrant: Steve Brownlee

  567. Registrant: Erica Miller-Neumann

    Event Date: 7/14/13

    Location: Hidden Valley

  568. Registrant: Ellie Pyles

    Co-Registrant: Timothy Pyles

  569. Registrant: Nicole Argento

    Event Date: 7/20/13

  570. Registrant: Katy Sexton

    Co-Registrant: Trey Sexton

    It's a girl!
  571. Registrant: Mindy Gray

    Event Date: 5/26/14

  572. Registrant: Elizabeth Levenson

    Event Date: 6/13/13

  573. Registrant: Danielle Murchison

  574. Registrant: Leigh hardesty

    Co-Registrant: Erik Ulvestad

  575. Registrant: Stefanie Boucher

    Event Date: 6/29/13

    Location: Marion, IN

    We are in the most need of cloth diapers. We have been given a lot of items from friends and family.
  576. Registrant: Lindsey Loeffler

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Loeffler

  577. Registrant: Alaina Nace-Meyer

    Co-Registrant: Neal Meyer

  578. Registrant: Megan Hamilton

    Co-Registrant: Josh Hamilton

  579. Registrant: Christine Wilkie

    Co-Registrant: Ashley Wilkie

  580. Registrant: Laura Farmer

    Co-Registrant: Andrew Farmer

    Event Date: 6/13/13

  581. Registrant: Caitlyn McGinnis

    Event Date: 7/27/13

  582. Registrant: Ruth Anna Chin

    Event Date: 7/20/13

  583. Registrant: Ashley Wykle

    Co-Registrant: Jesse Wykle

    It's a surprise!
  584. Registrant: valerie sexton

    Event Date: 7/13/13

  585. Registrant: tracey mui

    Co-Registrant: paul mui

  586. Registrant: Natasha Devine

    Event Date: 7/20/16

    Location: The Clay Pot Restaurant

  587. Registrant: Celia Fernandez-Sutton

    Co-Registrant: Allen Sutton

    Event Date: 7/14/13

    Location: Our house

    We are looking forward to cloth diapering. We are excited to save money and preserve our environment too!
  588. Registrant: Mariel Simon

    Co-Registrant: Jeff Simon

    Location: TBD

  589. Registrant: Chia Hao Chang

    Event Date: 6/29/13

  590. Registrant: Katrina Scott

    Event Date: 8/24/13

    Location: 103 Lake Crest Drive

    Cloth Diapers, Soft Blankets, Crib Sheets, Oh My! :)
  591. Registrant: Tristra Yeager

  592. Registrant: Samantha Bailey

  593. Registrant: Brooke Mackey

    Co-Registrant: Jeff Mackey

    Location: Bloomington

  594. Registrant: Deborah Scheffer

    Co-Registrant: Daniel Scheffer

  595. Registrant: dana smith

    Co-Registrant: taylor smith

    Event Date: 7/27/13

  596. Registrant: Robyn Sexton

    Co-Registrant: Gerald Sexton

  597. Registrant: Elise Hurst

    Co-Registrant: Josh Hurst

    Event Date: 8/10/13

    We are having several showers, but the soonest one is August 10th and the next day on the 11th.
  598. Registrant: Danielle Ledford-Mosley

    Co-Registrant: Kenneth Mosley

    I really want to cloth diaper. I like the prices they have on this website. We live so isolated, getting to a store is difficult so help me out folks!
  599. Registrant: Bridgette Davis

    Co-Registrant: Nicholas Clark

  600. Registrant: Stephanie Barker

    Co-Registrant: Preston Barker

  601. Registrant: Kristina Crawford Medina

    Co-Registrant: Ben Crawford Medina

  602. Registrant: Madelyn Cerra

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Cerra

    Event Date: 9/15/13

    Location: Louisville, Kentucky

  603. Registrant: James Perea

    Co-Registrant: Alexa Stipkala

    Event Date: 8/3/13

    Location: United States

    Thanks for thinking of us! Feel free to skip the gift wrap and ship straight to us (you know how Alexa is).
  604. Registrant: siri backus

    Co-Registrant: willie backus

  605. Registrant: Leslie Garner

    Co-Registrant: Donovan Garner

    We're also registered at Pottery Barn Kids and Babies-R-Us. Thanks for helping us get ready for our new addition!
  606. Registrant: Stevie Chebahtah

  607. Registrant: Paige Stradtner

    Event Date: 8/10/13

    Location: Jasper, IN

  608. Registrant: Amanda Biggs

    Co-Registrant: Kim Deckard

    Event Date: 7/27/13

    Location: UU Church Bloomington

  609. Registrant: Morgan Adams

    Co-Registrant: Greg Adams

    We are using cloth diapers. Please stick to Bumgenius "Freetime" All-in-ones (AIO) with snaps and Lil Joey for newborns. Thank you!
  610. Registrant: Manpreet Hans

    Co-Registrant: Gurjeet Hans

  611. Registrant: Sarah Maddox

  612. Registrant: Adriana Moreira

    Event Date: 9/7/13

  613. Registrant: Liesl Cruz

    Co-Registrant: Robert Cruz

    Event Date: 10/20/13

    Location: Faith Lutheran Church

    It's a boy! Please join us in praying for Peter Cruz as we joyously await his expected arrival at the end of December.
  614. Registrant: Maria McCaffrey

    Co-Registrant: Jake McCaffrey

    Event Date: 9/22/13

    We will not be using disposable diapers and have already purchased our cloth ones. Please no diapers or diaper rash cream. Thank you!
  615. Registrant: jessica klepper

    Co-Registrant: daniel abreu

    Event Date: 8/3/13

  616. Registrant: Sabrina Bast

    Co-Registrant: Kevin Bast

    Event Date: 10/12/13

  617. Registrant: Anna Foley

    Co-Registrant: Kevin Foley

  618. Registrant: Anne Muller

    Co-Registrant: Todd Blevins

  619. Registrant: Meg Krugel

    Co-Registrant: Tara Krugel

    Event Date: 10/5/13

    Location: Portland, OR

    Thank you for helping us build Baby Krugel's cloth diaper stash!
  620. Registrant: Ashley Turner

    Co-Registrant: Dominic Turner

    Location: United States

  621. Registrant: Brooke Inkenbrandt

    Event Date: 8/18/13

    Location: Salt Lake City, UT

    We plan to cloth diaper baby. We would prefer all in one cloth diapers or one size cloth diapers with inserts.
  622. Registrant: Alana Coddaire

    Co-Registrant: Matthew Coddaire

    Event Date: 9/21/13

  623. Registrant: PRISCILLA DEMESA

  624. Registrant: Laura Patterson

    Event Date: 8/11/13

  625. Registrant: Stephanie Maher

    Co-Registrant: Seth Maher

    Event Date: 7/28/13

    We are going to be cloth diapering this go round, thank you for your support! :) We cannot wait to get started on this new adventure!
  626. Registrant: Elise Hatfield

    Co-Registrant: Robert Hatfield

  627. Registrant: Stela Baker

    Location: Texas and Nevada

  628. Registrant: Rachael McKenna

    Co-Registrant: James McKenna

    Event Date: 10/19/13

  629. Registrant: Julie-Anne Cavanaugh

  630. Registrant: Priscilla Castro

    Event Date: 8/3/13

    Location: San Diego, CA

  631. Registrant: Shasta Roberts

  632. Registrant: Stephanie James

    Vegan, simple toys that make play challenging, natural and reusable baby products
  633. Registrant: Erin Parks

    Co-Registrant: Rodney Root

  634. Registrant: Cassandra Stoops

    Co-Registrant: James Stoops

    Event Date: 10/27/13

    Location: 8 McKay Court, Warwick, RI 02889

    We are so excited to meet this little girl! Jim and I will appreciate any gift, large or small. Thank you so much for thinking of us in this special time in our lives. We love you all!
  635. Registrant: Kate Greemann Corey

    Co-Registrant: Justin Corey

  636. Registrant: geraldine fuentes

    Co-Registrant: victor sanchez

    Event Date: 9/29/13

    Location: pasadena california

  637. Registrant: Amanda Kruk

    Co-Registrant: Mike Kruk

  638. Registrant: Havilah Credle

    Co-Registrant: Bonni Credle

    Event Date: 10/19/13

  639. Registrant: Carrie Bardinas

  640. Registrant: Brittany Olson

    Co-Registrant: Jacob Olson

  641. Registrant: Betsy DeKorne

    We are so excited to welcome Baby DeKorne in Uganda this October! Our greatest need for Baby D is cloth diapers. It is the best system for diapering here and most sustainable. We look forward to using these diapers for years to come. With Love, Betsy, Micah and Baby D
  642. Registrant: James Schwass

    Co-Registrant: Julie Houck

    Event Date: 9/14/13

  643. Registrant: Robert Hathaway

    Co-Registrant: Laura Hathaway

    Event Date: 10/19/13

  644. Registrant: Lauren Wright

    Co-Registrant: Adam Wright

    Event Date: 8/17/13

  645. Registrant: Molly Sturm

    Co-Registrant: Ben Sturm

  646. Registrant: Megan Bartholomew

  647. Registrant: Jaycey Capil

    Co-Registrant: Michael Capil

    essentials only please. gift cards welcome.
  648. Registrant: Bridgette Clare

    Co-Registrant: Aaron Clare

    Location: United States

  649. Registrant: Kelli Emery

    Co-Registrant: Skye Emery

  650. Registrant: kelly arthrell

    Co-Registrant: justin arthrell

    Event Date: 10/13/13

  651. Registrant: Kara Jackson

    Co-Registrant: Bryan Jackson

  652. Registrant: Kristin Delahanty

    Co-Registrant: Sean Delahanty

    Event Date: 9/29/13

    We don't know what we're having, so gender neutral is preferred.
  653. Registrant: Elizabeth Hodgson

    Co-Registrant: Jason Hodgson

    Event Date: 10/12/13

    We are planning to cloth diaper our baby. We are not finding out the sex of our baby until the little one arrives.
  654. Registrant: Claire Prchal

  655. Registrant: Kathryn Ewton

    Co-Registrant: Kevin Ewton

    Location: Mansfield, TX

    Thank you for helping us bless Joanna Grace!
  656. Registrant: Megan LeBaron

  657. Registrant: Kelsey Dennis

    Co-Registrant: Patrick Dennis

  658. Registrant: Leah Lechner

  659. Registrant: Lindsay Armbruster

  660. Registrant: Alexandria Waltein

    Event Date: 10/1/13

  661. Registrant: Ashley Brabson

    Co-Registrant: Brad Brabson

  662. Registrant: Julie Schmoll

    Co-Registrant: Kevin Schmoll

  663. Registrant: Amber Plock

    Event Date: 11/9/13

  664. Registrant: Casey Moore

    Co-Registrant: Geoff Moore