Green Diapering - Cloth Diaper Friendly Childcare Facilities

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What is the Green Diapering Program?
The Green Diapering Program is a collection of daycare facilities in the Bloomington area that are Cloth Diaper Friendly!
How can our Childcare Facility get involved?
It's easy! If your facility accepts cloth/hybrid diapers, please just send an email to asking to be involved.  We'll list your childcare, phone number, and website (when applicable).  If you do not currently accept cloth/hybrid diapers, please contact us, and we'll be happy to come to you with a free demonstration of how easy they have become.  Home childcares are also eligible.
Accepted childcare facilities will receive a window decal like that pictured to the right once approved.
List of Cloth/Hybrid Diaper Friendly facilities in the Bloomington area.

 A2Z Clubhouse  (812) 339-0907  
 Amity Montesorri School    visit website
 Bloomington Child Care  (812) 961-8551  visit website
 Bryan Park Preschool  (812) 961-0904  visit website
 Children's Village Childcare  (812) 355-4881  visit website
 Cozy Corral Daycare  (812) 336-5086  
 Davis Daycare  (812) 325-6290  
 Debbi's Home Daycare  (812) 331-7142  
 Double A Daycare  (812) 876-9984  
 Faith Lutheran Childcare  (812) 334-2209  
 Growing Hearts Daycare
 (812) 876-2700  visit website
 Helping Hannah's Daycare  (812) 333-6426  visit website
 Hoosier Courts Nursery School  (812) 855-1091  visit website
 Hoosier Hills Career Childcare  (812) 330-7730  
 IU Campus Children's Center  (812) 855-0789  visit website
 IU Campus View Childcare  (812) 855-3286  visit website
 Jenny's Place  (812) 333-6613  
 Kid Angles  (812) 333-5639  visit website
 Kozy Kids Daycare  (812) 336-5086  
 Little Luv's Daycare  (812) 825-5225  
 Little Whippersnappers  (812) 825-9980  
 Lori's Little Diaper Dandies  (812) 333-9606  
 Needmore Imagination Station  (812) 279-1288  
 Penny Lane Day Care  (812) 339-3800  visit website
 Playhouse Adventures  (812) 336-2007  visit website
 St. Charles Daycare Ministry  (812) 331-6740  visit website