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Green Nursery Exclusive One Sky Farm Suver Haze

Suver Haze is a hemp flower strain which is quite interesting when it comes to the genetics. Suver Haze CBD Hemp Strain has originated from the Southern Oregon region. Suver Haze is a Sativa dominant hemp strain and descends from a strain called Neville’s Haze.
The breeding of this strain is just as interesting. It was created from a Neville’s Haze male and a Special female, thought to be Krishna’s Special Sauce. From that, the phenotype which had most of the desired characteristics was chosen and the breeders arrived at Suver 8. After that Suver 8 was crossed with ERB and voila! 

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Cary W Mar 18, 2021

Suver haze

Has a sweet, piney scent. What surprised me was the count, seems like there's a lot more in this bag than the other strains I ordered for some reason.

Julie Mar 03, 2021

Super haze

Excellent customer service. When I realized my package had been stalled, I placed another order....In the middle of an ice storm that order was here in 3 days arriving on a Sunday! It leaped frogged the stalled package! Lost package replaced by green nursery after we thought it was missing in action due to ice storm. Both packages arrived same day; one crisp clean priority mailed. The other one looked as though it had been through a war zone. Texas Ice storm adventures and survival. Green Nursery, your customer service is outstanding. Thank you

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