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Silverthorn Farm Wu-5

Wu5 is perfectly suited for those slow and relaxed times where you do not want to go out and party but would rather be on your own or in a relaxed state for a while.
Smells of sweet-gas skunk. Although not as overpowering as some indica strains, the sleepiness can be relatively manageable, allowing you to maintain wakefulness despite the mild drowsiness. Nice high trichome ratio on this indica dominant variety.

Silverthorn Farm Suver Haze

Suver Haze is a hemp flower strain which is quite interesting when it comes to the genetics. Suver Haze has originated from the Southern Oregon region. Suver Haze is a Sativa dominant hybrid and descends from a strain called Neville’s Haze.
The breeding of this strain is just as interesting. It was created from a Neville’s Haze male and a Special female, thought to be Krishna’s Special Sauce. From that, the phenotype which had most of the desired characteristics was chosen and the breeders arrived at Suver 8. After that Suver 8 was crossed with ERB and voila!

Silverthorn Farm Hawaiian Haze

With a name like Hawaiian Haze, you’d better believe this strain packs a pungent punch in the flavor department. Many users immediately pick up on this strain’s fruity flavors, which are highly reminiscent of tropical fruits like pineapples and mangoes. As you take a bit more time to smell this strain, however, you’ll also detect subtle notes of pine, guaiacum, and even a pinch of pepper.

The most pronounced terpene in Hawaiian Haze is myrcene, which shouldn’t come as a shock since myrcene is naturally found in mangoes. Supporting terpenes like alpha-pinene and guaiol add hints of earthy and floral flavors, respectively. Although Hawaiian Haze can’t be classified as spicy, a touch of the peppery beta-caryophyllene is present in this strain.

As for appearance, Hawaiian Haze is known for its thin leaves and light green color. Oftentimes you could also see thin streaks of orange wrapping around a nug of this strain. Once users get Hawaiian Haze into their hands, they often describe it as extremely light and delicate. Hawaiian Haze isn’t reputed for being the densest of hemp strains on the market.

Silverthorn Farm Jupiter Midwestern

The Jupiter strain is big on relaxation. As its main effect, this cultivar was bred to submerge the body in a sense of well-being and restfulness, encouraging better sleep and relaxation. The effects start with the body, unlike most strains that dominate the head before proceeding downwards. The earthy taste of the Jupiter Strain is full and long-lasting, leaving traces of the taste of soil lingering in your mouth long after the drag is done.
This lively, energetic, herbal flavor adds a pleasant twist to the entire experience. Almost reminiscent of spicy herbs like mint, the subtle flavor can be a great way to round off the taste experience, adding another dimension to the otherwise one-dimensional combination of earth and gasoline flavors.

Silverthorn T2

With dominant citrus and fruity flavors, T2 is one of the most flavorful flowers out there. It blends together the taste of berries, cheese, maple, and sandalwood to give you a truly enjoyable experience from that first smell.

Silverthorn Farms - Cherry Blossom

The name of the strain also lends itself to its smell and flavor. The strain smells subtly of cherry an organically grown cherry. It is quite well balanced with the mild musky aroma that it gives off.

The flavor profile of Cherry Blossom hemp flower is a nice and balanced mix of light fruity notes with a hint of earthy tones.

We consider the smell of this one quite relaxing.

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    Pretty good

    Posted by Skye Kaye on 12th May 2020

    I like the Hawaiian haze the most, it's the smoothest