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TAD: Touch-A-Day Baby Welcoming eCourse  

-Developed by Body, Mind & Molly LLC, an expert in healing newborn woes with touch and bodywork.    


What You’ll Receive

Your first 12 weeks include:

  • 84 daily emails, sent to both parents, featuring a short video lesson and the fresh tips and insights described below (See additional info)

  • 6 LIVE group TAD Chats via private webinar

  • Access to the TAD family facbook group to share, support and learn with other parents

  • After your first 12 weeks, you’ll continue to have:

  • Lifetime access to your email lessons and all bonus materials

  • Free re-enrollment for future siblings

  • Membership in the TAD family facebook group


TAD is a wisdom-packed online course and community for new mamas and papas. Chock full of insights and tools, TAD delivers a fresh nurture nugget for you—and your baby—every day for 12 weeks.  Along with big insights into your little peanut, you’ll learn to share the stress-lifting, brain-boosting power of touch with your partner, baby and everyone else you love.  A simple lesson will hit your inbox daily to shed light, guide you through rough patches (you’ve heard about those right?) and brighten each day for you and your baby.  


We’ll explore:

  • How your baby is growing and learning from day one  

  • What you can do to help her thrive

  • What crying really means

  • How you can help him soothe himself

  • What she needs to bond with you, others—and her new home

  • Who you are now as a parent and couple


Plus, you’ll get access to the TAD online community—the nicest people on the internet. Together, we’ll learn much, cheer each other on and bring wise, kind little beings into the world.  




The journey from womb to world is a pretty big deal. Your newborn is bombarded with new sensations constantly—and he doesn’t even know what those floundering arm things are for yet.


Let’s make his transition as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Through TAD, you’ll:


  • Learn simple massage techniques to improve baby’s digestion and sleep  

  • Master care tips for healing post-birth

  • Improve baby’s mobility and range of motion

  • Promote your baby’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development

  • Help your baby learn trust, intuition and even resilience—yes, it can all start on day one!




You too are making a big leap—from partners to parents. TAD will support you with love, patience, knowledge and humor.


The course will help you:


  • Get the magic touch—with bodywork tools to nurture yourself, your partner and your baby

  • Become a DIY healer—with solutions to common post-partum discomforts

  • Develop great parent/child communication—because it starts at birth

  • Decode “Mom brain”—and understand how it actually helps baby

  • Fathom fatherhood—by looking at the unique changes in Dad’s life

  • Stoke the fire—as you rekindle your romance post-baby

  • Welcome other caregivers—in a way that’s comfortable for you and your baby  

  • Head back to work—with a spring in your step




As a TADer, you’ll have access to our private TAD family facebook group as well as TAD Chats, my bi-monthly parenting group. The TAD Chats happen live via webinar and are the place to be when you want to laugh, dish, decompress and solve the riddles of babies and parenting in real time.  


Join us for this virtual nurture whenever you can.


And for pressing questions, please email me. I’ll respond within 48 hours—usually less. In addition, you can always hire me for a one-on-one private Skype session.




Please go at your own pace. The course is designed to work well in just minutes a day but sometimes even those minutes aren’t available. For this reason, all the lessons will be posted to your private TAD membership site and available to you for the lifetime of the program.


If your family continues to grow (yay!), please let me know. Siblings are free so simply email me and I will re-enroll you in the course.




  • Expecting families, beginning in the 3rd trimester

  • Families with a baby up to 4 months old on their TAD launch date (First Monday of each Calendar month)

  • Families who want to make the most of their time with their newborn before returning to work




I can barely express how excited I am to have this course up and running. It’s been a  

“soul project” for me, a gift I’ve wanted to give new parents for so long. It has evolved out of my 16 years of teaching and hands-on experience—and all I’ve learned about what new humans truly want and need. I’ve put my heart into it and will continue to do so every step of the way.  


Allow me to help ease your journey, boost your confidence as a new parent and foster that warm-fuzzy-baby-bliss you’ve dreamed about.  


Let’s do great things together—and make the world a better place, one happy baby at a time.





One time purchase per family, lifetime access.

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