I can't believe it has been a year since I received and reviewed the Itti Bitti Tutto!  And I still love this diaper - more so after a year.  It has become a go-to for grandparents and sitters, and also sees regular use as a nighttime diaper.  We have yet to have a leak or any other issues from it.

itti bitti tutto

The outer is still very soft, though perhaps a little less than new.  The only real complaint I have with the outer is that it collects lint.  Since ours is black, and the diaper goes in the washer and dryer with a bunch of tattered white prefolds, it gets pretty speckled with cotton bits!

The inner is still in perfect condition.  There is no pilling, the edges are still perfectly sewn, and they are soft - and this is the single diaper that hasn't seemed to get stinky when we've had problems with the rest of our stash (I have no idea what to attribute that to?).

It is a lot of pieces to snap in, but the snapping is easier than stuffing pockets, for sure!

A-Train has obviously grown (he's two now!), but the Itti Bitti Tutto fits him really well.  It's worth noting that he is a skinny little thing - there was some feedback that the legs were leaving red pressure marks on chunkier thighs.

itti bitti Bennet


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