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When you ask moms (and sometimes even dads) what their favorite brand of cloth diapers is, the answer usually always varies. Some will say bumGenius, while others prefer GroVia, Rumparooz, or maybe even Fuzzibunz. A lot of moms I talk to rave about the Thirsties diapers. I notice this with a lot of moms who prefer brands that are made in the USA. I've always wondered why there is so much love for this specific brand. I'm going to take a look at the Thirsties Duo AIO, and see if it's really all it's hyped up to be.


Thirsties Duo Front 


One of the first things I noticed when I put the Duo AIO on Monkey is that it's extremely soft. I can only imagine how nice that feels against his bottom when he's wearing it. Another thing that's hard not to notice is how adorable their prints are and how beautiful the colors are. Two of my favorite prints are the Black Bird and the Polka Dance, although their Argyle prints are pretty adorable as well. I also like Storm and Orchid for the solid colors. They're absolutely beautiful.


 The Duo AIO comes in two sizes. Size one will fit 6-18 pounds. I've been told by several people the size one fits newborns really well. (I'll be able to find out for myself once April 2014 gets here!) Size two should fit from about 18-40 pounds!


Luckily it's pretty simple to prep the diaper since there aren't any natural oils to wash off. I just put it in with my other diapers on laundry day. This sometimes works against me though, because when I get a new diaper to prep it always seems to be the day after I've already done diaper laundry. (You know, just like when you put a new diaper on your little one and instantly they poop!) Just like prepping, washing is pretty simple as well. All you have to do is wash the Duo with your other diapers. Whatever washing routine works best for you! You can either line dry or put it in the dryer on low heat. I love the tunnel design the Thirsties AIO has. It speeds trying time up, especially if you like to line dry your diapers.


Monkey Thirsties AIO front 


The diaper I reviewed was the snap closure and I was surprised that Monkey was on the very last snap. It also fits a little snug around his waist. It's supposed to fit up to 40 pounds and he is only about 35, 36 pounds at most. We sometimes have this same issue with other snap closures as well. The hook and loop would work better for Monkey, because sometimes you can get a better fit for chunky babies. You can adjust the hook and loop for a custom fit. It does fit really trim which is nice. Bulky diapers can be an annoyance, especially during the cold months when you need to dress your little one in pants.


 Monkey Thirsties AIO back


I'm a huge fan of AIO diapers. I especially like the way the Thirsties Duo AIO is designed. It's nice and trim, while also being super absorbent. The tunnel design is one of my favorite features, because there's nothing more annoying than waiting for AIOs to dry while the rest of your diapers have been dry for a while. I also like that it comes in two sizes, so you can get the perfect fit on your tiny baby or your big toddler.


As I mentioned, the Duo AIO is extremely absorbent. With monkey wetting a little less heavily at night than he used to, this works great as an overnight diaper. It will definitely work well as a nap time diaper also. For heavy wetters, you can add a bit of absorbency with the way the diaper is designed with the tunnel design as I mentioned previously. Though, with it being a pretty trim diaper, you won't be able to add much under there.


If you're looking for an affordable AIO diaper that works well, you should check the Thirsties Duo AIO out. Other than the snap closure being a little snug on the last snap with Monkey, I really like this diaper. I think it's very great quality, extremely absorbent and my goodness is it soft! It is a nice plus that it's made in the USA if that's on your checklist when you buy a diaper. I would recommend this diaper to anyone looking to try a new AIO who hasn't tried Thirsties yet. You definitely get a great bang for your buck. I suggest the Black Bird print, because my goodness it is just so adorable! (It's definitely on my list of prints to add to my stash!)


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Katie Fender is a stay at home mom to one very active toddler. He goes by Monkey most of the time because of his fascination with climbing all over everything!  Being a stay at home mom, Katie needed to find a creative outlet and hobby so she started her blog A Tale of Fluff. Her obsession with cloth diapers started when she and her husband decided to make the switch when Monkey was a few months old. Her love of cloth diapers led her to being a tester for TGN. Now she has the pleasure of bringing you reviews for diapers at TGN you might be considering purchasing.


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