Last week, we asked for your input as Abby and Scott headed off to the ABC Kids Expo over the weekend. The TGN team certainly made the most of the trip!

If you follow TGN on Facebook or tumblr, then you've likely already seen some of the great new products and improved favorites that will soon be available in the store!

GroVia Bamboo PrefoldsGreen Toys Boats


Brands we know and love:
-wool covers and prefolds from Grovia!
-more Hape toys are on the way!
-Ergo is now forever coming out with new prints and styles! Back in my day (only 4-ish years ago!), you had one style option and one or two (really rather hideous) print options! And, of course, you had to walk uphill 5 miles in it every day. Truly! Bean lived in there and I walked him around the neighborhood to get him to sleep and keep him asleep!
-More Green Toys! I'm so excited to get A-Train a "bope" (boat) just because I want to hear him say "bope!" over and over. He'd probably rather have a "VROOOOOOOOM" (truck).
-I have been loving the brightly-colored Chewbeads my friends are rockin' - more styles are on the way, and even a kids' line!

Apple Cheeks DiapersJellystone Designs Teething Necklaces


New and Future Favorites:
-Jellystone teethers and silicone jewelry - these are so cute! Our family totem is an owl. I'm pretty sure I will require a Jellystone owl pendant!
-Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention
-Apple Cheeks diapers - I'm intrigued. These seem to have elastic in more places than other diapers. Will they fit a newborn and a toddler? Chunky thighs and skinny minis?

And MORE surprises on the way!