Last week was the ABC Kids Expo, where many of your favorite brands revealed new and exciting products. Although most of us were unable to attend this event in Las Vegas, if you were following along on The Green Nursery's Facebook page or Instagram, you could probably feel the excitement coming right through your computer screen! Here's a rundown of all the new things coming to TGN!  


Abby and Scott chatted it up with Jennifer Labit, the owner of Cotton Babies, while checking out the great NEW colors that were released in bumGenius and Flip Diapers. Stellar and Jolly make an awesome addition to the bumGenius rainbow, and will be coming to TGN some time in December. Also be on the look out for Chinese and Indian prefolds from Cotton Babies to hit TGN's shelves soon! 

New BG colors


GroVia also had a couple of gorgeous new colors up their sleeves... they debuted Lotus and Topaz at the ABC Kids Expo! I love all the great color choices available in GroVia diapers, but feel like these two colors were definitely missing from their color palate. I'm so glad to see them added! Both of these vibrant colors will be making their way to TGN next month, come October! 

GroVia new colors

The most exciting news from the expo (at least in my opinion!) came in the form of a brand spanking NEW diaper from GroVia. They shared a sneak peek of the GroVia O.N.E., a one-size all-in-one, which is sure to be a game changer! GroVia is starting a Kickstarter campaign where backers can help fund and be involved in the process of bringing this brand new diaper from an idea to a reality. The prototype gives you the option of snaps or hook & loop... IN THE SAME DIAPER. It also features a snap-in microfiber insert that is channeled to help keep wetness in the center. GroVia has stated they are considering the possibility of offering natural fibers as a snap in option, making it interchangeble, but we shall see! 

O.N.E by GroVia


Rumparooz did NOT disappoint with FOUR brand new prints!! The first round of prints will certainly make old-school gamers excited... Invader and Jeweled look they came straight out of an arcade video game! These fun new prints will be coming to TGN some time in November 2014.  

rumparooz new prints

And now... I give you the most awesome prints of all time (IMO)... Bonnie and Clyde FTW! These two prints are adorable! They feature foxes, owls, and skunks, and if my little guy hasn't learned to use the potty by this December (when they release) you better believe he'll be sporting these prints!  

Bonnie and Clyde from Rumparooz


Thirsties also debuted some adorable new prints with a nautical theme. They even took it one step further by offering a sweet story-book to go along with them. It's never too early to start reading with your little one! There is also talk of a NEW one-size all-in-one, which should make its way to TGN in October! Stay tuned!!

Thristies new prints and products


From the looks of it on Instagram, Abby and Scott had A LOT of fun with the ladies from AppleCheeks! There were glitter tatoos, photobombs... just looked like an all-around good time! It also looks like AppleCheeks will be offereing a size 3 in their envelope covers! Other than that, I really don't know much else about it, so stay tuned for more details! :)

Size 3 AppleCheeks


I have to admit, I said a little cheer when I saw that TWO new fitteds from Bummis would be on the way to TGN! I love fitteds, especially for nighttime, and was really intrigured when Bummis released these two great-looking diapers. First up is the Dimple Diaper. I love the texture of this diaper (at least through my computer screen!). I just looks too cute. Bummis boasts of it as having an incredibly absorbent core, with an additional booster, allowing for leak free nights. I would love to give this diaper a try since it sounds AND looks great, and fitteds are what we use almost exclusively at night. And other great thing? It's a one-size with snaps!! It should fit babes from around 10-30+ lbs. 

dimple diaper

Next up is the ADORABLE flannel fitted from Bummis. It is also a one-size diaper, fitting most babes from 10-30+ lbs. It, too, has snaps if you prefer to let your little one to run around without a cover to either allow for more air to get to his or her bottom, help with potty-training, or if you just want to show off the super cute prints. However, you'll want to use a waterproof cover with this diaper, along with the Dimple Diaper, to keep wetness contained. Bummis makes some great diaper covers, so they've literally got you, well, your baby, covered!   

flannel fitteds

Spray Pal

Who better to make a diaper sprayer than a mom and dad whose business is all about spraying cloth diapers? I can't wait to hear more about the Spray Pal Diaper Sprayer. From the photo, it looks great! I'm sure it will be an amazing duo with the Spray Pal Splatter Shield, and will help to make dealing with number two even easier than before! 

Spray Pal diaper sprayer

BRAND NEW TO TGN: Best Bottom Diapers!

If you love Planet Wise products (as do I!), you'll be really excited about this brand of diapers. Best Bottom Diapers are brought to you by the same husband and wife duo that bring you those excellent wet bags and other great Planet Wise products! I've been interested in trying this brand for a while, but have held out since I'm pretty loyal to TGN, and they didn't carry it. Best Bottom Diapers look like a great cloth diapering system, and they have the most ADORABLE prints!! I'm really looking forward to this brand being a part of TGN!

Best Bottom Diapers

Sakura Bloom

In case you missed it, TGN now has the Sakura Bloom Classic Sling available for sale in an array of gorgeous colors! It is replacing the now discontinued Pure. There are still some Pures left in stock in great colors, so if you've been eyeing one, now's the time to get it because once they're gone, they're gone! But, the REALLY special ones, (like these little beauties below!) will be heading to TGN's brick and mortar store soon and will be available in very limited quantities. If you're local or localish and MUST have one, stay tuned TGN's Facebook page or Instagram for more details.

Sakura Bloom slings


It wasn't just the diapers that got a little makeover with new colors! The ERGOBaby 360 is now available in green! You can carry your baby in four different positions with the ERGOBaby 360, front-inward, front-outward (ergonomially), side, and back-carry. I'm really digging that beautiful shade, and look at that seat! I have the original Ergo, which I use frequently (along with my Sakura Bloom) with my two year old, so I don't need another carrier, but I do want this one!

Green ErgoBaby 360



I love TGN's selection of Miyim stuffed animals! They're made from certified organic cotton, and stuffed with recycled fiber filling, so you can feel good about your little one loving on these adorable lovies! 

miyim kitty and puppy

These incredibly sweet and eco-friendly stuffed toys are already up on TGN's website. It says "Out of Stock", because they haven't arrived yet, but I have a feeling they may be coming very soon. Keep an eye on TGN's Facebook page for updates! 

Miyim fairies

Green Toys

These very adorable NEW Green Toys will be making their way to TGN! Green Toys are my favorite brand of toys for my youngest. He has a nice little collection going and really enjoys playing with them. They are made from 100% recycled milk jugs, and I find them to be very durable! I imagine they will last for many, many years to come, and I hope that one day he'll be able to pass them down to his children. 

new Green Toys

Brand New to TGN: eco - kids!!!

I'm really excited about this brand new brand coming to TGN. Eco-kids is a line of children's art supplies that are made with non-toxic, natural ingredients and come in eco-friendly packaging. With colder temps coming, and his brothers and sister in school, my youngest will most likely be pretty bored this winter. I would love to get him some of these art supplies, especially the crayons! They are rock shaped, so you don't have to worry about the ends breaking off or shapening. They never lose their point, because as the kiddos draw, new angles are constantly being made. I can't wait to see which eco-kids products TGN chooses to stock!


Brand NEW to TGN: Urban Baby Bonnets

Can you say "adorable!" I had never heard of Urban Baby Bonnets until Abby posted about them, saying they would make a great spring addition to TGN. What a cute and functional product! These bonnets protect little ones from sun, wind, and rain- in style! They are totally reversible and have a wide brim, which can also come in handy for mamas who want a little bit of coverage while breastfeeding. I'm really excited to see this great, handmade and USA-made product come to TGN!

Urban Baby Bonnets

Stay tuned for even more great new products to come!! Be sure to follow The Green Nursery on just about every social media platform so you don't miss a thing! 

*Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.



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