Changing a cloth diaper... it may sound intimidating to some, but it's really not much different than changing a disposable diaper! GroVia's philosophy is "the simpler, the better", and that shines through in the designs of their diapers. The GroVia All-In-One's simple, one piece design goes on and off baby just like a disposable! If you're using the GroVia Hybrid option, you can use the shells multiple times before having to change them out... just remove and insert a new cloth or disposable soaker pad. 


diaper change set up

Grovia Hybrid shell with tri-folded GroVia Bamboo Prefold

Besides the great diapers GroVia makes, they all also offer a great line of accessories to make your cloth diapering experience even easier and more enjoyable... 


It's time for a change! After unfastening your baby's diaper, the first thing you'll reach for is a baby wipe... GroVia Cloth Wipes are very soft against baby's delicate skin. They can save families a lot of money, too, since they'll no longer be throwing money away with each wipe!


A job that would take several disposable wipes can often be done with just one GroVia cloth wipe! With cloth wipes, you don't have to worry about picking out a dirty wipe and throwing it in the trash... toss them both in the pail and wash them together! Not only does this make for an easier change, think about all that waste you're keeping out of the landfill by using cloth wipes.


After you've either changed the soaker pad or put a new All-In-One underneath baby, you may consider lining your baby's diaper with a GroVia Bioliner. These natural liners allow moisture to pass through while keeping baby's skin dry.


No need to worry about dunking and swishing or spraying away solids! When your baby soils his or her diaper, simply remove the liner and toss or flush it. (If you choose to flush, make sure your septic system can handle it to avoid any plumbing issues!) These liners are made from renewable Ingeo Fibers and are free of harsh chemicals and perservatives.


Of course, using liners is just an option, not a necessity. If you plan to spray your diapers, you may want to keep some liners on hand for when you may not have your sprayer handy, like when you're traveling away from home.  


Next, you may want to apply a little diaper balm to your baby's bottom. Many diaper rash creams you find at your local supermarket contain petroluem products and are not safe for cloth diapers. Using these creams can cause your diapers to repel moisture rather than absorb, causing them to leak. The GroVia Magic Stick is a diaper balm made with all natural ingredients and is safe for cloth diapers! It's in a convenient twist-up tube, so your hands stay mess free. It helps clear up minor rashes and can also be used as a preventative with each change.


magic stick`


If you feel like your needing a little extra oomph to heal irritated skin even faster, the GroVia Magic Stick Z is the same formula as the original Magic Stick, but with the addition of healing Zinc! It's recommended to use a liner with this diaper balm to protect your diapers, just to play it safe. Yet another great use for those Bioliners! You can use a liner as a barrier between the ointment and your baby's diaper, so when you have to break out the big guns you won't have to worry about build up and the possibility of repelling.   

Once you've changed your baby's diaper, you'll need somewhere to store it until wash day. The GroVia Perfect Pail allows you to store up to three days worth of diapers and holds smells inside where they belong! Just insert a clothes hanger and it hang it from knob or hook, wherever is most convenient for you. The innovative design allows for diapers to simply be dropped in the top of the pail and it closes on its own. When it's time to wash, unzip the bottom and dump your diapers into your washer, then toss the Perfect Pail in to be washed along with them.
perfect pail
Another storage option is using a GroVia Pail Liner to line a diaper pail or 13 gallon trash can. This waterproof pail liner has an elastic cord with toggle that can be adjusted to keep the bag from slipping off. When it's time to wash, it works great as a tote bag! 


The Giveaway

GroVia and TGN are hooking one lucky reader up with all the accessories they'll need to make for an easy change! The winnner will receive a package of GroVia Cloth Wipes, GroVia Bioliners, a GroVia Magic Stick and also a Magic Stick Z, a GroVia Perfect Pail, and a GroVia Pail Liner. Enter via the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway will ship anywhere in the United States. Good Luck!! 

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