Win It Wednesday!

I was given an AppleCheeks Microterry Little Bundle for review.  This includes one Envelope Cover and one Stay-Dry Insert

AppleCheeks are made in Canada.  They are billed as versatile because they are made to be used as a pocket that doesn't need unstuffing, or as a cover.  They are also supposed to contain blow-outs and work well on babies of a wide range of shapes and sizes.  Since A-Train is 2 years old and obviously on solids, I can't really speak to how well they contain blow-outs.  Since he's only one dude, I can say they fit his skinny little legs well but I can't say whether they work on chunkier babes.

First off, I stuffed ours and had my husband put it on A-Train.  He also did the diaper change later and reported back that he was impressed because it was quite wet but all the pee "was, you know, in there."  What he meant was that the material against A-Train's skin was dry.  This is a great attribute for A-Train, since he seems to get a rash almost instantaneously from a wet diaper!

After a wash (during which the insert did come out on its own), I decided to see how the stay-dry insert fared on the outside of the pocket, and how the shell did as a cover.  The result was that it worked, except the insert stuck out the back at first - I just stuffed it back down without taking the diaper off of A-Train.

Then I tried it over a fitted, and was happy with the fit in the back but not terribly happy with the fit in the front.  It worked just fine - I learned long ago to point that penis downward! - but there was a larger gap than with my standard Thirsties cover.

In general, in using them as a cover, I haven't had any problems with them taking forever to dry or smelling like pee.  But I suspect they would start to smell after fewer wears than a Thirsties since they must absorb a some urine in the fleece inner.

So, my verdict is that these are a pretty convenient addition to a stash.  Honestly, they would be my last choice as a cover, but I will definitely use it as such - we have a frequent pooper and often end up short a cover while I do wash (even though we did purchase more covers recently.  It's like A-Train sees a challenge in whatever number of covers we own!).  But these may be my favorite pocket.  I find them easier to stuff than the TotsBots, thought the TotsBots attached insert does make them really convenient and a little less intimidating.

As for the look, I'm a fan of their colors!  I especially love that the new orange diaper (Bean's favorite color) and their elephant print is so sweet.  I'm not really a fan of the way they are finished, with ruffly-looking legs and whatnot.  (I'm sure if I could sew I would have a better name for this!)  But that's wholly my personal preference, and those ruffles might be the source of blow-out containing power - in which case, they are awesome.


The Giveaway

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