When you're new to cloth diapers, one of the tips you hear is to try a variety of brands and styles before going with one certain diaper. When I started out, I was lucky that I chose a good brand of pocket diapers, because I bought twelve of them. Over time I tried three other brands of pockets, but I felt none of those brands even came close to comparing to the first brand of diaper that I built my stash with. 


I had always been curious about AppleCheeks diapers, but never got around to trying them... my stash was complete. I was happy with the brand of diapers I chose, and I didn’t feel the need to buy any more or try a different brand. I couldn’t help but wonder though… was the grass greener on the other side? Well thanks to TGN, I was about to find out!


applecheeks diaper


Before I received the AppleCheeks Envelope Cover, I was a bit confused about what style of diaper it was. I thought it may be a pocket, because I had heard people talk about stuffing it... but AppleCheeks doesn’t call it a pocket, they call it an Envelope Cover. It was a bit of a mystery to me until I got my hands on it. I then realized… it’s both!


As the name implies, the AppleCheeks 2-size Envelope Cover comes in two sizes, size one fitting babies from around 7-20 lbs and size two from 18-40 lbs. There are two rows of snaps along the front of the diaper to adjust the waist, but no rise snaps on this diaper. The two sizes are designed to grow with your baby without the need for rise snaps. The diaper I received to review is a size 2 for my 17 month, 25 lb little boy. 


front of diaper


The outside is flexible polyurethane laminate (PUL) and comes in an array of colors and a few cute prints, including Wingin it, the adorable print I received. I feel like the PUL used in some brands of diapers is stiffer than others. I prefer brands with softer, more pliable PUL like AppleCheeks. It just seems to have more of a stretch to it and I feel like that would be more comfortable for baby.


There is gathered elastic, not only at the legs and back of the diaper, but at the front as well. The feature helps prevent gapping in the front of the diaper. Having elastic in the front of the diaper is great for keeping leaks at bay for tummy sleepers.


The inside of the diaper is completely covered by very soft microfleece, even the leg elastics are covered, so it’s the only thing touching baby’s skin when used as a pocket diaper. Toward the center of the diaper is a nice and wide envelope style opening where you can stuff the diaper with an insert. Because it is at the middle (ish) area of the diaper, it makes it easier to adjust the insert from both sides and make sure it’s flat. Another great thing about this opening… there is no need to unstuff this diaper before throwing it in the wash. The insert agitates out on its own!


wide pocket opening


There are two insert options available from AppleCheeks:


There's a natural fiber option with their bamboo insert. It is a 12” x 15” double layer insert made of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% organic cotton. You can fold the insert in thirds making it a long rectangle (trifold), and either lay it in the cover so that the natural fibers are against baby’s skin or stuff it in the pocket under the stay-dry microfleece lining. Whatever your preference, this diaper gives you the best of both worlds.


You also have the option of a stay-dry microterry insert, which is the insert I received to review. This insert is topped with a stay-dry microfleece lining. This allows you to still be able to have the choice of laying the insert in the diaper or stuffing. When using the diaper as a cover, the white side with the microfleece lining is to be up against baby’s skin. This is very important! The microterry side with the label and red stitching should NOT be against baby’s skin since this type of material can cause irritation. You’ll want to do the opposite when using the diaper as a pocket. Only then is it fine to leave the microterry up because baby’s skin is protected by the stay-dry lining that the insert will be underneath.




When I first put the diaper on my little guy, I wondered, “AppleCheeks… where have you been all of my [baby’s] life??” This is honestly my new favorite diaper, right up there with my go-to! One of the first things I noticed when I put this diaper on my little guy was the great fit. It fits him like a glove.


applecheeks on the bottom

It is also the easiest pocket I have ever stuffed. Some diapers take a bit of effort to get the insert in and smoothed out. That’s not the case with this diaper… stuffing it is a breeze. Even though you can just lay the insert on top of the lining and use it as a cover, it's so easy to stuff that I just go ahead and do it so it’s ready to go. That’s especially helpful when Daddy is changing our little guy. He knows what he is doing, but he sometimes acts like he doesn’t to get out of diaper changes! >:-/ Even if he does end up having to stuff a diaper, the opening on the AppleCheeks diaper is big enough for his hands. There are some diapers I own that if he stuffed, I imagine it would look like he’s the Hulk- hand busting through it out the other side! Haha! Well, we don’t have to worry about that with this diaper.   


Another totally awesome feature is that you don't have to unstuff the diaper before washing it! That is the one and only thing I don't love about my regular go-to diaper... always having to remove a wet, gross insert. With AppleCheeks, we just toss those bad boys in the wetbag! Simple as that. They have agitated out every time! I would have loved to try the bamboo insert. I think it would be great for overnight paired with the microfiber insert. I just might have to get one and see!  


I am so happy I got the opportunity to try AppleCheeks cloth diapers. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks me my opinion. I wish I had tried this diaper when I was first building my stash... had I, this diaper would have been a big, big part of it! 

Have you tried AppleCheeks Cloth diapers? What do you think of them?


*I was given the products mentioned free of charge for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 




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