Hey all! Jordan here today to virtually preach the gospel that is Tots Bots new Bamboozle stretch. It’s a bamboo blend fitted diaper with some pretty serious bragging rights. Most in-the-trenches cloth diapering parents know that a good fitted and cover is a great nighttime solution. However, my experience hasn’t always been great. I’m not a fan of snapping on a diaper and then a cover when you have a wiggly baby, and taking off a soaked snap fitted can be pretty gross. I’m all about quick, easy, and clean. I really liked the way the bamboozle calms those qualms. 
bamboozle and wrap
It is so trim, I was highly skeptical that it would last us long, but the absorbency of the bamboo is substantial. Being so trim, I was able to also add a hemp doubler the first few times we used it (told ya, skeptical) and still not feel like my babes butt was suffocating. I quickly found though that the doubler wasn’t needed, and let my babes butt feel that sweet softness that is the bamboozle on his bare bum.
This diaper has quickly become our favorite nap-in-carrier solution! It does a great job of soaking up and HOLDING all that extra sleep-time stuff, even when there’s added pressure from a carrier. The bamboozles also come in some really fun colors which my big kid seems impressed by.
Aside from the absorbency, my favorite feature of this diaper is the VELCRO! Long gone are the days of un-snapping the snaps of my other fitteds... just the idea of the pee-soaked fabric between my fingers is making me cringe as I type. The velcro obviously eliminates that issue, but the velcro itself is also extremely durable.
Through all the prepping, wearing, and re-washing, my velcro still looks brand new and I feel good about letting my almost crawler cruise around in just a fitted before we do our bedtime routine. No snags, no break-down of the structure, pilling, bending, nada. 
Overall, I think the bamboozle is well worth it's price-point and I'm excited to add a couple more to our ever-growing stash. 
Disclaimer: Although I received this product free of charge, all opinions are my own.