A couple weeks ago, I had a meeting with Abby to get some pictures taken for a future blog post.  She was as sweet and patient as usual as we tried to convince my toddler to be cooperative.  Abby has a genuine love for kids - I'm sure she was a beloved elementary school teacher back in her day, and that they were sad to see her go!

So, this whole time we're trying to get A-Train to cooperate (he didn't), Abby is also calmly telling me about the myriad of planning meetings she has scheduled that week.  She was hard at work for an organization that holds a really special place in my heart and in our local community:  Bloomington Area Birth Services (BABS).  I think there were four or five meetings, about two different events!  In a single week!  


Back to our meeting, where A-Train is pulling at the stand of push toys and really giving it a quality breakability test.  And there's Abby, calmly and sweetly treating my kiddos with respect and showing them around the Plan Toys table of goodies (a barn! a computer!  Oh look!  a garden!) and letting A-Train destroy the store (before it even opened for the day!).  Our meeting is not only about to be a complete failure, but I'm worrying about making her late for her next appointment!

And, in my life as Brea the Lover of BABS, I have gotten numerous emails from Abby about the upcoming BABS Fundraising Breakfast and seen unendingly creative, MTV- and 80's-themed Facebook posts from her about the BABS Gala coming up in January.

This is my favorite part of being a customer at a mom & pop shop like The Green Nursery:  I see that my patronage gives back to things I care about. I get to see the owners embodying the values of their shop:  families, community, the planet.  And, of course, I get great products and have come to trust Scott and Abby's standards (and Abby's sense of style!).

These are real people - who run a business while also spending several hours in a single week volunteering for a non-profit.

I wanted to make sure to give them - especially Abby, as the official BABS board member and attender-of-many-meetings - a shout out.  I am grateful for all those hours you put in!



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