Welcome to the second installment of #fridayfavorites! Today we're talking about a diaper brand that seems to be growing in popularity quickly...

Best Bottoms is a company run by a fellow husband/wife team who also run a cloth diaper store, so we were already intrigued by them. Best bottoms keep it simple with one All-in-two system that seems to please the masses. All-in-two systems are known for their ease and versatility, and BB was definitely not an exception to that rule. Ai2s are the culmination of every popular diapering system with little down-sides, and we #tgnmoms LOVE that!

Best Bottoms

The best bottoms AI2 system specifically is made-up of a one size shell and sized snap-in inserts. Inserts come in a variety of fabric/content options which we love. Stay dry, hemp/organic cotton, and bamboo are options for your daytime diaper, with microfiber and hemp overnight additions available.


A few things about this system stand out at the first use. First, due to the sized inserts, the fit of this system is one of the best I've seen. Pair that with a double gusset, and you could bet money your babies poop is staying contained.
Second, the quality of the shell is noticeable right out of the package. The waterproof PUL is much thicker than anything else I've ever tried. Yet somehow, still breathable.  Finally, they've really figured out a way to pump out some cute prints! It is for sure a rainbow worth collecting.

Double Gussets

All of these things combined, make this my favorite heavy duty (pun intended) diaper! The strength of the PUL coupled with a great fit makes this diaper ready to put in some serious containment work.

What are your favorite features of your best bottoms? Feel free to share!