Disclaimer: I recieved the bumGenius Elemental free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Jeans and cloth diapers. Many a cloth diapering mama will tell you the two don't mix. In fact, my cloth diapered two year old would agree with this at times. If I put a diaper on him that's a little bulkier than his liking with a pair of jeans, he lets me know it bugs him. He points to it and squats! It's his way of saying, "Hey mom, there's a little too much fluff in these pants... get these off me and get me some stretchy pants!" :)  

bg elemental

But not all cloth diapers are bulky! When I pull a pair of jeans out of my son's dresser drawer, I reach for his bumGenius Elemental. This organic cotton diaper is the trimmest diaper in his stash! I've been using this diaper for about six months now, and want to share my thoughts about this ultra trim all-in-one


The bumGenius Elemental is a one size diaper, meaning it should fit most babies from infant to potty-learning with a weight range of 8-35 lbs. It features a 3x3 snap down rise to adjust the sizing from small, medium, and large- allowing it to grow with your baby. My son is 2 years old and around 28 lbs. Keeping the diaper unsnapped on the largest rise setting works great for us, with plenty of room to grow.

elemental on different rise settings



The all bumGenius Elemental comes in many of beautiful colors and from time to time, very adorable limited edition prints (like Osa, the newest addition to the Genius Series which was released yesterday and is available now at TGN!!!!). In the past, when a limited edition print was released you had a good amount of time to scoop one up. Nowadays, not so much. The prints are made in pretty limited quantities and sell out fast, so you've got to be quick on the draw to snag one. If you're more of a solid colors fan, no worries. Solid colors tend to stick around and are much easier to get your hands on!  I love matching my son's cloth diaper to his clothing. It was especially nice when he was an infant. During the warmer months, I would just put a t-shirt and a matching bumGenius diaper and called it an outfit!   


You really can't get much more convenient than an all-in-one! The Elemental goes on and off much like a disposable diaper. There are no inserts to have to keep track of and no need to stuff beforehand. It's all attached and pretty much ready to go! The Elemental has a waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) outer and two three layer 100% organic cotton soakers attached on the inside, giving this diaper six layers of absorbency. The soakers are attached to a flap of PUL at the front and back of the diaper, and are a little longer than the diaper. Because of this, you'll need to fold it slightly before putting it on your child. The soaker pad may seem very long brand new, but once fully prepped it shrinks quite a bit.

inside elemental

Many find folding it in the front works best for a boy, and in the back works great for girls. When it's time for a change, just toss the entire diaper in the wet bag! I love not having to worry about removing a wet insert. 

Washing the Elemental is much easier than other diapers in my son stash. I LOVE natural fibers. I have very hard water, which makes laundering synthetic fibers a little more difficult (but nothing a little Calgon water softener can't fix!). I've had no problems with stink with my Elemental! I wish my entire stash was made from natural fibers. If I could have a do over, I would replace all my microfiber with natural fiber inserts.    


For the quality and convenience of this diaper, I can understand the $24.95 price tag (limited edition prints are slightly higher). As I mentioned before, I've been using this diaper on my son for about six months, and it's still in excellent shape. The photos in this review were actually from yesterday, not brand new! Another great thing about the bumGenius Elemental? It's made right here in the United States!  


The Elemental on it's own makes for a great day time diaper. If I'm using it alone without any additional inserts, it can last us a good 2-3 hours- which is typical for most daytime diapers. The design of the Elemental makes it very easy to customize the absorbency to your child's needs. You can easily tuck a hemp insert, trifolded prefold, or padfolded flat underneath the attached soaker! I particularly like using the Flip cloth inserts with my son's Elemental. If we're heading out of the house, I tuck a Flip Daytime insert underneath the soaker. It boosts the absorbency while still being very trim. For nighttime, I just tuck a Flip Nighttime insert, and it last us all night, leak free!

In my opinion, the bumGenius Elemental has it all... convenience, comfort, customizable absorbency, and it's totally cute! It goes one and off much like a disposable and is trim like one, too! Whenever my son does the point and squat, I know it's time to break out the Elemental. :)

elemental otb

Disclaimer: I recieved the bumGenius Elemental free of charge to facilitate this review.

*Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.



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