Do you blog to share your love and spread the word about cloth diapers, babywearing, breastfeeding, or green living? What better than to partner with a business that represents what you stand for? The Green Nursery now has an Affiliate Program for you!

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What exactly is an Affiliate Program?”

Have you ever written a great post on a product that may have made your readers want to go out and try it for themselves? Did you ever think, “Dang! The Green Nursery should pay me commission…”? Well guess what? Now they do!

The Green Nursery’s Affiliate Program is a super easy way to monetize your blog or website. All you do is display a banner provided to you by TGN on your site. When your readers click on the banner, it takes them directly to TGN’s website. If they follow through and make a purchase you earn a portion of the sale!

How does the Affiliate Program work?”

When you become part of the affiliate program, you get a unique affiliate tracking code. This unique code is then embedded in the banner you place on your website or blog so TGN can track it. If your reader makes a purchase through your blog, you will earn 5% of the sale!

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Why become an Affiliate with TGN?”

The question should be, “Why not??” Not only do you get 5% of sales made through your affiliated link (excluding tax and shipping), you also get beautiful TGN graphics to add to the appeal of your blog or website! Another thing to consider, people come to your website because they want to hear what you have to say. They also may want to get your opinion on a particular product or get your point of view. What better way to build good relationships with your readers than to refer them to a company that you know and trust? You know at The Green Nursery you are going to get excellent customer service, great selection, and super-fast shipping. Why not let your readers in on that too?

How do I get started?”

Just follow these simple instructions to set up your account. Once you get the “go ahead”, you’ll pick a banner embedded with your unique affiliate code and put it on your website. If you have any questions, customer support will do their best to help you through it. Before you know, you’ll be up and runnin’.

Now it’s up to you. Get out there and write some great posts that make your readers want to come back for more. Recommend the products you love and send them to the store you love! Then sit back and let The Green Nursery’s Affiliate Program do the rest. You can track your earnings through your affiliate account, and once you reach $20 or more, send customer support a message and they will cut you a check!

Now let’s test it out! Head on over to my blog at and click on The Green Nursery’s banner. Then, go ahead and go on a little shopping spree, and I’ll let you know if it really works…wink! wink! ;)


*Remember to follow FTC Guidelines for disclosure of affiliated links.'

*Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.

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Stephanie Beck is the mother of a dinosaur expert, a set of twins somehow born 13 months apart, and a wild baby boy. After losing her job as a doctor’s nurse (while on maternity leave) for standing up for her rights to pump at work, she went back to her previous job as a Labor and Delivery nurse. While she was so happy to be back in a job she loved, the newest member of her family could not tolerate being separated from her. He refused to take a bottle no matter what she and her husband tried, and screamed the entire time she was away. She realized as much as her family needed that extra money, her baby needed her more. Now Stephanie is learning to adjust to being a one income household and blogs about her adventures in attachment parenting at She is very excited to be blogging for TGN!