2015 is over. How crazy is that? This was an incredible whirlwind of a year for my family. We had another baby, bought a house, took on new endeavors, and set new goals in both of our careers. At times, the days just felt so busy. I spent a lot of time (okay, ALL my time) tending to the needs of my family and my home, and often I put my own needs on the back burner. The New Year calls for resolutions, and this year, I’m ready to make me a priority. 

First, I need to make taking care of my physical health a priority. It is so hard with small children. It is hard to chisel out the time for exercise, and then to muster the motivation to just start. Isn’t that funny? In my experience, the doing is much easier than the starting. This year, I am making physical exercise a top priority. With the help of a local gym, Teamwork Bloomington, I have gotten over the initial hurdle of starting! As proof, here's a mildly embarrassing picture of me at the gym! If you'll notice, I have both of my hands free to exercise, because they have a lovely childcare room! TWO FREE HANDS. 


I am so grateful to have found a place that I can bring my kids, and take the time I need and deserve to take care of my body. Focus on that word: deserve. Don’t you and I deserve to be healthy? To feel good about how our body looks and feels? I know that after a workout, I feel like I can take on the world. My mind is clearer and more awake, and shoot, with a baby that doesn’t fancy sleeping, that boost in energy is totally worthwhile. I have never been a super fitness-oriented person, so this change in behavior isn’t necessarily easy, but it is already so rewarding.

Another level of making my physical health a priority is drinking more water and watching what I eat. The eating part is more about better planning than anything – taking the time I need to plan our meals and our grocery list to create healthy meals, reduce food waste, and not buy a bunch of what our preschooler calls “junky snacks.” The quest to drink more water is something that I have been working on for some time. One trick that I’ve found helpful is buying a big water bottle! Follow me here, because I realize that statement alone is obvious. I own five Lifefactory water bottles. Yes, five. No shame. I seem to collect three things: lip colors, colorful writing utensils, and water bottles. Go figure. Anyway, among my arsenal of bottles are two 12 ounce bottles, one 16 ounce bottle, and two 22 ounce bottles. I find that when I use the smaller bottles, I refill with the same frequency (or sometimes LESS) that I do when I use the larger bottles. With the bigger size bottles, I am compelled to drink more, partly because there is more to drink at a time, and partly because its heavy and it’s a quick way to lessen the load in my handbag. So, buy a big bottle!

<picture of lifefactory bottles>

Finally, my mantra for this New Year is to stop measuring the success of a day based on what does or doesn’t get accomplished. I place way too much importance on whether my sink is free of dishes, or whether my laundry basket is empty. I can ruin half a day by fretting over these stupid chores. How dumb is that? What a ginormous and unfulfilling waste of energy! There are things that need to get done, sure. But I will not declare the day a failure if, say, I leave the dishes in the dishwasher for the next day.

Those are my resolutions! I hope to make 2016 another fantastic year, and try to keep these goals in mind. Thank you, lovely TGN mamas and papas, for making the online and local TGN community so beautiful. We will cya in the New Year!