Hi TGN friends! Today marks a new day in TGN Blog History: part one of our #FridayFavorites series! I will be filling you in on what my favorite thing is about each of our diapers. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments!
BumGenius (CottonBabies)
Probably the most recognizable name in Cloth Diapers, BumGenius offers an ingenuitive, budget-friendly option for every type of cloth diapering family. BG will always get mad love from TGN, as it really helped our brand take off. Their smart designs and quality make them easy to love. From prefolds and covers to organic AIOs; they've got it all.  #TGNlovesbG
The Original: BGs pocket diapers are likely the most popular cloth diaper. The innovative design helped breathe life back into the Cloth Diaper industry. Having absorbent inserts to stuff into a cozy pocket made cloth diapering a viable option for so many families. For this reason, it'll always be my favorite "go to" option for gift buyers and first-timers looking to "try a few".
FreeTime: Again, BG wins out in design ingenuity with this all-in-one diaper. The dual absorbing flaps makes it easy to adjust your absorbency and get your diaper clean and dry much faster than any other AIO. The FreeTime is my favorite naptime diaper. Quick and easy to put on, and absorbent enough to go the distance.
Elemental: This Organic AIO is one of my favorite BG products! This makes organic diapering affordable for so many families. It also has a pretty great design that makes cleaning and drying much easier than most traditional AIO diapers. So it's no question that this is takes the prize for favorite Organic option.
Flip System: this is cotton babies AI2 system, making collecting all their adorable prints an affordable, efficient goal for many. I love the ease and versatility of an All-in-Two system, but I also love the price point and quality of their simply prefold option (if the inserts aren't your thing). Which is why the Flip diaper is my favorite "collecting on a budget" option.