Do you love bumGenius diapers? Does the 4.0 (their pocket) call out to you most? Maybe you love the convenience of the Freetime AIO. It's possible you're a natural fibers kind of cloth mama (or dad) and prefer the Elemental! Within the last year, bumGenius redesigned their popular Elemental and changed a few features on it. The new Elemental fits bigger babies better, has (in my opinion) much better leg elastic and they got rid of the cotton backing replacing it with just PUL. Some say it looks like a Flip cover with inserts sewn in. For this review, I'll tell you all about the great features, fit and why I love the Elemental!


 elemental propped up


The Elemental has some of the same great features as bumGenius' other diaper styles do. It has the same stretchy tabs which help you get a great fit. It also comes in all the adorable prints and colors as the other styles. If you've noticed, bumGenius just came out with some really adorable new prints! Piccadilly Circus, Top Hat, Jules and Carroll. (The bumGenius prints are like Pokemon for me. Gotta catch 'em all!)


elemental front


The Elemental only comes in snaps, which I just realized while writing this review. (I'm more of a snaps lover, so I don't have many hook and loop diapers anyway.) It's an AIO with organic cotton, so those who prefer natural fibers will love that. With the old style Elemental (OBGE) it had a cotton backing, but they did away with that in the new version which helps make the diaper less bulky. They also changed the leg elastic so it's now encased which is such a huge improvement.



inside of elemental 


Since the Elemental is organic cotton, it needs to be prepped separately from your other diapers to get all the natural oils off. Cotton Babies recommends washing 3-5 times (in hot water) before the first use. This will help the diaper gain maximum absorbency. I personally only washed 3 times before the first use because prepping is my least favorite part about cloth diapers. (I'm impatient and want to get the diaper on my little guy!) For prepping, I put the diaper in with towels and wash on hot with my Rockin' Green detergent so I'm not running the washer for one diaper. After the initial prepping the Elemental can be washed with your other diapers. You don't have to do anything special during your wash/dry routine for the Elemental. I hang dry all of my AIO diapers just because I want to minimize the wear on them. The Elemental dries very quickly while air drying compared to other AIO diapers and even the old style Elemental. After using it a handful of times and hang drying it, it does get a little stiff and crunchy like my fitted diapers. I just toss it in the dryer on the fluff cycle with the fitteds and it's nice and soft afterwards!


I love the fit of the Elemental and is much better than the old style. Monkey is still a pretty big guy even though he's been thinning out. The Elemental has a great fit on him with room to grow. It's nice and trim and doesn't have any bulk. For and AIO, I'm actually surprised how thin it is. I can easily put his jeans over the diaper which has been a huge plus for this winter. As with all other bumGenius styles, it's supposed to fit from 8 to 35 pounds. Chances are it will be a little big for a brand new baby. As far as fit goes, I give it a huge thumbs up. I'm extremely impressed by how nicely it fits Monkey and that's probably my favorite thing about the Elemental. I really think that bumGenius did a great thing by redesigning the Elemental and if I were writing a review for the old one, it would have been a less stellar review.I really love the quick drying time since I do enjoy hang drying my diapers.


4.0 vs Elemental

 Left: bumGenius 4.0                                                         Right: bumGenius Elemental

One thing that's a bummer is how much the Elemental costs. Compared to the Freetime and the 4.0 it seems pricey. However, there are diapers out there that cost more than the Elemental. For me, that's not a deal breaker because I love this diaper. It's hands down my favorite AIO. I thought I loved the Freetime more, but I love that you can add absorbency easily for heavy wetters and how thin the Elemental is.


The Elemental has 6 layers of the organic cotton and this makes for a nice absorbent diaper. It works great when we run errands. I don't have to worry about changing him in between stores because the absorbency is so great. It also works wonderfully during naps which can often be an area of struggle for some cloth diapering parents. If your little one doesn't wet too heavily, it would be a good nighttime diaper. As for heavy wetters, I wouldn't suggest using the Elemental without modification. We used it one night and when I got up to change him, he was so close to leaking. The good thing about the new version is that you can easily add absorbency under the attached inserts. I put a BabyKicks prefold under and it fit perfectly. Of course this makes the diaper a bit more bulky, but that's not a huge issue for a nighttime diaper.


adding prefold to elemental


At first the Elemental was "just another diaper" for me. I wasn't thoroughly impressed with it, but I didn't hate it either. After using it more and more and realizing it had so many great features, it became my new favorite AIO diaper. AIOs are extremely convenient and we all know how much I hate stuffing pockets! They're also great to send to the baby sitter, grandparents and are husband approved! My husband actually prefers our Elemental over our Freetime. (I think the flaps in the Freetime confuse him a bit.) I recommend the Elemental to anyone who hasn't tried it because it's easily a diaper you can fall in love with.


*I received he products mentioned in this review for free from The Green Nursery for reviewing purposes. However, all opinions are 100% my own.


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Katie Fender is a stay at home mom to one very active toddler. He goes by Monkey most of the time because of his fascination with climbing all over everything!  Being a stay at home mom, Katie needed to find a creative outlet and hobby so she started her blog A Tale of Fluff. Her obsession with cloth diapers started when she and her husband decided to make the switch when Monkey was a few months old. Her love of cloth diapers led her to being a tester for TGN. Now she has the pleasure of bringing you reviews for diapers at TGN you might be considering purchasing.



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