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This is a review two years in the making! I ordered my first six pack of bumGenius 4.0 one size pocket diapers from TGN when my little guy was just nine days old. It was the very first cloth diaper I ever used on him... in fact, it was the very first cloth diaper I had seen in real life! To make a long story short, I ended up loving the 4.0 so much that it now makes up the majority of my son's stash. Here's what makes the bumGenius 4.0 such a great fit for my family and why it's such a popular choice for many others...


The bumGenius 4.0 is available in strong, sturdy snaps. I've found them to be durable and long lasting. They also make it more difficult for little fingers to figure out how to take off! The 4.0 features a unique patent pending butterfly closure, with two vertical snaps on both stretchy tabs, making this diaper as simple as using a disposable.


The inside of the 4.0 is lined with soft suedecloth. The lining doesn't absorb, it allows moisture to pass through to the insert and acts as a barrier to give baby a “stay dry” feeling. When you look at the inside of the diaper you'll see that a strip of the same fabric from the outside of the diaper lines the top. This is called a Waterproof Insert Stopper. It prevents wetness from leaking from the front of the diaper, which is particularly helpful for tummy sleepers.

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At the back of the diaper is a nice, wide slot to stuff your absorbent insert. The slot is covered by an overlapping strip of suedecloth, to protect your baby from wetness. If this slot cover was not there, should the insert shift and start to come out of the slot, it would be next to baby’s skin. This feature prevents that from happening.

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The bumGenius 4.0 comes with two microfiber inserts, a lightweight newborn insert, and a larger one-size insert. The one-size inserts has snap-down settings to make it small, medium, or large. Once your baby outgrows the newborn insert, you can use it as a doubler or booster for overnight, or you can use it along with your one-size insert if you have a heavy wetter on your hands.

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The bumGenius 4.0 is a one-size diaper, meaning that it is designed to fit from birth to potty training, with a weight range of 7-35 lbs and up. It features a 3×3 snap down rise, meaning there are three rows of snaps and three snaps in each row used to adjust the rise of the diaper.

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These snaps adjust the size of the diaper from small (8-16 lbs), to medium (17-22 lbs), then large (23-35+ lbs). At 26 lbs leaving the rise setting unsnapped on the largest setting fits my little guy well with room to grow. 

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The 4.0 has a wide slot opening making it very easy to stuff! With other brands of pockets, I struggle to get my hand in the slot, making stuffing those diapers a nightmare! That’s not the case with the 4.0. The insert easily slides in and the diaper is ready to go!

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My little guy was a little over 8lbs when we first started using the 4.0, and while it seemed a bit bulky to me back then (I had never seen a baby in a cloth diaper before), when I look back at the pictures now, it looked perfect! I started out using the newborn insert, and that provided enough absorbency without making his diaper too bulky.

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A tip from bumGenius is to fold down the insert stopper for an extra-small rise. My son’s umbilical cord stump had already fallen off when I started using the 4.0, but had I started sooner, that could’ve helped to accomodate for the his healing belly button. As my son grew, we adjusted the settings, and also absorbency by switching out the newborn insert for the larger one-size insert. It is so nice and trim compared to other cloth diapers we have tried.

One thing I LOVE about the 4.0 is that it has stretchy tabs! As my little guy got bigger, he started to hate lying down for diaper changes more and more. He would, as still does, start squirming and trying to run off. Whenever he tries to roll over before I can get his diaper fastened, I grab the tab and pull it with him to get it secured. This feature also makes fastening the diaper while they are standing up (and trying to run away) easier too!

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I’ve used this diaper day in and day out for quite a while now, and we have we have never had a blowout, even with runny exclusively breastfed poo! The way the casings are rolled out helps keep mess in. I also can probably count how many times we’ve have had any leaks on one hand. I think that’s pretty good considering this is the diaper he wears every day!

We’ve also never had a problem getting through naptime in our 4.0s. For night time, I prefer to use fitteds and covers, but many people have luck using two one-size microfiber inserts at night. Some find stuffing their pockets with hemp inserts, prefolds, or even flats make for a good nighttime solution! That’s the beauty of pocket diapers! You can stuff it with whatever absorbent insert you want.

BumGenius has a great warranty. I have only had an issue with one out of the many 4.0s that I own, when the elastic came unattached prematurely. Customer service offered to fix it for me, but after talking with them, I realized that the elastic is very easy to access! I don’t have the greatest sewing skills and I fixed it by hand in about five minutes, good as new!

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Final Thougths

Although I have tried and loved many different styles and brands of cloth diapers, I always end up reaching for my 4.0’s.They have grown with my son from when he was just a tiny newborn to the big boy he is now becoming.

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Pocket diapers may not be for everyone, but this diaper is the reason I fell in love with cloth diapering. If I had to do it all over again, at the top of my list would be 24 bumGenius 4.0s. The only thing I would change, is that I would have started cloth diapering my first baby, instead of waiting until my fourth!

Disclaimer: I have purchased every single one of the bumGenius 4.0s that I own. All opinions I have expressed are 100% genuine and my own. 

*Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.



Stephanie Beck is a busy mama of four. She enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family. Stephanie started her blog, Apron Strings Attached, because she wanted to share her experiences with raising kids, breastfeeding struggles and success, and cloth diapering. She now enjoys blogging about life in cloth diapers for TGN.

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