Baby carriers are easily on the top of my list for things a new mom NEEDS. But in the passed few years, so many options have come onto the market that it's so hard to decide where your money will be best spent. 
I've spent years and hundreds (gulp, maybe more?) figuring out what makes the most sense for my family. After all my trials and tribulations.. I'm here to share my results: buy the carrier that you WANT. 
Jordan and family
Oh yeah, I'm enabling all over the place today. 
As parents, it's sometimes so easy to forget to do anything for your SELF, which makes caregiving a pinch more difficult. I firmly believe that having a carrier that brings you joy makes parenting a pinch easier. And really, some days we need that pinch.
When I'm struggling through another grocery trip with two kiddos to keep happy, or when I'm up in the middle of the night doing sick-kid laundry; sometimes slipping into my Essential Silk Sakura Bloom Ring Sling makes me feel good enough to channel that last layer of patience or kindness that my kiddos need. 
Baby sleeping in sling
It made me feel better about dressing my post partum body on the days when NOTHING looked the way I wanted it to. 
It's compact enough that I can shove it anywhere so I never have to decide whether or not to bring it.  And honestly, some days I'm just not capable of making one single extra decision or fighting one more internal battle. 
Aside from that, it's functional for my family-rather, NECESSARY, and I LIKE IT. That's enough of a reason for me! It inspires me to carry my kiddo more often which makes both of us happier, I can't imagine a better way to spend money.
Jordan and babe in sling
I carry my baby in my sling because I like it and it makes us happy. 
Not only am *I* worth that, but so are you-Parents of the world! Buy for joy, carry for yourself. No further explanation needed.