Welcome to the second installment of On Wednesdays We Wear Babies, or #OWWWB! This week I'm hear to remind you the holiday season doesn't have to be all chaos, if you  (or your partner) have got a trusty carrier! 
babywearing dad
Pre-holiday shopping shopping is a real thing. Buying for the holidays can get serious, and sometimes extra gear is required. For our house, we can't survive hectic without a good carrier, and what's a better time of year to buy then now? 
This thought comes with a PSA: everyone loves a babywearing dad, especially the baby. 
babywearing dad
This is how our family usually gets shopping done. Dad wears, while I work through the list, and get dad's feedback. It's also a great time for me to get some mama and big time. He so loves helping, and I so love how much babywearing brings our family together. 
babywearing dad
Pictured is both the Ergo and the Tula soft structured carriers as well as the Sakura Bloom silk ring sling that we carry! Also pictured, dads to our awesome babies, Max and Jake! 
Max prefers his Tula because the (soft) structure makes for the smallest chance that I'll find something wrong with the way he's carrying Lennox. I prefer a ring sling because it's versatile, easily adjusted, and will not take up any space if we decide not to wear it.
So as we enter the crazy holiday season that seems so hectic for moms of littles, I bring you the cheesiest reminder: keep calm and carry on! Get yourself or your partner a carrier and spend your holidays quiet and warm, and even a bit more stylish ;)