Stash Storage 1


Last week I gave everyone a peek at all the cloth diapers in my stash. Now I am going to share with you how I store all 50+ of those diapers!

Right after the inserts come out of the dryer and I take the covers off the line, I immediately stuff the pockets. I completely button them up so they store quite nicely. I like to use a color coded system, and keep them alphabetized by brand.
I store them in a dresser with all my pockets in the top drawer, covers in the second, and prefolds and flats in the bottom drawer like so:

Stash Storage 2

Oh wait….I forgot…..I have four kids! Ain’t nobody got time for that! ;)

Well actually, some mamas do! I honestly envy how organized and on top of things they are with their stashes! This is how I DREAM my diapers were stored. Unfortunately in our house, since we don’t have the extra space for a dresser solely dedicated to diapers, our dressers are only for clothes.

Now let’s take a look at how my diapers are REALLY stored:


Stash Storage 3

If you read my post last week, you would know that I have A TON of covers. I stuff all of those covers in the top drawer of a green plastic storage unit. The prefolds are folded up nicely in the middle drawer, and flats are stuffed pretty tightly into the bottom drawer. The pockets are tossed -- and I literally mean tossed -- in the blue tote, along with the Grovias with their inserts snapped in, and the Softbums with their pods snapped in too. I try to have everything in the tote “ready to go,” so that whoever is changing the diaper can just slap it on...well not really “slap”….more like, lovingly put the diaper on my son.
This is the “goal” of my diaper storage, but sometimes it ends up looking a little more like this...


Stash Storage 4

There are some days when I get behind and the diapers wind up staying in the laundry basket. Many times when I sit down to stuff them, my baby toddles over to me and falls into my lap wanting to snuggle or nurse….sometimes my kids want to go swimming and need me to be their lifeguard or go outside and play with them….and sometimes I just simply have better things to do than to sit and stuff diapers! And that’s ok! I can stuff as I go! They are all just going to end up in the same place anyway…back in the washer.

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