Many mamas who use cloth diapers LOVE to talk about cloth diapers! We even have our own language! If you are a newb (new to cloth diapers) and don’t yet speak “cloth diaper”, then you probably don’t yet know what a “stash shot” is. A stash shot is where you take all of your cloth diapers, line ‘em up, and take a picture of them…..Sounds silly, huh? Well if you happen to catch the cloth diaper bug (a strong desire to buy large quantities of cloth diapers), then you too may enjoy checking out other mamas stashes and comparing them to your own! So without further ado, let me introduce you to….


stash shot 2

My Stash

  • 26 bumGenius 4.0s
  • 1 bumGenius FreeTime
  • 1 bumGenius Elemental
  • 2 Grovia Hybrid Shells with 2 stay dry and 2 organic cotton snap in inserts
  • SoftBums 1 Omni Shell and 1 Echo Shell with 1 large Bamboo Pod and one Large Dry Touch Pod
  • 1 Fuzzibunz One Size Elite
  • 1 Fuzzibunz One Size, old style
  • 1 Charlie Banana (my least favorite diaper)
  • 1 Sustainablebabyish Snapless Multi Fitted
  • 6 Flip covers in snaps
  • 4 Flip covers in hook and loop
  • 1 Thirsties Duo cover
  • 3 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps
  • 2 Econobum covers
  • 1 Bummis Swimmi
  • 1 AppleCheeks Washable Swim Diaper
  • One wool cover, made by yours truly! It’s way too big for now though!
  • 30+ prefolds
  • 18 flats
  • 24 Grovia Wipes

I also have a Large Planetwise Hanging Wetbag, Travel wetbag (unsure of brand), Planetwise pail liner, Grovia Magic Stick, and some snappis. I’m sure I forgot something, but this gives you a general idea of what we’re working with.

I didn’t start out with all these diapers at once! During my first couple months of cloth diapering, I only had 12 bumGenius 4.0s and one hanging wetbag. I washed every night and they would be dry by morning. There was even a time or two when I pinned a dishtowel on my son while I was waited for diapers to dry! I also cut up old receiving blankets and used them for cloth wipes. Though I was able to get by with this bare minimum amount of diapers, I definitely recommend having at least 18-24 starting out. If you wash and reuse the same diapers over and over, every day, they won’t last as long as diapers apart of a larger stash. The more diapers in rotation, the less wear and tear you’ll have on them, allowing them to last longer. Slowly I added to my more and more diapers to my stash until I had enough allowing me to wash every other day as recommended. After that, I only bought if I wanted to try something new or seen something too cute to resist.

I LOVE bumGenius 4.o! It was the first cloth diaper I ever tried and it has remained my favorite diaper ever since! I do think I have a bit too many covers but since they are in a large rotation, they should stay in great shape for a very long time! I recently decided to give Softbums a try, and I’m very pleased with the Omni cover! I wish I had tried it sooner! I would have definitely made this diaper a bigger part of my collection. I do want to purchase more pods for my Softbums, but you can also pair them with a prefold (and I definitely have enough of those!).


stash shot 3


I would also love to add some more fitted diapers and wool covers! I feel like those are the two things that are really missing from my stash. Maybe I could sell some of my covers and excess prefolds to fund that little dream! :)

Let’s get to know each other a little better! I would love for you to email me YOUR stash shot to be featured in a future post! Please send one pic, a short description, and permission to use your photo to!

Stay tuned next week when I show you how I store all of our diapers!


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Stephanie Beck is the mother of a dinosaur expert, a set of twins somehow born 13 months apart, and a wild baby boy. After losing her job as a doctor’s nurse (while on maternity leave) and for standing up for her rights to pump at work, she went back to her previous job as a Labor and Delivery nurse. While she was so happy to be back in a job she loved, the newest member of her family could not tolerate being separated from her. He refused to take a bottle no matter what she and her husband tried, and screamed the entire time she was away. She realized as much as her family needed that extra money, her baby needed her more. Now Stephanie is learning to adjust to being a one income household and blogs about her adventures in attachment parenting at She is very excited to be blogging for TGN!