So you’ve got your cloth diapering routine down at home, now you want to head out of the house. How are you going to manage cloth diapering a little one while you are on the go? Well actually, it’s not really that difficult. Just like learning to feed your baby on the go, it’s something new and you have figure out what works best for you and your little one. First things first, you’ve got to prepare the diaper bag…


diaper bag


First off, estimate how long you’ll be out of the house. I usually pack one diaper for every two hours we’ll be away from home, and then add one more. For example, if I was going to be away for approximately four hours, I'd probably bring three diapers. Eventually you'll figure out how many diapers you need to bring with you and come up with your own method of determining how many you’ll need.  



For however many diapers you'll need, bring that many wipes and a couple more for “just in case”. Sometimes I toss them into the diaper bag dry and bring along a bottle of water to wet them as needed, or just wet them in a sink. Other times, I bring the wipes in a baggie and have them pre-moisten. This way is a little more convenient, but I usually end up forgetting to take them out of the bag when we get home.


Changing Pad

I usually pack a designated blanket (some prefer changing pads) with me to lay my son on to keep germs away and also to make it more comfortable for him, especially when we’re having to change him on one of those hard bathroom changing tables. When we get home, I just toss the blanket in the washer.


Dirty Diaper Storage

You'll need to have a waterproof bag to store your diapers in and keep smells at bay. Small zippered wetbags are perfect for this! I keep one attached with a clip to my diaper bag. These would have also came in handy back in the day with my older kids. I used disposables on them, but there were times when I wouldn't be able to throw them away in the trash can, such as the doctor's office. Our pediatrician has signs above the trash can saying must take your diapers with you. I would try to remember to always bring a grocery sack with me to store the dirty diapers until we got home. Also whenever I would change my kids in the car, or somewhere where there weren’t trashcans I would have to store those diapers until we got home. Having a nice, zippered wetbag would have really come in handy.


unpacked diaper bag

Although it may seem more difficult using cloth diapers on the go than using disposables, it really isn’t that much different! You just have to store them until you get home, which is the same sometimes with disposables. What's great about using cloth diapers is that you’re saving money with each diaper you are not throwing away. 


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Stephanie Beck is the mother of a dinosaur expert, a set of twins somehow born 13 months apart, and a wild baby boy. She enjoys being outdoors with her kids, going on walks, swimming, fishing, and yard saling with her hubby. She started her blog, Apron Strings Attached, because she wanted to share her experiences with raising kids, breastfeeding struggles and success, and cloth diapering. She now enjoys blogging about life in cloth diapers for TGN, and also helps out with TGN’s twitter, so if you want to chat about cloth diapers, or just want to say “hi”, go ahead and send her a tweet!