I have a confession…  Not very long ago I ruined, not one, but THREE bumGenius 4.0s. I’m too embarrassed to say how exactly I did it, but let’s just say it was purely operator error.

Let's talk about delamination. Waterproof diapers are typically made from PUL or TPU. Long story short, these materials consist basically of polyester fabric bonded to a shiny, plasticky, waterproof layer. If you turn a diaper inside out, you may be able to see this layer depending on the style. When it separates from the fabric that is called delamination. Once this occurs, the diaper is usually considered done for. That layer is necessary to keep wetness in. My diapers weren't necessarily "delaminated", more like... scorched. But once that waterproof layer is compromised, I would pretty much put it in the same category as delaminated.    


ruined diapers


So what did I do? Throw them in the trash can? Heck no! Even ruined diapers can still be useful!



Swim diaper


Delaminated pockets make perfect swim diapers! You don’t have to worry about the effects of chlorine causing any damage to your diaper. Plus they are usually lined with soft microfleece which will be next to baby’s skin. A swim diaper doesn’t need to be waterproof. All it needs to do is hold in solid waste.


diaper in pool


Chop Shop


Use the spare parts! Is the lining still in good shape? Free fleece liner! Just get yourself a pair of scissors and cut it out. Fleece liners let moisture pass through without absorbing it, giving baby a stay dry feeling. If your little one is sensitive to wetness and you use natural fibers, fleece liners may be a good option.



Diapers for Dolls


I’ll never understand why dolls come with disposable diapers. Even as a kid, it irked me. I had a couple dolls that would drink and wet, and I knew once I ran out my mom was NOT going to buy me any more of those diapers. I would use a wash cloth and wrap it around its bottom like a diaper to catch what my doll would drink. It just makes more sense. Parents have enough expenses anyway. It's hard enough to buy disposable diapers for their kids, why would they want to have to buy sposies for a baby doll?

diaper on doll

My daughter uses my son's cloth diapers on her baby dolls. Now that I ruined a few I can trade her the good diapers she was using for the bad ones and get the good back into rotation. Even if they're not completely waterproof, they should be able to hold what her Baby Alive deals out.



Get Crafty


With the diaper that bore the brunt of the damage, I completely butchered it and made a cloth diaper key chain… a very sad cloth diaper key chain. Which now resides in the junk drawer. I have zero sewing skills and completely winged it. You may be able to find a good tutorial somewhere online. I was going to post a tutorial, but my finished product turned out like this…


diaper key chain

So I decided I against that.



Donate it


Although most Diaper Banks prefer diapers that are in good condition, there are some who will accept diapers that are delaminated or have broken snaps, hook & loop that’s no longer sticky, or shot elastic.  These diapers that may seem useless, but with some repairs may still have some life left in them. You can visit http://clothdiaperbanks.org to find a diaper bank near you.

Have you ever had a diaper delaminate? Did you repurpose it or consider it done for?





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