Disclaimer: Bummis has provided me with the Dimple Diaper free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

A couple of months ago, while I was scrolling along my Instagram feed, I came across a new fitted cloth diaper from Bummis. It was the Dimple Diaper, which Bummis declared to be "the perfect overnight solution." When I first laid eyes on the Dimple Diaper, in all its waffle knit, organic cotton glory, I immediate knew it was one that I wanted to try for my little guy.

Dimple Diaper review

The Dimple Diaper is a one-size, organic cotton fitted cloth diaper. It comes with a removable double-sided booster, which gives you the choice of stay-dry polyester on one side and organic cotton on the other. I hoped that TGN would be stocking it, but those hopes were shot down when I asked and was told here were no plans to carry it at that time. I was truly bummed. It seemed like such a great diaper and everyone seemed so excited about it...   

Then a few short weeks later, Abby and Scott headed to the ABC Kids Expo. I followed along on Instagram, excited to see which new products would be coming to TGN. When the Dimple Diaper showed up on my screen along with the caption:

"While having a blast at the @bummiscloth Booth, we placed our order for the new Dimple Diaper!"

I cheered! I literally said, "YAY!!" My excitement continued when Bummis offerered to send me the Dimple Diaper to review on the TGN Blog! When my fluff mail arrived, I was certainly not disappointed! The Dimple Diaper is so soft, and I love the texture. It's also very trim, which worried me at first. Would this diaper be able to work overnight for my two year old toddler who nurses on and off through the night? 


The Bummis Dimple Diaper is one size, designed to fit kiddos from 10-30+ lbs. I love the fact that I don't have to buy multiple sizes throughout my son's diapering days. It features cross-over waist tabs, and a three-step rise to grow with your child. I have the Dimple Diaper on the medium rise setting for my little guy, who is a little over two years old and 26 pounds. It features great leg elastics and wide back elastics to help contain even the runniest messes. 

Dimple Diaper on baby

I love how trim the Dimple Diaper fits! Because fitteds tend to be bulky, I typically save them for night-time. But the Dimple Diaper is so trim, if I had more I would definitely use it during the day, too! Just remove the booster and it makes for a very trim, yet still very absorbent day time diaper! Since my My kiddo is on the small side, without the booster I do have to move the rise setting down to the smallest setting since there is a little extra room in there. 

As with all fitteds, the Dimple Diaper does a require a separate waterproof cover to keep wetness contained. I find it works well with all of the diaper covers we have. I particularly like using it with the Bummis Simply Lite. The Simply Lite is also very trim, but thanks to it's stretchiness I'm able to tuck all that cotton-y goodness inside. These two paired together are now my favorite overnight solution.  


One of the reasons the Dimple Diaper caught my eye is because of the waffle knit texture. There's just something about it that really appeals to me, and I can't quite put my finger on it... maybe it looks old-fashioned with a modern twist? It only comes in a natural creamy white color, but I think that adds to its appeal. It's a natural, organic cotton diaper, and (at least to me) its natural coloring does a great job representing that. 


Using the Dimple Diaper is a snap! Literally :) I love that this diaper features a snap closure. I have a really hard time keeping tabs on my Snappis or diaper pins, which I need with my snapless fitteds. I'm always losing them and asking my older kids, "Have you seen my Snappi?" With the Dimple Diaper, I don't have to worry that! There's no need to search for something to secure it on my son, and I find that much more convenient. When it's time for a change, this diaper goes on and off much like a disposable.  


Some may see the price of fitted cloth diapers and take off running for the hills, not understanding why they're more expensive than other diapers they've tried. Here's my take on why fitteds cost more than other diaper styles... the thing about fitteds is that the ENTIRE diaper is absorbent. In other cloth diaper styles, a lot of times you'll only find absorbent material in the middle, or wetzone, of the diaper. The Bummis Dimple Diaper is made entirely of organic cotton, and because more of it is used and it is a high quality, more expensive material, the price goes up. 

inside Dimple Diaper

Some may cringe at the $32 price tag, but I cringe at waking up to wet sheets. :) If you are solely choosing to use the Bummis Dimple Diaper (along with a waterproof cover) at night, you may just need two if you wash every other day. Another thing to keep in mind about the Dimple Diaper is that it is one-size. You don't have to worry about buying the next size up as your baby grows. Some of the sized fitteds I have used on my son are nearly the same price as the Dimple Diaper. Having to spend money on just one diaper, and not worring about sizing up, adds significantly to your cost savings.

One thing I really love about Bummis is that all their products are made in North America. The fabrics are made in the United States and it is manufactured in Canada. Their workers are paid a fair wage so that they can afford to buy the products they make. When I buy Bummis products, I know that I'm getting a functional, high quality product that’s worth the price, and my purchase is helping to supporting families at home. 


I think I can best sum up the performance of the Dimple Diaper with this... Last week I had to make a run to the grocery store. The plan was to go in the morning right after I dropped my older kids off at school. As usual, we were running behind, rushing to get out of the house. My little guy decided to sleep, so right before we left, I woke him up to get his diaper changed and his clothes on. I had him in the Dimple Diaper, and since he nursed a few times throughout the night, I imagined it would be pretty saturated. I was very surprised to find that it was completely dry. I got him some breakfast hoping he would do his thing, but when I checked again... still dry. I tried so see if he would go in the potty, but he has zero interest in that right now and refused. I kept the Dimple on him, got him dressed, and we headed out the door.

We were in town for a couple of hours, not getting home until around 10:00 am. After we got the groceries inside, my little guy reminded me it was time to change him with, "I pooped..." and he did. I had completely forgotten that I had the Dimple Diaper on him all night and all morning. I'd say we definitely put the Dimple Diaper to the ultimate test, and boy did it pass! His pants were completely dry, no leaks! The Dimple Diaper paired with the Bummis Simply Lite cover contained everything that he... um, dealt out. :)

simply lite with dimple diaper underneath

I definitely agree with Bummis, for us, the Dimple Diaper has proven to be the perfect overnight solution. It is now my go-to night time diaper for my little guy, and I use it every chance I get. As weird as it may sound, it makes me feel good to have this diaper on him. I don't have to worry about wet sheets, and I know it's comfortable for him. It is so soft, inside and out, and so incredibly absorbent! The Dimple Diaper is one I would definitely recommend, and I would love to have more of in my son's stash.

Disclaimer: Bummis has provided me with the Dimple Diaper free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

*Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.



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