Thirsties Duo Wrap Review

In anticipation of our Woodlands Event, featuring Thirsties and the Sycamore Land Trust, I thought, no time like the present to review the Thirsties Duo Wrap for you all! The Duo Wrap is Thirsties’ version of a waterproof cover. With the cover, you can use a prefold, or any of the great Thirsties inserts, like their Stay Dry or Duo Hemp inserts, or a fitted style diaper. So versatile! For this review, I tried the Duo Wrap with a GroVia prefold, and again over a Sloomb OBF fitted diaper. Here’s my feedback!



Guh. So cute. That was my initial thought, from the moment we unpacked the new collection to the moment I brought my diapers home. SO. CUTE. I think Thirsties totally nailed it with the prints in this collection. The colors and the woodland motif are gorgeous. They actually lend well to the holiday season, without being overtly holiday themed, ya know?

Fit wise – AWESOME. Bear is just about 20 lbs, and 30 inches tall. He’s a tall drink of water, that baby. Thirsties is split into sizes; size 1 fits from 6-18 lbs, and size 2 fits from 18-40 lbs. These size distributions are pretty sweet, because they accommodate teeny babies (size 1 can fit as a newborn cover) and bigger babes, and they have a roomier cut, making them fit great over a fluffier, fitted style diaper. Bear is wearing size 2, on the smallest rise setting and smallest waist setting, and the fit is superb. They are wipe-clean, so I really like using them with a prefold diaper inside, knowing that I can freshen it up with a quick wipe in between changes.

Thirsties also features a double gusset system, meaning there are two rows of elastic in the leg gussets. This feature is a super anti-leak barrier. I’ll spare you more details, but let’s just say that Bear had QUITE the diaper mess the other day (starting solids, BLECH!) and I did not worry for one second that it was going to escape the confines of the double gussets.


(Clearly, the crib is a show-piece... gotta lower that mattess!) 

My final grade: A. Great prints, great performance, great price. Nothing to knock.

Come to the shop this weekend for the Woodlands Event featuring Thirsties, and check out this collection for yourself! Cya there!

**Disclaimer: I received this unbelievably cute diaper for free for reviewing purposes. And then I loved the other prints so much that I bought more. #clothdiapermamaproblems

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