The Green Nursery will soon have another cloth diaper detergent to offer you!  The lovely Laura agreed to try out Eco Sprout detergent to give us a preview.  Laura is fairly new to cloth diapering, and is cloth diapering her four-month-old son.  So far, she has only used Rockin' Green and the sample of Eco Sprout.

Eco Sprout Detergent

She said of the lavender chamomile scent that it smells like summer.  In the middle of a cold and snowy winter, it was "a very pleasant reminder of beach days that seem far away." 

Each brand of diaper detergent has instructions for removing the residue (on diapers and sometimes in the waching machine) from your former detergent.  So Laura followed Eco Sprout's insructions to do a soak to remove residue, and then a regular wash.  While some stains on inserts faded after the soak, the level of cleanliness was very similar to what she is used to from the Rockin' Green.  The diapers came out feeling and smelling fresh, without the lingering scent of the detergent.

She said, "overall, I had a good experience with [Eco Sprout].  I do have to admit I haven't been at this long so my diapers are in good shape, and the only other detergent I have used is Rockin Green so that is all I have to compare it to."

Being a fan of Rockin' Green myself, I say anything that compares favorably is worth a shot!  Laura's sensitive-skinned sweetpea was not irritated by the Eco Sprout, so it might be another option to try if you're dealing with a rash issue related to diaper detergent.

(P.S. Are you now looking for a post about rashes and how to figure out what is causing them?  Stay tuned!)