Greetings! We are coming out of our lazy summer haze and getting back at the blog. We’ve missed this outlet! I’m happy to be back, and just in time to bring you the deets about a brand new product from ErgoBaby.



Ergo will always have a sweet spot in my heart. I have flashbacks to Bee as a newborn, and having this flooding panic about never being able to wash my dishes again because he refused to be put down. After a tear-filled telephone call to my mom, and some emergency shopping and super fast shipping on my mom’s part, my beloved ergo and infant insert arrived at my door. It changed everything. My hands were free, my baby was cozy and held, and my dishes were clean.

In the time since then, our trusty old Ergo has served us time and time again, but ErgoBaby has made new products and big changes on their existing products. The newest addition is just the coolest version of their infant insert: the Easy Snug Infant Insert. Let me break it down for you. The Easy Snug Infant Insert has some of the same features as the original Infant Insert. For example, the new Easy Snug Infant Insert has the same removable pillow bottom, which provides a comfortable boost for your itty bitty. The Easy Snug Infant Insert also features similar padding around the top, serving as almost a pillow for babies head and neck. But, that’s just about where the similarities end. See the front and back comparisons below - the Easy Snug Infant Insert is on the right. Sleeker, right?


The Easy Snug Infant Insert omits the strap that the old version had, that went across the baby’s torso. It also gets rid of the snap-down head support top. It now features two sets of straps that go around the arm/shoulder straps and attach by snaps. This affixes the insert to the actual carrier. WHAT?!! I don’t know why this blows my mind so much. But I guess the idea of having the pieces together seems so streamlined and efficient to me. I am a hyper-organized gal, and I guess looking back, it did seem weird to have to keep track of a separate, free-floating insert.

The top set of straps can be attached on one of two sets of snaps - one set is set closer together in the center, the other is farther apart. ErgoBaby recommends using the closer together set for when baby is brand new, and moving to the farther apart set when baby’s neck gets stronger, and they are able to hold their heads up for more than a few seconds at a time/move their heads side to side a bit. 

Here’s a shot of the carrier on, with the infant insert attached. I *WISH* that I had a baby in it to show you how great it is. I almost called both of the TGN mamas who are on maternity leave, snuggling their newborns, just to bring me a baby to wear. The struggle, y’all.


The Easy Snug Infant Insert is recommended for babies who are about 7lbs, until they are about 4 months old. When baby is a smidge bigger, the removable pillow seat can be used alone, for babies who are too short to sit in the carrier with their legs and knees in the correct M-shape. The pillow can also be removed and the shell of the insert can be used separately, for babies who are tall enough to not need the boost in height, but need additional head and neck support.

The Easy Snug Infant Insert comes in a two colors, natural (ivory/oatmeal-y) and grey, as well as a cool-mesh option for hotter weather (or hotter babies!), also in natural or grey.

I think that the improvements and additions made to the infant insert are worth every penny. I love that the insert can stay attached to the carrier at all times. It’s just such a smart design change. Ergo, you’ve done it again. I will definitely be outfitting our Ergo with one of these bad boys when we have our next baby.