It's getting down to the wire! Christmas is less than two weeks away. If you haven't started your holiday shopping, now is the time to get it in gear. If you're having a hard time deciding on the perfect gift for your loved one, the TGN Staff is here to help! Over the past few weeks members of the staff have been sharing their picks for top gift of 2014. 

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It's now my turn to share my favorite gift. I (Stephanie, Social Media Coordinator for TGN) was given the task of choosing my favorite cloth diaper. If you've been following along with us these last few weeks, you know how this goes... this is the part where I say, "as difficult as it was, we all managed to pick the ONE gift that we thought... yada, yada, yada." :) I'm gonna be honest... as much as I love cloth diapers, I really didn't want this category. I like different diapers for different reasons and to use in different situations, so picking just ONE favorite diaper is hard for me. I've decided to bend the rules a little bit... Instead of just picking one diaper, I am picking my favorite from each style!

Stephanie's Favorite Cloth Diapers

Stephanie with diapers

Favorite Pocket

My favorite pocket diaper is hands down the bumGenius 4.0. This diaper makes up the majority of my stash, and is one I often find myself reaching for. The is 4.0 one-size, meaning this one diaper should fit most children from infant to potty-training. It was the very first cloth diaper my youngest ever wore, at 12 days old and a little over 8 lbs, and it still works great for us at a little over 2 years and 27 lbs.

bG 4.0

When you buy the 4.0, you get a complete diaper (the shell and two absorbent inserts) at a great price. Once your baby outgrows the newborn insert, you can swap it out for the larger one-size insert. The newborn insert can still come in handy as a doubler if you need extra absorbency, possibly for naptime or very heavy wetters. We haven't needed to use it as a doubler, but it's nice to have in case we ever do. The 4.0 has a wide pocket which makes it easy to stuff. Once it's stuffed and ready to go, it goes on and off much like a disposable. It has stretchy tabs, which definitely come in handy when my little guy is trying to run off mid-diaper change! 

Other great pockets at TGN: AppleCheeks, SoftBums Omni, and Thirsties Pocket

Favorite All-In-Two

I'm a big fan of GroVia! The GroVia Hybrid Shell is another diaper I frequently find myself reaching for. It's a one size diapering system. The same shells and soaker pads that fit an infant should still work for that same child throughout his or her diapering days, on up until potty learning. The GroVia Hybrid Shell is waterproof diaper cover, and is available in durable snaps, or hook & loop. One of my favorite features of the Hybrid Shell is that, unlike most covers, it is lined with a soft mesh material, keeping the plasticky waterproof layer of the diaper away from baby's skin. I find this to be more comfortable for my son, and comfort is one of the reasons why I choose cloth diapers for him.

hybrid shell

You have four choices for absorbency in the GroVia Hybrid System- three different cloth soaker pads and a disposable option. The cloth soaker pads are available in an all-natural Organic cotton, a Stay Dry option for babies who may be sensitive to wetness, and a quick absorbing Microfiber. All of the cloth soakers snap into the shell to keep them from shifting. They are backed with waterproof TPU, keeping wetness contained to the soaker pad and keeping the shell dry. Just snap the insert into a shell, and when it's time to change, simply swap out the used insert for a new one and reuse the cover!

The disposable insert, the Biosoaker, is also one-size and is made mainly of biodegradeable and compostable materials. It does not contain plastics or chlorine, and is free of frangrance and dyes. The absorbent core is made from sustainably harvested wood pulp fibers, and contains a minimal amount of SAP gel. There are two adhesive spots at the front and back of the insert to secure it to the shell, and keep it from shifting and bunching. This disposable insert has leg gussets to help keep messes in, and the 100 % natural waterproof backing helps keep the shell clean and dry- allowing the shell to be used multiple times before needing to be washed.

Other great pockets at TGN: Best Bottom Diapers, SoftBums Echo, and Flip Diapers

Favorite All-In-One

My favorite All-In-One is the bumGenius Freetime. It reminds me a lot of the bumGenius 4.0 with one big difference... there's no need to keep track of and stuff it with an absorbent insert- the inserts already come attached! As much as I love my pockets, there are times that I didn't feel like stuffing them. That's where the Freetime comes in handy. They're quick and easy, and I love having a few of these on hand. 

bg elemental

Other great pockets at TGN: bumGenius Elemental, GroVia All-In-One, TotsBots, Thirsties, and newborn all-in-ones

Favorite Prefold

Prefolds and covers are a great way to build up a cloth diaper stash on a budget, and GroVia Bamboo Prefolds are my absolute favorite. They are made from a blend of organic cotton and rayon from bamboo, making them more absorbent and softer than your typical cotton prefold. If using pins or a Snappi intimidates you, or your just looking for a quick changing option, a size 2 GroVia Bamboo Prefold trifolded and laid in a GroVia Hybrid Shell (like an insert) works great for most babies and toddlers! When it's time for a change, just swap out the wet prefold for a new one and reuse the cover! They also make for great burp cloths and cleaning rags. 


Other great prefolds at TGN: Bummis Prefolds, Thirsties Prefolds, OsoCozy, and Simply Prefolds from the makers of bumGenius

Favorite Flats

Flats are the most economical choice when it comes to choosing a cloth diaper style. But just because they're cheap doesn't make them any less wonderful! My favorite flats are Osocozy Flats. I used this brand during the Flats and Handwashing Challenge this year, and loved them! They fit great folded and secured on my son with a Snappi, or simply padfolded into a long rectangle and laid them into a cover like an insert.   


Because they are only one layer and made from natural fibers, they're easy to wash, even by hand! I find my flats are much easier to care for than sythetics with our hard water. They also dry quickly!  

Another great thing about them is that they're extremely versatile. I've used flats for a light blanket for my son in the car, to lay on the grass while I change him, draped over me while nursing, to clean up spills... I could go on and on! I always keep a couple in the car, because you never know when they'll come in handy.  

Favorite Fitted

Fitted cloth diapers have been my favorite nighttime solution for a long time, but as my son getting older and is becoming more of a heavier wetter, they're starting to make their way into our daytime stash, too! I love anything Sloomb, but my absolute favorite fitted would have to be the OBF.

obf fitted

The OBF fitted is made from a blend of cotton and rayon from bamboo, which makes this fitted soft and super absorbent. At night I use it with the included snap-in boosters. Even with my son nursing through the night, I can rest easy knowing that we don't have to worry about waking up to wet sheets! During the day I remove the boosters and just use it by itself with a waterproof cover, which makes it much more trim under his clothing but still very absorbent.

Other great Fitteds at TGN: Sloomb Happy Little Cloud and HLC Velour, Sloomb Snapless fitteds, GroVia Kiwi Pie, Bummis Flannel Fitted, and Bummis Dimple Diaper

Favorite Cover

I love using hybrid diaper covers, both the GroVia Hybrid Shell and Flip Covers, with my flats, prefolds, and fitted cloth diapers. But they're not the only covers I use...  another one of my favorite covers is the Bummis Simply Lite. What I love most about this cover is it's stretchiness! Some diaper covers tend to be stiff, but not the Simply Lite. It's super pliable and trim allowing it to move with my son as he runs, jumps, and climbs on everything in his path. It also is cut to sit below the belly, which I think has to be more comfortable for him.    

 simply lite

Other great covers: GroVia Hybrid Shell, Flip Cover, and Thirsties Covers

Favorite Wool

When you hear someone mention wool as a diaper cover, you may think of itchy wool sweaters that your parents made you wear during your younger years. Been there... and I have the school photos to prove it! Then I found Sloomb and my opinon of wool was completely changed. Sloomb wool is super soft and makes for an amazing cloth diapering option. You may have heard some refer to wool and fitted cloth diapers as a "bulletproof combo." This is true for us! With this combo, my son never has had trouble with leaks! 

Wool is great for day and especially for those who are having trouble with nighttime cloth diapering. Properly lanolized wool resists moisture, forcing the absorbent diaper it's covering to soak up as much as liquid as it's capable of. Once it can absorb no more, the wool takes over and starts absorbing as well. It can absorb quite a bit before feeling even the slightest bit damp! If your wool does get damp, just air dry it. The lanolin actually neutralizes the urine! Since it's self cleaning, wool can go weeks without having to be washed or relanolized! 

wool longies

My favorite wool for this time of year would have to be Sloomb Longies. When you purchase a pair of Longies, you get a diaper cover and a pair of pants all in one! Not only do they look fashionable, they're soft, strechy, and durable- making them the perfect pants for my son to wear and be comforable while playing during the day and cozy throughout the night. 

Other great wool covers at TGN: Sloomb Covers, Sloomb Shorties, Sloomb Underwoolies, GroVia Kiwi Pie Wool covers 

Cloth diapers make a great gift for those who may be curious about cloth or want to build up their stash. Some of the diapers I've mention are available in discounted bundles! If you aren't sure which diaper to go with, let them choose! A TGN Gift Card makes a great gift!

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Disclaimer: The TGN Staff was not given any compensation (other than their normal pay) for sharing their pick. All opinions expressed are genunine and all their own.  

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