GroVia Hybrid

On Friday, I posted five common concerns about using cloth diapers.  Now, five diapers that can make for a cloth diaper convert!  I've matched them up to those same hang-ups.

Concern #1: I don't want to deal with/touch poop (or any other concern, actually)
Solution:  A trial pack

Technically, a trial pack obviously isn't a diaper.  But if you are worrying about what will contain poop best, you need to find out what fits your baby.  TGN has an excellent, customizable trial package that you can return if you aren't a fan.  Try it out, and take a couple weeks to see if you love it or hate it.  You can see for yourself what fits your child, what works with your lifestyle, and what is or is not worth keeping.

Concern #2:  It's expensive!
Solution:  Prefolds and Fitteds

Prefolds are inexpensive, often costing under $2 apiece.  You can layer them or add an insert to increase absorbency for nighttime use.  And, when your kiddos are all our of diapers, they make a perfect subsitute for paper towels.  I'm partial to prefolds because they were my family's gateway diaper.  My husband was a little skeptical, but the money savings was what initially won him over!  Another thing to love about prefolds is that there is no fit to worry about, except of the covers used with them.  And covers are less expensive than a diaper, so trying a few to find the right fit is less painful.  While these rather old-fashioned diapers are not a good idea for a lot of childcare situations, they are a great part of a stash for many families and can be a wonderful diaper to start with while you save up for the rest of your stash!

Fitteds are a bit more expensive, but they do a better job of containing poop within them (rather than poop getting on a cover) and they are still one of the more economical choices.  Plus they are a bit less confusing than prefolds, since they go on like a disposable (it's the extra step of putting a cover on that can be confusing/forgotten).

Concern #3: want to put poop in our washing machine?
Solution: Tots Bots Easy Fit
Tots Bots Easy Fit are a great option to reduce dealing poop in the washer because every diaper comes with a liner.  These diapers also make it easy for anyone to change your baby's diaper because you can pre-stuff them so they become as easy as a disposable.  They can also minimize laundry time because the inserts are attached - no hunting them down in the dryer! Lastly, these fit well on skinny as well as chubby babies. These can be lumped in with pockets, but I think these features set them apart for parents who are undecided about cloth.

Concern #4:  But nobody else is going to be willing to change these!
Solution:  Pockets and All-In-Ones

When we gathered advice from experienced moms about cloth diapering and daycare, they almost exclusively recommended pockets and all-in-ones (AIOs).  AIOs and pre-stuffed pockets create a diaper that goes on and off just like a disposable, but with aplix or snaps instead of tape.

Concern #5: ...we already have trouble keeping up with laundry.
Solution: Hybrid Diapers
Hybrid diapers give you the option of using all-reusable diapering parts, or throwing away the inside.  Some inserts are even compostable or flushable!  You re-use the shell as long as it is clean (not pooped on), so you can be sure to have enough shells that you could throw in a disposable insert on the days you are just terribly behind!  Also, a bit of an aside, but you'd be amazed at how creative you can get when you are mid-load of diaper laundry and the baby just soiled the very last diaper!  I always felt like a magician, making less-desirable, but still functional diapers appear.  Or I just declared it time for the kiddo's tush to get some air!