It's the most wonderful time of the year! Cookies are being baked, stockings are being hung, there's Christmas music on the radio, and stores are busy with folks finishing up their holiday shopping. There's only one week left until Christmas! Are you still trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone in your life? Great gifts are TGN's specialty! Over these past few weeks, all of us at TGN have been sharing our favorite holiday gifts... 

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Our Chief Elf Abby gave each of us the assignment of choosing our one favorite gift from a specific category. With so many great things to choose from, it was not easy to pick just ONE, but we all most of us ;) managed to narrow it down to the ONE item we thought would be the perfect gift this holiday season. Now it's her turn! Here's Abby, Co-Founder and Director of Social Relations and Marketing of The Green Nursery, with what she thinks would make a great gift for any newborn. 

Abby's Favorite Newborn Gift

 abby's pick: Under the Nile Baby Buddy

"My favorite newborn gift was obviously pretty hard to pick.  I mean, my job is to find products I love to share with the TGN customers - so I pretty much love everything we sell.  Do I choose a diaper?  Do I choose a a carrier?  There are so many great and useful gifts for a newborn and their family. 

I couldn't decide what to recommend, so I started procrastinating.  And then, it occurred to me that I needed to think about it differently.  I needed to think about what gifts I held onto and still cherish from when my kids were babies. And immediately I knew that the sweetest gift, toy, and keepsake was: the Under the Nile Baby Buddy.  They are organic, simple, easy to hold, perfect to chew on, and inexpensive.  They were one of our first products in our shop when we opened nearly 8 years ago, so they definitely give me that nostalgic feeling from Christmases past. 

I cherish the two Under the Nile Buddies that I had when our babies were little, and the seasonal Under the Nile Santa Baby Buddy, comes out every year as a decoration now that the kids are 9 and 6.   Which reminds me Mamas, those babies grow up so quickly, enjoy this holiday season and focus on making special memories! Thanks for letting The Green Nursery be a part of your holiday season, it is our honor." ~Abby

The Green Nursery has so many gifts that would be perfect for any baby's first holiday... soft and safe toys, gorgeous swaddles, teethers, carriers, cloth diapers, and more. Gifts that will last for many years to come, and may even be passed down to future generations. The kinds of gifts that bring back cherished memories are the best gifts of all. <3 

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Disclaimer: The TGN Staff was not given any compensation (other than their normal pay) for sharing their pick. All opinions expressed are genunine and all their own.  

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