The TGN Staff Picks continue! We want to help you pick the perfect gift for the mama, baby, toddler, or preschooler in your life, so over the next few weeks we're sharing our picks for favorite holiday gift of 2014! 

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Each staff member was given the task of picking their favorite gift from a specific category. With so many great choices, it was pretty tough to pick just ONE, but we all managed to choose the one item we thought would be the PERFECT gift this holiday season. Today Hanna, one of our wonderful sales associates, shares her favorite swaddling blankets.   

Hanna's Favorite Swaddles 

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"Hands down, my favorite swaddle blankets are the bamboo swaddles by aden + anais. They are so incredibly soft, come in packs of three (which is perfect for having a blanket at home, in the car, and in the diaper bag), and come in beautiful prints/colors (or, if you're boring like me, they have a three pack of plain vanilla-colored swaddles). I have not-so-jokingly mentioned to fellow staff and customers that I would love to buy two packs and sew them all together for a me-sized bamboo swaddle - THAT'S how much I love them. Another favorite feature is that they come in easily gift-able brown box packaging. The bamboo swaddles are a perfect new mama/new baby gift, and perfect for keeping baby warm this chilly winter. Happy holidays!" ~Hanna 

There are a few different swaddles to choose from. The Classic aden + anais swaddles are made from 100% muslin cotton and are available in a pack of four, Hanna's favorite- Bamboo Swaddles come in a pack of three, and the Organic swaddle is available as a single. These blankets are great for both babies and toddlers, and are very versatile.Their extra large size makes them great for swaddling (of course), and also for tummy time blankets, burp cloths, a light weight nursing cover, carseat/stroller covers, and more. Toddlers love to snuggle up with their aden+anais blankies well into their preschool years and even older. And like Hanna, many parents do, too!

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Disclaimer: The TGN Staff was not given any compensation (other than their normal pay) for sharing their pick. All opinions expressed are genunine and all their own.  

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