Christmas is only three weeks away! Whether you're looking for a carrier, cloth diapers, personal care products, or unique toys, you're sure to find something special for your loved one this holiday season at TGN. Having trouble choosing? The TGN Staff is happy to help! We're sharing our picks for favorite holiday gift of 2014. 

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Each staff member was given the task of picking their favorite gift from a specific category. With so many great choices, it was pretty tough to pick just ONE, but we all managed to narrow it down to the one item we thought would be the PERFECT gift this holiday season. Today TGN Operations Manager Claire shares her favorite teether!  

Claire's Favorite Teether

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"My favorite teether is the Miyim Teether Bear. They are a great gift for a newborn because they are adorable, affordable, and organic! They are not only a teether, but also a rattle. These teethers are made with non-toxic filling and certified organic cotton. Something you can feel safe gifting to the new baby in your life." ~Claire 

If you're looking for stocking stuffers, teethers are a great option. They're typically small, allowing them to fit nicely inside, with room for even more goodies. There are so many great teethers to choose from at TGN... there's Sophie- every babies' favorite giraffe, fun silicone teethers from Jellystone, stylish Chewbeads teething necklaces and bracelets for mama, and Claire's favorite, soft knitted teethers!

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Disclaimer: The TGN Staff was not given any compensation (other than their normal pay) for sharing their pick. All opinions expressed are genunine and all their own.  

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