Can you believe it's already Decemeber 1st?! Many families are getting into the Holiday Spirit- decorating the tree, listening to Christmas Music, and trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone in their lives. There are so many great gifts to choose from at TGN! Over the next couple weeks each member of the TGN Staff will share their picks for favorite holiday gift of 2014.

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Each staff member was given the task of picking their favorite gift from a specific category. With so many great choices, it wasn't easy to pick just ONE, but hey- rules are rules. We all managed to narrow it down to the one item we thought would be the PERFECT gift this holiday season. Today Emileigh from Shipping is sharing which toy at TGN she thinks any little girl would love to find under the tree!   

Emileigh's Favorite Toy for a Girl

Emileigh with Tool Set

"As a little girl I always loved building things with my dad tools. So naturally I choose the pink tool set by Green Toys. Not only is it made with 100% recycled plastic but it is BPA free and made in the USA. Tools aren't just for the boys!" ~Emileigh 

There are so many great, battery-free toys at to choose from at TGN. All the toys they stock are eco-friendly, ethically made, high quality, and most importantly, safe for children. Just some of the great brands include:

  • Hape, Haba, and Plan Toys- brands that make eco-friendly and safe wooden toys.
  • Green Toys- a brand that makes all of their toys from recycled milk jugs.
  • Miyim- who make stuffed toys from certified organic cotton, and filled with recycled fiber filling.

All toys you can feel good about your little one playing with. They also offer a Wishlist feature on our website which allows you to add the toys that you want for your child and share with family and friends. That way, the next time Grandma asks what to get the little ones, all you have to do is send her the link!

In case you missed it:

Tabatha's Favorite Carrier

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Disclaimer: The TGN Staff was not given any compensation (other than their normal pay) for sharing their pick. All opinions expressed are genunine and all their own.  

How about you?

What toy from TGN would you love to give to the little girl in your life?