Disclaimer: Bummis has provided me with this Flannel Fitted diaper free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

My son has a nice little stash of fitted cloth diapers that we use at nighttime. They're super absorbent, but quite a bit bulkier than his pockets and all-in-twos that we typically use during the daytime. That's really the only reason I don't use fitteds during the day. But thanks to Bummis, that all changed... I give you, the Bummis Flannel Fitted!

Flannel Fitted

The Flannel Fitted is super trim, super adorable daytime fitted. As the name suggests, the outside is made from flannel, the same receiving blanket material that many parents wrap up their little ones in! It's soft on the outside, and even softer on the inside, which is lined with totally cuddle-able, 100% organic cotton Sherpa- a fabric my son also has lining one of his baby blankets! Seriously so soft... I call it The Baby Blanket Diaper. :)


I love that the Bummis Flannel Fitted is one size. I've never been a fan of having to buy mulitple sizes, especially since fitteds tend to be pricier than other styles of cloth diapers. Like the Dimple Diaper I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, the Flannel Fitted features cross-over waist tabs, and a three-step rise, allowing it to grow with your child from itty bitty to big kid. My two year old, 26 lbs little guy is currently on the medium rise setting with room to grow.  

Snap Rise

The Flannel Fitted is sooo trim! It's just as trim, if not even more trim than my son's usual daytime diapers! I love how I get even more absorbency, without the extra bulk. It even works great with his jeans! It fits well with all of our covers. I particularly like using it with the Bummis Simply Lite- a trim cover with a nice stretch to it.   


The Flannel Fitted is only available in prints, and boy are they cute. It's too bad you have to cover them up! It does require a waterproof cover to keep your baby's clothes and your funiture safe from wetness. I often let my little guy run around without a cover, but I check him frequently to see whether or not he needs changed. 

The thing about flannel is that over time it will most likely fade and get pilly- just as most flannel receiving blankets do. If the pilly-ness bugs you, you can always take a fabric shaver to it to get rid of the little balls. Do at your own risk, though. I'm not sure how this would affect the fabric over time! 

I've also noticed the Sherpa lining can get kind of matted over time, something that has also happened with my son's blanket and the hood of my daughter's coat, which is also lined with this same fabric. It is still very soft! If it bothers you, looks-wise, you can take a stiff bristled brush to it to help fluff it back up. (Do this at your own risk, as well.)

The photos in this post were taken after a few of weeks of use, and I think it still looks good! I always take photos of the diapers I review right away, brand new, but this time I made the mistake of using my husband's phone when my son's Flannel Fitted arrived. I would have used my own, but his takes great photos and mine was almost dead. Unfortunately for me, there was some miscommunication, and hubby DELETED the photos. Mama was not happy, but he felt bad about it, so I didn't give him too hard of a time. I guess it's better this way, so you can see how well it holds up after multiple washings!


For a fitted, you really can't get much more convenient than the Flannel Fitted- the absorbency is built into the diaper. There are no boosters you have to keep track of, nothing to remove or snap in. It's ready to go! I also love that this diaper features a snap closure. Like I mentioned in my review of the Dimple Diaper, I'm constantly misplacing my Snappis and pins. Just snap it on, add a waterproof cover and you're good to go!

inside of flannel fitted


Is the Flannel Fitted worth its $24.95 price tag? I'd say so! It's a highly absorbent diaper, made from quality materials. The fabrics are made in the United States, and the diaper is manufactured in Canada. I find that price is pretty comparable to other fitteds in my son's stash, however with this diaper I only have to buy one! The other fitteds we have are sized, so I would have to spend more money sizing up when he outgrews them. Not something I have to worry about with the Flannel fitted! 


My little guy is becoming more and more of a heavy wetter as he grows. While our pockets and all-in-twos work great for us at home, we've recently been having some issues with leaks while on the go, which I attribute to compression leaking. Microfiber works like a sponge, and once it becomes fully saturated, pressure on the insert (like from sitting in a carseat) can squeeze it out, causing leaks. Whenever we are running errands, we are usually only gone a couple of hours and I expect that I should have to change him before we leave the house and once we get home, and not have any trouble in between. Although that's worked for us for over two years now, it's not really working anymore. 

The Flannel Fitted has been the solution to this problem for us! There is no microfiber in this diaper, only cotton- which not only makes it much easier to clean, it's much less prone to compression leaks. And unlike my son's usual daytime diaper, where only the center of the diaper is absorbent, the Flannel Fitted offers much more absorbency while being just as trim!

 flannel fitted collage

I chose the Flannel Fitted for my son to wear when we took the kids Trick-or-treating on Halloween! We spent a few hours getting in and out of the car, and it kept his costume stayed dry. All treats, and no leaks! :)

For nighttime, I simply add the booster that came with the Dimple Diaper and it works perfectly for us! Even with nursing through the night, we wake up to dry sheets! I've also used it with hemp and (rayon from) bamboo boosters for even more absorbency overnight.      

Overall, I think the Bummis Flannel Fitted is an excellent choice for parents looking for a more absorbent daytime diaper, without a lot of bulk. This is the first diaper I reach for when we head out of the house to run errands, or any occasion when it may be a little while longer than normal before I can change him. It's a trim, absorbent, soft, cute, high-quality, North American-made diaper... in my opinion, it doesn't get much better than that! 

Disclaimer: Bummis has provided me with this Flannel Fitted diaper free of charge to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

*Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.



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