It’s Day Two of Dirty Diaper Laundry’s Flats and Handwashing Challenge! Participants promise to use flat cloth diapers AND wash them by hand for one full week. The purpose of the challenge is to raise awareness and spread the word that cloth diapers are a viable option for families regardless of their budget and whether or not they have access to a washer and dryer.

Today we are showing off our stash shots, which us mamas love to do!

stash shot

Here’s what I’m using for the challenge:





2 dozen Osocozy Flats $18.95 (per dozen) + $18.95= $37.90


5 Flour Sack Towels (which I tie dyed and am using as doublers) $5



 3 GroVia Hybrid Shells $16.95 + 16.95 + 13.56 (third one was on sale)=   $47.46

2 Flip Covers $14.95 + $14.95= $29.90



Grovia Cloth Wipes $10.95 for 12 x 2= $21.90

Snappi to fasten the flats= 2 for $5.75

5 Gallon Bucket with lid= Free, found in our garage

Grand Total for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge= $164.86



My total may seem to be a little on the high end, but this is everything I should need to diaper my baby from infant to potty-training. Since all of the shells I'm using are one size, I shouldn’t have to buy different sizes down the road, saving me money in the long run. Although for tiny newborns, having a few newborn size covers may not be such a bad idea. The weight range on the covers I am using runs from about 8 to 30+ lbs.

There are certainly ways to bring that total waaay down. This is a very comfortable stash for one baby. I could cut down on the number of flats I have, but I would just have to be sure to keep up on washing them frequently so I don't run out. Flour sack towels are typically a little cheaper than birdseye flats. I’m not a huge fan of flour sack towels, although they do work well for some. I am, however, going to put them to use as doublers with my flats for nap-time and nights. You could also use receiving blankets you may already have lying around the house, or cut up an old t-shirt and use it as a flat! My first cloth wipes were actually made from receiving blankets and old t-shirts. My homemade wipes did the job, but once I took the plunge and bought my first set of GroVia wipes, there was no going back. :) 

So that’s it! These are the items I will be using during this week. Be sure to check out my personal blog Apron Strings Attached to find out what I WON’T be using… and I admit, I miss them terribly!!

Also, follow me on Instagram where I’ll share the good, the bad, and the yucky throughout my week participating in the Flats Challenge! (@apronstringsattached) If you’re participating in the challenge, be sure to use the hashtag #flatschallenge and #bringingflatsback so we can follow you too!  :)





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