Disclosure: I have received some of the products free of charge to facilitate this review. Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.


You may have heard of Flip Diapers and know that they make a great diaper cover. What you may not know is that the diaper cover is a part of a complete diapering system that can fit just about any family's needs! Today I'm not only going to talk about this great diaper cover, but also all the absorbency options that the Flip Diapers line has to offer.

flip diaper

First and foremost... the cover.

From the outside, it may look just like your bumGenius 4.0. That's because it's made by Cottonbabies, the same company who makes bumGenius 4.0s, Freetimes, and the Elemental. All of these diapers look similar on the outside... they're all one size, designed to fit your baby from newbie to potty-learning. They all have a 3x3 adjustable snap rise that can be snapped down or left completely unsnapped to grow with your baby.

front of flip diaper

They also all feature Cottonbabies' signature stretchy tabs, and come in all the same great colors and prints. What makes the Flip diaper cover different from these other diapers is what it on the inside. Or rather, what isnt...


The Flip diaper cover is a waterproof shell made of PolyUrethane Laminate (PUL). In more understandable terms, the diaper is made of polyester fabric that is coated on the inside with a plastic-like layer of polyurethane. Since the inside is not lined with any fabric, it's considered a "wipe clean" cover. Between changing out the absorbent insert, you can wipe the cover out and use over and over again. There are waterproof flaps at the front and back that you can tuck your absorbent insert under to help hold it in place. Having a waterproof flap at the front is also beneficial for those tummy sleepers! 

inside of flip

I find this shell to be very convenient. Because of its generous cut, I can pair it with just about anything I want, from flats, to prefolds, to fitteds. I love that I can fold flats and secure them on my son, and have no trouble with coverage. 

Next up, the absorbent inserts. There are actually four different insert options in the Flip System:

Day Time Organic Cotton Insert

Kind of like a flat cloth diaper, the Flip Organic Cotton Day Time insert is one layer of fabric, but instead of being a square, it is rectangular in shape. It is very soft and has a bit of stretch to it, kind of like t-shirt material. Although you won't want to fold it like a flat and secure it on baby, there are different ways you can fold it to add absorbency where your baby needs it. Then simply lay it in the cover and your good to go! 

day time insert

I really like this insert! It's nice and soft. I find it good for daytime use. In the promo photos I've seen online, it looks like there are lines of this insert, like a grid to show where to fold, but there are not. No matter though, you can fold it however you want to customize the absorbency for your baby. 

Stay-Dry Insert

The Flip Stay-Dry inserts are made with three layers of microfiber. Because microfiber shouldn't go next to baby's skin, this insert is topped with a smooth stay-dry micro-suede. The stay-dry fabric allows moisture to pass through it without absorbing, wicking wetness away from baby's bottom.

stay dry insert

I found this insert did a great job for my son. The micro-suede is super soft against his skin. While absorbing a lot, it also kept him dry. One time I had taken his diaper off to put on a swim diaper, and touched the top to see if it was wet. It didn't feel wet at all, but when I check the bottom of the insert just to be sure, it was very wet underneath! Had I not checked the bottom, I wouldn't have known! I'm sure he didn't notice either. He seemed perfectly content and comfortable.

Flip Organic Nighttime Insert

Made from multiple layers of organic cotton, Flip Organic Nighttime Inserts are very soft and very absorbent! Unlike the Day Time insert, the Nighttime has lines on it to use as a grid for folding. It too can be folded a couple of different ways to customize the absorbency for your baby. 

Because of its shape and the lines on it, it reminds me of a prefold, but there are are some differences. Most prefolds have more layers in the wetzone, but the Nighttime insert seems to have the same number of layers throughout. It also is nice and smooth even after multiple washings. Most prefolds have a bumpy, quilted up feel to them. Also instead of just two lines going down longways on most prefolds, the Nighttime insert has two more lines going across it as well. 

night time insert

This insert worked great for my little guy overnight, even with nursing through the night. We never woke up to wet sheets! For very heavy wetters, you could add more absorbency by folding this insert around a hemp doubler or any other kind of absorbent insert. It is on the expensive side, but since it's designed to be a nighttime insert, you really only need a two or three in your stash if you're washing every other day. 


Flip One-Size Disposable Insert

Flips are considered a hybrid system because they also offer a disposable option, which is great for traveling, daycare, using ointments that aren't safe for cloth diapers, or whenever. What sets the Flip disposable insert apart from conventional disposable diapers is that it's made with much less SAP crystals, only 3 grams! It's fragrance-free and dye-free, and the only disposable insert to achieve Oeko-Tex certification. Plus, it's one-size, so no need to buy multiple sizes or worry about baby growing out of it. What works for your newborn, should still work for your baby as a toddler.



disposable insert

I've tried this insert on a couple of occasions just to test it out (I prefer using flats and handwashing while traveling) and am pretty pleased with the performance. If I have noticed when my little guy hadn't been changed in a while, the insert tended to bunch up where it was wet. None the less, we didn't have any trouble with leaks! Another great feature is that you can double them up for overnights. I love that you get the convenience of a disposable, but still get to enjoy the softness and cuteness of cloth. I find this insert so soft to touch, when I really appreciate since comfort is one of the many reasons we choose cloth diapers. 

Flip diaper covers have been a part of my son's stash for a very long time, but I haven't tried the absorbent inserts before doing this review. Had I known how great the Flip absorbent inserts were, I would definitely added them to his stash sooner!

flip cover on baby

Flip cover with Organic Cotton Day-Time Insert. So trim!

The Giveaway

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Disclosure: I have received some of the products free of charge to facilitate this review. Although I am compensated for my time writing, all opinions are 100% my own.




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