My bad!
I brought my brand new, pristine bumGenius Freetime home (given to me by The Green Nursery for the purposes of this review) and checked the prepping instructions.  The packaging informed me that I needed to do a 3-5 hot washes, so in it went with my first hot load:  sheets and towels.  When I pulled the diaper out, the inside was a lovely shade of pale blue.  Oops?  Or yay?

Great drying time
As I waited for my next load destined for hot water, I laid the Freetime out with the absorbent semi-attached inserts splayed.  It dried really quickly!  I have been loving fitteds lately, but they are so thick/layered that they don't always dry on their first run through the drier, and take to finish air drying.  So having the Freetime option when I'm in a bit of a diaper bind will be excellent.

I have said before that I'm not a huge fan of microfiber, but I have no complaints yet (however, I'm only a few uses/washes in) and I know plenty of people who use microfiber diapers for years and have no worse issues with repelling or stinky diapers than I do with my cotton and hemp.  I will say that the inside of this diaper is plenty soft, and that sticky poop came off of it pretty easily!

The fit on my toddler is so trim!  I'm sure these would be bulky on a newborn, with their need to be snapped down to size, but certainly no bulkier than a pre-fold and cover (which is what I used!).  On 2-year-old A-Train, though, it was so trim that he was in even greater-than-usual need of a belt!

I worried a bit about the legs - I'm used to two levels of containment between the inner prefold or fitted and the outer cover- but have had nothing leak out of the Freetime, even with some admirable tests by A-Train!

However, he is well beyond runny newborn poop - so I don't know how these would stand up to a good ol' fashioned blowout attempt!


Ease of use
SO easy.  This is the easiest diaper I have ever used.  No stuffing, no snapping, no searching through the rest of the diaper laundry for parts.  This will likely be the first-choice diaper for daytime babysitters.

It did not pass my standing toddler test, but that could be because I am out of practice; my toddler's preferred method of thwarting diaper change efforts is to sweetly lay down for a diaper change and then kick his legs and flail his arms.

While this was great for most of a morning (the heaviest wetting part of A-Train's day), I don't think I would try it for nighttime use.  It might possibly be fine for A-Train, but he is not a heavy wetter.  You might be able to lay a doubler in, but I'm not sure how much extra it could take before it became overstuffed and gapped (causing leakage).  This is the only downside of the all-in-one design - you can't remove or customize the absorbency.


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