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When I first started cloth diapering, I quickly decided which brands were my favorite and which brands were not so much….

bumGenius 4.0 was my diaper of choice and anything other than a bG 4.0 was subpar. When I got my hands on a barely used FuzziBunz One Size (OS) diaper, I was not too impressed…it was hard to stuff, seemed kind of small, and after trying it a couple of times, it leaked on me.

One day, I was talking to a friend and I asked her if she had ever tried FuzziBunz. She replied, “Oh FuzziBunz…I hate FuzziBunz! They are just way too small on my son…and they leak!!” At that point, I jumped onto the FuzziBunz hating bandwagon, “Yeah, I don’t think I really like them either….”

From that point on, whenever someone would mention that they use FuzziBunz, I would think to myself, “How in the world can you like FuzziBunz?? FuzziBunz are CRAP!”

At first, I put it in the bottom of my son’s diaper bag, just for emergencies. Eventually it ended up in a drawer in his bedroom. Then I finally decided to get rid of it, so I put it on Craigslist. I got a call from a girl who was interested in cloth diapering. She told me she wanted to buy it and we arranged a time to meet up. A short time before we were supposed to meet, she sent me a message saying, “My husband doesn’t think it’s a good idea to spend that much money on one diaper, would you sell it to me for $5?” What?? Five bucks for a diaper that is in excellent condition and has been barely used? FuzziBunz, may be crap, but they sure as heck are worth more than $5! So I politely refused her offer and took the ad off of craigslist.

Although some people may agree that FuzziBunz are crap, little did I know, there are a lot more people out there who actually think FuzziBunz pretty great! I didn’t realize that they also sell sized diapers, called Perfect Size, which a lot of people seem to love as well!

I just didn’t get it!…I tried FuzziBunz, like twice, and it just didn’t work for us..…oh, did I mention, when it did leak on us, I was trying to use it at night?.... With only one insert??..... I think I forgot to mention that….

FuzziBunz 2

Then one day I came across a Fuzzibunz One Size Elite, which Katie reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Hmm….maybe I should try it out! I keep hearing there ARE people who love FuzziBunz…maybe I am missing something! I was pleasantly surprised! The makers of FuzziBunz must have been listening, because everything that bugged me about the old OS, they changed!

The old FuzziBunz OS was so narrow between the legs, it made it a nightmare to stuff! The new Elite is wider making it much easier to stuff not only one, but even both inserts if you wanted to!

FuzziBunz 3

The sizing has also improved. On the old style, you had to adjust the elastic at the top and the bottom of each side. With the new style, it is secured at one end, so you only have to pull and button once on each side! Speaking of buttons, they’ve changed that up too! Used to be, after you sized it, you had to feed the elastic and button through a tiny slit in the fabric so it wouldn’t touch your baby. Now you just pull back the large slot where you stuff it, size it in the opening, and the microfleece fabric now completely covers the elastic and buttons.

 My favorite change is that they’ve made the Elite bigger in general. Unlike the old style, I have no worries that this diaper will last through potty training!

FuzziBunz 4

The website says it can still be sized down to fit babies as small as 7lbs on up to 35lbs. Being that they are so much bigger, I had a hard time believing that, so I decided to test it out. Since there weren’t any newborn babies around, I decided to test it out on Belle, my daughter’s baby doll….

FuzziBunz 5

Looks pretty good to me!

From now on, I will try a new diaper more than twice before I toss it aside! After I started using the old style again to compare it to the new style (which I am a fan of!), I realized the old FuzziBunz really wasn’t so bad! Now, BOTH of these diapers are currently back in rotation, and I wouldn’t mind adding some more FuzziBunz One Size Elites to my stash!

*I have purchased all of the products mentioned in this post. Although I am compensated for my time writing, all of the opinions are 100% my own!  

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