Katie returns once again with a review!  Fuzzibunz recently made some changes, and Katie is reviewing the latest version of the One-Size Elite.

Are you a fan of FuzziBunz diapers? If you answered yes, you probably know they recently changed their design up a bit. It wasn't a major design change, they just made it bigger than their previous design. This was great news for moms with chunky cloth wearers, like mine! The previous design was pretty difficult to stuff because it was too narrow. It also did not fit like a one size diaper at all. So let's see how the FuzziBunz diaper works, shall we?


FuzziBunz diapers have a similar sizing system to the SoftBums diapers. You can adjust the elastic to size the diaper's rise and get a perfect fit on your baby. It's different from the SoftBums because there is a button for size adjustments, rather than a toggle. The unique sizing system allows the diaper to fit from birth to potty training. However, the diaper is rather large, so it might be bulky to put on a newborn. There aren't any crossover tabs either, but there is adjustable elastic in the back which will help you size it smaller. FuzziBunz are pretty sturdy diapers and the snaps are nice and solid.

fuzzi bunz elite

Don't you just hate when you get a new diaper and have to wash it several times for prepping before using it?! Luckily neither the diaper nor the inserts are natural fibers, so there are no special steps in prepping the Fuzzinbunz One Size Elite. Just toss it in with your other diapers and wash it once before you put it on your baby. When washing, you just take the inserts out of the diaper and wash normally with your other diapers and cloth diaper safe detergent. While line drying the shell, I noticed it doesn't take long for it to dry.

This diaper is very trim and has little bulk. FuzziBunz diapers also come with a sizing chart. With Monkey being around 35 lbs, it suggested that the waist and leg elastic should be set to a 2. (To size the elastic you count the holes starting from the end.) I followed the recommendation of the sizing chart and found that I was dealing with some leg gap issues. I had to adjust the leg elastic a few times to achieve the perfect fit. I like that FuzziBunz can fit from newborn to potty training. However, I just could not get a great fit with the leg elastic at first. It definitely took some trial and error to get the perfect fit around Monkey's chunky legs! I prefer the SoftBums when it comes to adjusting elastic. I felt it was much easier with that diaper than with FuzziBunz. I like that this diaper is trim, yet absorbent. It comes with two microfiber inserts that can easily be stuffed in the pocket with the large opening on the diaper.


Usually microfiber inserts don't work well for us because of how heavily Monkey wets, but the two inserts that come with the FuzziBunz are pretty absorbent. The diaper worked great for nap time and I wouldn't have any issues putting it on him when we go out. For nighttime I would replace the microfiber inserts with something more absorbent to prevent leaks. The diaper is large enough that I could even put a prefold inside for nighttime. It's plenty absorbent for a baby who isn't an extremely heavy wetter while they sleep. They're actually some of the thickest microfiber inserts I've seen.

While this diaper has some great features, it's not one of my favorites. I just had a difficult time adjusting the elastic to work for us. I really prefer the SoftBums. However, this is a great quality diaper. The changes they made from their last OS (one size) to this one were such great improvements. The new improved version will definitely fit bigger babies unlike their previous version. If pockets are your thing, I would recommend the FuzziBunz. If you don't like messing around with the adjustable elastic, this might not be your kind of diaper. Don't be too intimidated though; just because it doesn't work for one person, doesn't mean it won't for another. Overall, this is a good diaper and isn't terribly expensive.

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