Locals, great news! There WILL be a Great Cloth Diaper Change in Bloomington, Indiana this Saturday! A couple of months ago TGN sadly announced that they would not be able to hold the GCDC in their new location. The news left lots of local cloth diapering families pretty bummed. The GCDC is such a fun tradition and a great way to spread the word about modern cloth diapers. Luckily, three local mamas- Alyssa Jones, Brandi Stogsdill, and Jessi Randall, have taken the initiative and are organizing what is looking to truly be a GREAT Cloth Diaper Change event for the Bloomington community!

gcdc organizers

From Left to Right: Jessi Randall, Brandi Stogsdill, and Alyssa Jones.

The Bloomington Great Cloth Diaper Change will take place this Saturday, April 18th at 10:30 am at the Monroe County Library in rooms 1B and 1C. The actual "change" won't be until 11:00 am, but this gives participants time to arrive and register before the event.  

The first 40 families will receive a SWAG BAG filled with goodies! Some of items you may find in your swag bag may include: 

  • A little something from Baby Legs
  • Snappi
  • Samples of Thirsties Booty Love
  • Samples from Earth Mama Angel Baby
  • TGN Coupon
  • Coupon from Diaper Dawgs and Buttons Diapers
  • Coupons from local businesses: Sweet Root Doulas, Linna Mugford massage, and Pets Alive. 
  • And more!

 There will also be several DOOR PRIZES! Some up the things up for grabs include:

  • A $100 TGN Gift Certificate!!
  • Adorable homemade cloth wipes
  • Thirsties pocket diaper
  • Thirsties wetbag
  • Surprise gift from Buttons diapers
  • And more!  

Be sure to join the Great Cloth Diaper Change Bloomington Facebook Event Page to learn more about this event and stay up to date on all the details! 

Thanks so much to Alyssa, Brandi, and Jessi for all their work organizing this year's Great Cloth Diaper Change, and for keeping the tradition alive for those in and near the Bloomington area! Learn a little more about these ladies and find out why having a Great Cloth Diaper Change in their community is so important to them:

Alyssa Jones

"The reason I wanted to see the GCDC occur in Bloomington was that I attended last year's event at TGN and had a great time.  I met likeminded parents and learned things about cloth diapers that I didn't know before.  I think cloth diapering can be intimidating, people think they are gross and difficult to use, not to mention "old-school", so they don't use them.  The GCDC raises awareness not only about how cloth diapering can positively affect our world, but how easy they are to use.  It's also great to see a sampling of how many people use cloth diapers and how diverse we as a group really are.  It's not only "crunchy" moms and dads!"

"I am a mother of one, I have been using cloth diapers for 15 months now.  I knew cloth diapers existed and decided to do a little research when I was pregnant.  I choose to cloth diaper because I believe they are healthier for my baby and the environment than mainstream dispoables, and I could not afford healthier non-toxic disposables.  Cloth diapers are pretty, easy to use, and cost-effective in the long run.  They can last through multiple children and they can be resold to recoup some of the expense of initial purchase. There are many reason to use cloth, and those are some of mine." 


Brandi Stogsdill

"I'm Brandi a first time mom with a 7 month old. I had never heard of the GCDC until a couple of months ago when I discovered there wasn't a local event. I was excited to jump on board to help organize an event. I want to help normalize and encourage the use of cloth diapers!"

"I wanted to use cloth long before I found out I was pregnant (I'm a little on the crunchy side and a lot of bit on the frugal side.) but living on an apartment without a washer discouraged me. When a friend offered to sell me her used stash at a hefty discount I decided it was a sign I should use cloth. Despite having to handwash I love cloth! Everytime I change a cloth diaper I hear a little caching sound in my head that reminds me I just saved 14-50 cents (depending on disposable brand) and put less waste into the landfill."


Jessi Randall 

"This event is important to me because I think that there's a lot of misinformation about cloth.  For me, it's about economics. I wanted to be home with my girls and with my first, we spent so much on diapers, it's crazy!  I was able to build a nice stash before our second was born for a very reasonable cost and they will also be used for future babies, and it's a huge weight off my shoulders!  I think a lot of lower income moms might think it's out of their range because the initial investment seems so steep.  It's just a bonus that they're environmentally friendly!  And, while not necessarily the case in Bloomington, I think some people just don't know it's an option.  I'm from a pretty rural area in Kentucky where cloth is not available except via the Internet and there's just a lack of awareness of it."

"As far as me, I'm a SAHM to two girls both of whom are currently in cloth.  I'm also very thrifty, which is how my love affair with cloth started - but let's be honest, they're also stupidly cute!"

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