Last week was not so great at my house. My entire family came down with a pretty bad flu bug/stomach virus. Unfortunately, it was the gift that kept on giving. :( We passed it to each other, one right after the other. Some of us more than once! Although it was miserable week and a half, having multiple sick children and being ill myself, there were five cloth diapering accessories that made dealing with the flu a little more bearable...  

five accessories

1.) Prefolds

I will never, ever, ever get rid of my son's prefolds. This is not the first time I've relied on prefolds during illness, and it definitely won't be the last! You may have heard that prefolds make for great burp cloths, well they're also great for catching those unexpected up chucks, for lack of a better term.

Prefolds are made up of multiple layers of fabric sewn together, which makes them very absorbent. After your sickie has thrown up the first time and gets most of what's inside their bellies out, a lot of time they'll have dry heaves. And while you think there can't be much left in there, sometimes something does come up. Prefolds are great for catching this!

My youngest in particular threw up a lot when he was struck with the bug. I can't even tell you how many prefolds I had in bed with us! It was a lot. I've been puked on before in the middle of the night, and I wanted to be ready for it! When I could feel him start to wretch, I would roll him to the side or lift him up grab a prefold to hold under his chin to catch it. We do keep a bucket on standby, but sometimes it gets pushed out of reach. Prefolds are comfy to lay on, so we can always be sure to have one easily accessible if we can't grab the bucket in time.  

2.) Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes definitely came in handy for us during this stomach bug, and for two very different uses. One way we utilized our cloth wipes was as a way to give the kids relief for their fevers and headaches.  I just wet them with cold water and folded them in thirds. They are the perfect size for their little foreheads.

And of course the other, more obvious use for cloth wipes was for wiping booties. Only this time it wasn't just for the baby's booty... my oldest complained about his bottom being sore, and using paper toilet paper to wipe was not helping. Using wet, cold cloth wipes was much more comfortable for him. Obviously we kept and washed the wipes used on their heads and the wipes used on their booties separate! That brings us to the next accessory...

3.) Wet Bags

I hung a zippered wet bag from the bathroom door so when my kids wiped with the cloth wipes, they could just toss them inside. I also used them for storing prefolds, blankets, and clothing that had gotten throw up on them or been used to clean it up. It made me feel much better keeping all that laundry confined and zipped up inside the wet bag and not out in the open in our hamper until it was time to wash.   

4.) Diaper Sprayer

If you are on the fence about getting a diaper sprayer, let me tell you. This accessory not only makes dealing with cleaning with number two while baby is in diapers easier, it is also super helpful during illness. My youngest had some very messy diapers while he was sick. It also came in handy for spraying off the prefolds or clothes that my kids had thrown up on. The last thing you want to have to do it pick out chunks that may get left behind in your washer (sorry, it's gross, but just being real)! 

Last, but certainly not least. In conjunction with my diaper sprayer is the final accessory I was thankful for during our week and a half of illness...

5.) Spray Pal

...the Spray Pal Splatter Shield. Being able to spray all that nasty stuff away into the toilet is great, but sometimes when using a diaper sprayer alone splatter happens. When I use the Spray Pal along with my diaper sprayer, that's no longer a concern. I just simply clip the diaper, prefold, whatever needs to be sprayed in place inside the Spray Pal, and spray full force without having to worry about spreading more germs around the bathroom. The Spray Pal, along with the other four accessories, certainly made what was a very unpleasant experience a much more tolerable one!  

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